11 Best Talking Hamster Toys (2024 Reviews & Buying Guide)

This super cute Talking Hamster Toy features a talkback function where it repeats what you say, no matter if you laugh, sing or speak any language.

What’s a Talking Hamster Toy?

A talking hamster toy is a feign crab fitted using a sound synthesizer. Whenever a thing is said or sung in the front of the toy, then the audio synthesizer recordings it and then plays it back into a humorous high-pitched voice. This is the sort of toy suitable for growing kids and toddlers because they are only learning how to speak. They’ll take pleasure in the toy hugely.

The hamster is a cute and cuddly creature and is also among the most well-known pets on earth. They’re especially loved by kids and that’s the reason a toy-talking hamster is a fantastic playmate and friend for a developing kid. With the support of this toy, your little one will have the ability to channel their creative energies in a constructive and creative way. They are also fun to play with, making your kid enjoy their drama sessions.

List of 11 Best Talking Hamster Toys Reviews

1. Talking Hamster Plush Toy, Repeat What You Say

Talking Hamster Plush Toy, Repeat What You Say Funny Kids Stuffed Toys, Talking Record Plush Interactive Toys for, Birthday Gift Kids Early Learning

Funny voice repeat: Still purchase some dull stuffed animals or dolls for your child? Try our hamster! The talking hamster will repeat whatever you say no matter you laugh, sing or speak English, Russian, Spanish, or any other language. Perfect gift for a 1-5-Year-old kid.

2. Chatimal the Talking Hamster Repeats What You Say

Chatimal the Talking Hamster Repeats What You Say

The cute little Hamster Chatimal™ enjoys replicating what you say but in his own critter voice. Only squeeze his left paw and then record a brief message (up to five seconds long). He will repeat the message back to you in a humorous, high pitched voice. Discuss again and he will continue to react (if there is a silence of more than 30 seconds, just squeeze his hands again).

3. Ayeboovi Talking Hamster Repeats What You Say 

Ayeboovi Talking Hamster Repeats What You Say

Ayeboovi Talking hamster repeats everything you say in its own critter voice. Switch it on, and talk to it. It will imitate your voice in a very cute way. Powered by 3 standard AAA batteries. When it’s speaking, it shakes its own chubby body happily and reacts to your signature. It moves its head up and down automatically.

4. Cheeky Talking Hamster Toy

Talking Hamster Toys for Baby, Cheeky Talking Hamster Toy, Talking Hamster Repeats What You Say, Talking Stuffed Animal Valentine Gifts for Kids, Repeating Talking Plush Hamster Funny Baby Gifts

This is a humorous little hamster. Could make it replicate short statements. Talk to the furry Hamster and they’ll replicate what you say. Smart design for children early talking learning. Suitable for: valentine stuffed animals, hamster talking toy, repeating hamster. gifts for baby girl.

5. Forart Lovely Talking Hamster Toys Repeats What You Say

Forart Lovely Talking Hamster Toys Repeats What You Say Plush Buddy Mouse for Children Gift

Talking Hamster Toys is for ages 3 and up. Repeats what you say within his own critter voice. Battery: 3xAAA battery (excluded). It is a very good choice to be a gift for kids.

6. Vancer Talking Hamster

Talking Hamster, Vancer Talking Hamster Repeats What You Say Electronic Pet Talking Plush Toy Halloween Christmas Xmas Gift for Kids Children.

Automobile vibration and reacts to touch. He bops his head up and down automatically when repeating and if you pat him. Talk back function allows the hamster to repeat whatever you say no matter you laugh, sing or talk English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish or any other languages. (notice:please be sure you purchase VANCER talking hamster).

7. Electronic Mimicry Talking Hamster Toys

Electronic Mimicry Talking Hamster Toys

Talking hamster toy repeat in a humorous voice for 2 seconds and the body will vibration. Use as small plush interactive toys for 3-year-old girls, autism toys for children, sensory toys for autistic children.

8. Color You Talking Hamster Repeats What You Say 

Color You Talking Hamster Repeats What You Say

The talkback function allows the hamster to repeat whatever you say no matter you laugh, sing, or speaking any language. Can mimic male and female voice. Note: We’ve printed our logo “Color You” on the label and package box. If you get the item without our logo, please complain to Amazon directly.

9. Qrooper Talking Hamster

Qrooper Talking Hamster

This small chubby talking hamster talks back anything you say! Talking and singing in all languages. Willing to come up with all the noise you make. Super simple to use. Powered by 3 pieces of regular AAA batteries(to be set up; rechargeable batteries not recommended).

10. The Original Talking Hamster

The Original Talking Hamster

Auto shaking and responds to touch. He bops his head up and down automatically when copying and once you pat him. It’s super soft, soothing and smooth, flexible, and hard to deform and wrinkle after treatment of shrinkage at high temperature. With the filling of quality PP cotton, it’s similar to a down coat without.

11. Yoego Cute Mimicry Pet Talking Hamster

Yoego Cute Mimicry Pet Talking Hamster

The talkback function allows the hamster to repeat everything you say regardless of you laugh, sing, or discussing some other languages. Can imitate the male and female voices. Switch it around and speak to it, it is going to mimic your every phrase in his funny and high pitched voice. Flip the switch to OFF position to conserve battery life when it isn’t being used.

Buying Guide for the Best Talking Hamster Toys

If you go searching for hamster toys on the internet, you’re going to be more intimidated by the sheer selection and variety of toys out there. With the support of their very best talking hamster toy testimonials, you can select a fantastic toy for the kid. Below are a few of the factors you must bear in mind as you’re toy-shopping.

Educational Benefits

Exotic toys such as the talking hamster toy possess a lot of educational advantages. Your child will learn how to talk properly by interacting with the toy on a daily basis. At precisely the exact same time, in case your child has some vocalization difficulties, you can work on this with the assistance of a talking hamster toy. This toy is definitely the ideal choice for introverted and shy youngsters.


Because your child will be playing a lot with their brand new hamster toy, then you need to think about the substances used to generate the toy. Normally, the outer fur, coating, etc. . made from high-quality polyester cloth. This cloth is hypoallergenic and absolutely safe for kids to play with. The inner body of the toy is constructed from ABS plastic, which can be among the safest substances available.


Toys like talking hamsters, chipmunks, etc., are also rather lively and interactive in character. These toys are great for attracting shy and pulled kids from the shells. You should definitely think about the amount of interactivity that the toy is currently offering. The best toys are constantly loaded with assorted delightful features – in which the toy shakes their mind or their paws if they’re patted or rubbed.


The major role of talking hamster toys would be to replicate everything being said about them. The potency of the mimicry mechanism is among the chief factors you need to think about. It’s not a fantastic idea to purchase a toy whose mimicry will become progressively weaker as time passes. Additionally, this mimicry function ought to be powerful enough so kids with vocalization problems may use the toys.

Power Supply

Regrettably, the majority of those talking hamster toys require AAA batteries to get the job done. The energy consumption of those toys is also rather high, which means that you may expect to discount batteries very fast. But if you stumble upon a rechargeable talking hamster toy, then you need to definitely do it. It’s a more eco-friendly and sustainable option than a normal hamster toy which requires AAA batteries.


Last, you must definitely factor-in the purchase price of the talking hamster toy before you get it. If you are purchasing toys for your very first time, then it’s easy to get carried away and overspend. To make certain that you don’t wind up overspending, you need to specify the maximum amount that you’re prepared to spend on toys. Then, you may pick the toy you enjoy the best.


These adorable, cuddly toys are wonderful. But we’re still searching for more AI (artificial intelligence) embedded toys that can do more like a talking hamster toy. We are going to update this list, and publish new posts, as we discover out more on the marketplace.