10 Best Horse Toys For Kids 2024 – Buying Guide & Reviews

When choosing horse toys for kids you have to consider carefully and pay attention to children in every situation. Baby toys can become a dangerous object, even if familiar toys, have been used many times, it is still necessary to observe each item before the baby starts playing to make sure the item is not broken or split into small pieces.

Horse toys for kids has many designs and colors. Suitable for both boys and girls. Many horses are beautifully designed, with handles, footrests. Very safe for babies.

We have listed the best horse toys for kids that are available on the market. We hope this list will help you make informed decision.

Best Horse Toys For Kids

1. UFREE Ride on Pony Large Toy Horse

UFREE Ride on Pony Large Toy Horse Large Baby Rocking Horse

Horse toys for kids UFREE ride on a pony are made of high-quality soft plush fur and leather to cover the sturdy steel frame and sophisticated drive system, which can be run like a real horse, bouncing up and down by pressing the saddle continually without any battery or petrol power.

New upgraded UFREE horse action toy is much safer and easier for kids to ride on. There is no raised saddle on the pony, making the horse more comfortable to ride on and no risk of slipping.

Our UFREE mechanical moving horse has been approved by US toys safety standard (ASTM F963) and European standard (EN71), no need to worry about the quality of our horse products.

Since the horse is too big to deliver, the horse is divided into several pieces but it is very easy to install, typical assemble time being about 5 minutes, and you can adjust the level stirrup to fit the height of your dear baby.

2. UFREE Horse Action Pony

UFREE Horse Action Pony, Walking Horse Toy, Rocking Horse with Wheels Giddy up Ride on for Kids Aged 3 to 6 Years Old, Unicorn with Pink Horn

Horse toys for kids UFREE HORSE are devoted to bringing the feeling of riding a real horse. It uses soft plush fur and high-quality leather to make the appearance, covering the sturdy steel frame and sophisticated drive system.

The biggest characteristic is that it needn’t any battery or petrol power to make it run. The action pony will run when the rider’s body bounce up and down pressing the saddle continually, just like the action of riding a real horse.

UFREE HORSE is also good fitness equipment for the muscles of the waist, abdomen, and legs. The adults can enjoy this as much as the children do. It will provide hours of fun and exercise for you and your child. UFREE-HORSE will bring a happy life to each family.

UFREE HORSE can move in a straight line, turn, or even swerve. It can be put in outside on the sidewalk, garden, squares, parks, but the pony can also be ridden indoors on hardwood or tile floors. The wheels are soft and do not scar or leave marks on the floors. Friends can play horse racing game together.

3. ECR4Kids My Wild Pony, Motorized Ride-On Horse for Kids

ECR4Kids My Wild Pony, Motorized Ride-On Horse for Kids, Walking Horse Toy with Wheels for Boys and Girls,12V Battery Powered Electric

Battery-powered 12V mechanical horse is the perfect horse toys for kids with wheels for girls and boys ages 3+ years old. Perfect for hours of fun riding and grooming their very own galloping horse toy at home!

Includes hairbrush and accessories to brush and style its long mane and tail, and makes realistic neighing and galloping sound when you pet the horse’s forehead for an authentic horse riding experience.

My Wild Pony is an interactive walking horse children can ride indoors or out on smooth surfaces with a max speed of 1.86 mph. Max weight capacity 66 lbs.

4. Qaba 30″H Kids Plush Ride On Toy Walking Horse

Qaba 30"H Kids Plush Ride On Toy Walking Horse with Wheels and Realistic Sounds - Brown

This interactive ride on a walking horse is powered by your child’s momentum. Using clever mechanical forward motion technology, by simply pushing down and then releasing the head in a stand- sit motion, the horse is propelled forward across the floor.

A softly padded polyester plush body and comfortable riding saddle over a sturdy metal frame recreate the look and feel of thrilling horseback riding adventures while holding its shape for years of play. Supports up to 110 lbs.

Encourages your child to practice balance and coordination as well as creative, imaginative play as they ride this fun toy horse into the sunset. As the head is pushed down, the front wheels slide forward. When the head is released, the back legs roll forward to catch up, creating forward motion.

5. Fox Valley Traders Personalized Animated Rocking Horse with Sounds

Fox Valley Traders Personalized Animated Rocking Horse with Sounds, Customized Ride-On Pony with Wooden Base

This animated rocking horse offers hours of interactive, imaginative play…flappin’ her mouth and waggin’ her tail to musical tunes and the sounds of clippity-clop, gallops, and neighs.

The soft plush horse is wonderfully detailed with plastic eyes, fun-to-touch mane and tail, a comfy saddle and classic bridle, securely attached a sturdy wooden rocking base.

The pony will arrive wearing a colorful bandana, which we’ll customize for one lucky rider; specify name – limit 1 line, 12 letters/spaces.

6. Medallion – My Pony Ride On Real Walking Horse 

Medallion - My Pony Ride On Real Walking Horse

Medallions are children’s best pretend play horse. They are a great way to have fun both indoors and outdoors. Medallions are real-looking horses that are made affordable for everyone and cost hundreds of dollars less than a real horse.

While the child is having fun riding, exercising, and developing his/her maneuverability skills the exercise of the child can develop his/her physical strengths which allow your child to ride smoothly making him/her feel just like s/he’s on a real Medallion.

By gently moving up and down on the footrests your child makes the horse’s legs and head move forward and backward in a galloping motion. Our Medallions can make right and left turns easily or just going forward at the ease of a child’s control. NOTE: The Medallion ride-on cannot go back as it is a safety measure. Therefore, safety lock mechanisms on all wheels have been installed.

7. Kinbor Rocking Horse Plush for Kids

Kinbor Rocking Horse Plush Kids Baby Girls Boys Pony Rocking Horse Ride on Toy Walking Horse Children’s Day Birthday Gift with Wheels and Neigh Sound

Horse toys for kids combine a traditional plush horse design with updated features such as electronic neighing sounds when the ears are pressed. A softly padded polyester plush body and comfortable riding saddle recreate the look and feel of thrilling horseback riding adventures.

Encourages your child to practice balance and coordination as well as creative, imaginative play as they ride this fun toy horse into the sunset. This quality Kinbor toy is recommended for children age three and up and provides a fun experience for older kids as well.

8. PonyCycle Riding Zebra

PonyCycle Riding Zebra Med Riding Horse

We are the original inventor of the Ponycycle ride on toy—–world-first simulated walking animal. Through 13 years of development, manufacturing improvement, riding test, and safety test, Ponycycle has dedicated to create the best walking animal and spread exhilaration to every family.

Our adorable pony is comfortable to ride, soft to touch and handy to maneuver. Its function well on all kinds of movement: cantering, accelerating, swerving and stopping in a safe and efficient condition. Encounter a pony now! Ponycycle will fulfill your kids’ fantasy and also become their best childhood memory.

9. WALIKI Toys Stick Horse

WALIKI Toys Stick Horse (Plush with Sound, for Kids and Toddlers)

Ole’ Mr.Jones the crazy stick horse for kids does the job! Ride through the wild plains of imagination! 30 inches tall. Our Stick Horse for Kids with sound dissembles for travel.

It will take about 30 seconds to put it together and save you precious storage space, and be convenient when traveling or ridding over to grandma’s house. With sound to stimulate your children’s imagination.

10. B toys – Kazoo Wooden Rocking Zebra


Meet kazoo: a plush ride-on toy in the style of a classic wooden rocking horse, but with a plush exterior. Kazoo is cuddly and durable. Wood handles natural hardwood on the handles and the rockers for a traditional feel! Hop on and hang on!

Hear the clip-clop of the hooves as you go. No batteries necessary, This Zebra rocking horse is kid-powered. Kids will love the soft and squishy feel of the kazoo. This ride-on toy for toddlers is a classic.

Rodeo rockers is a collection of unique ride-on toys. Check out our other rockers: horse, lamb, and unicorn. This award-winner ride-on toy helps improve balance and build strong motor skills. Phthalates and BPA free, All B toys meet or exceed the highest safety standards.


Horse toys for kids has just been used as an indoor decoration, as well as a toy for babies. In addition, early contact with horse toys will help your baby increase his mobility. Help your child learn to balance. From a young age, she will promote her imagination. 

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