10 Best Remote Control Airplanes for Kids 2024 – Reviews

For kids who love remote control toys, they will pick the right toys for their pursuits. To create remote control airplanes for kids to fly in the skies will be harder to control the cars running on the ground.

And enjoying a remote control airplane will become simpler as you read the instructions and work hard for a few minutes every day.

Remote Control Airplanes for Kids

Top Picks of 2024

1. Landbow Remote Control Airplane

Landbow Remote Control Airplane – 2.4Ghz 3 Channels RC Plane Ready to Fly

Remote control airplanes for kids is 2.4 GHz 3 channels RTF RC Plane for a beginner.

It made from EPP foam substances, durable, powerful and not simply broken.

As a result of 6-Axis Gyro building in ESC, which makes this RC plane equilibrium flight and easy to control for specialists or beginner.

Permanent EPP foam protects the airplane security from air crashing, additionally protects the body and wing all are in good condition from curving during transport. Two methods of taking off ( hand throwing off or slipping off ) brings a wonderful flight route for the pilot. 3 channels remote control system produces a simple 3D flight practice.

2. PLRB RC Plane, 2.4Ghz 2 Channels RTF RC Predator Airplane

PLRB RC Plane, 2.4Ghz 2 Channels RTF RC Predator Airplane

Remote control airplanes for kids is a new type of RC Plane toys. It is created targeting in hobby beginner pilot and those who want to practice flight of RC airplane, in addition to the child’s age above 14 because it’s extremely easy to control and clever RC airplane.

The exceptional technology assists the pilot simply to flight. It is related to 3 axis Gyroscope construction in ESC, which creates this plane flights secure automatically. Either experts or novices, who are able to manage it easily by the loony invention in technology. Thanks for that.

Durable EPP foam shields the airplane safety from air crashing, additionally protects the human body and wing all are in good shape from curving throughout transportation.

As its less weight, two coreless 816 motors support enough power to fly in the skies.

Two methods of taking off (throw away or slipping off) brings an amazing flight route for the pilot.

3. PLRB RC Plane, 2.4Ghz 2 Channels RTF RC Airplane

PLRB RC Plane, 2.4Ghz 2 Channels RTF RC Airplane, RC Aircraft with 3-Axis Gyro for Beginner, A Easy to Fly Glider Toys (Wingspan 373mm)

C-17 army RC airplane is the most popular on earth during passing several years. It was developed for the US Air Force, which has huge success in global military action. Not just the US Air Force but many other countries like it.

This really is lightweight 2 stations 2.4Ghz RC airplane C-17, The weight of carrying off is 50g also it was made from EPP material. The playing time can be 10mins from the skies. The exceptional technology helps beginner pilot simple to flight. It’s associated with 3 axis Gyroscope building in ESC, which creates these plane flights secure automatically. Either experts or novices, that are able to handle it easily by the crazy invention in technology.

Half DIY design packaging RC plane, you can locate your fun when you build this RC aircraft. Permanent EPP foam protects the airplane security from air crashing, additionally protects the human body and wing all are in good condition from curving during transport.

4. Remote Control Plane

Remote Control Plane | Rc Airplane for Adults and Kids Ready to Fly Planes Electric 2 Channel RTF Rc Plane | Radio Controlled Ready to Fly

Top Hurry 3 Channel Remote Control Airplane, The TR-C285 was created Ready To Fly (RTF) for training for new pilots and intermediate pilots. The very best Hurry Trainer TR-C285 is a whole 3 Channel (Elevator, Rudder, Throttle) Airplane, Fully Assembled The plane works on 3 channels: 1 channel functions the elevator, 1 station operates the rudder and 1 operates the throttle control with a variable speed control knob ideal due to the built-in 6-axis gyro system.

In beginner mode, Self-stabilization of gyro system helps flying in any weather condition even in windy times. 3 mode digital radio management system: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, 2.4Ghz control technology for high flying of around 320 feet. The 2.4Ghz technology may even allow over 20 aircraft to fly at precisely the same time.

Lightweight and durable EPP Shock resistant substance. New and enhanced Li-Po (3.7V 180mAH) for a longer-lasting flight time of around 15 min. On a single charge of approximately 90 min. Excellent gliding operate. The control rods are steel and are pre-attached into the servos, Nice convenient size makes it easy to take along everywhere you go.

5. RC Airplane, Sacow FX-823

RC Airplane, Sacow FX-823 2.4G 2CH RC Airplane Glider Remote Control Plane Outdoor Aircraft (A)

Remote control airplanes for youngsters made 100% brand new and higher quality. Compact and lightweight design. High-Low speed modes for both beginners and pros. With the attractive headless model, completely solving pilot loss-of-orientation problems.

6. Top Race Remote Control Airplane (TR-C285)

Top Race Remote Control Airplane, 3 Channel RC Airplane Aircraft Built in 6 Axis Gyro System Super Easy to Fly RTF (TR-C285)

Best Race 3 Channel Remote Control Airplane, Built-in 6 Axis Gyro System Super Easy to Fly RTF Great for Beginners (TR-C285). Fully Assembled Ready To Fly (RTF); Electric Powered (EP); Complete Full 3 Channel (Elevator, Rudder, Throttle) RC Airplane.

Perfect training plane for new pilots and intermediate as a result of 6-axis gyro ultra-secure Self-stabilization of gyro system. 2.4Ghz Radio Control distance of over 320 Ft. 8mm Coreless Motor, Flying time of up to 12 min. On one charge.

7. VOLANTEXRC RC Glider Plane Remote Control Airplane

VOLANTEXRC RC Glider Plane Remote Control Airplane Ranger600 Ready to Fly, 2.4GHz Radio Control Aircraft

6-axis gyro ultra-secure self-stabilization of the gyro system. The powerful over-grade motor system allows easily controlling to perform aerobatic flying. It’s a great remote control airplane for adults, beginners. 3-level flight management aids (Beginner level with complete aid / Intermediate with partial assist/ Expert for manual control) help novices learn how to fly radio control airplane step-by-step.

2.4Ghz technology with a radio control space of 656 ft, the strong hindrance ability allows holding a small flight club party between you and your friends. Have more fun with this remote control model airplane.

This version includes everything required to find the version began, only require the batteries for the transmitter. It’s totally assembled to find the glider airplane take off for fast celebrity and the portable package allows you to go with you.

8.  HobbyZone Duet RTF HBZ5300 Airplane

HobbyZone Duet RTF HBZ5300 Airplane


Educate yourself to fly together with the Duet RTF trainer! This small RC aircraft turns your fantasies of flight into some reality. With everything included in 1 box, the Duet leaves nothing standing in the way of you learning to fly.

9. XK DHC-2 A600 RC Channel Remote Control Airplane

XK DHC-2 A600 RC Channel Remote Control Airplane,3D6G RC RTF Glider Wingspan Plane Drone with 6 Axis Control Flying Aircraft (Yellow)

Remote control airplanes for children designed in accordance with Cessna-182 real airplane, with a trendy look. EPP composite substance, high flexibility, excellent recovery, and difficult to break.

Apply to an indoor and outdoor trip, longer remote control distance, Flying range up to 200m. Rudder volume size flexible, and you can do all sorts of hard moves accurately, like moving forward, up/down, turn left/right, fine-tuning, 360-degree rotation, spiral motion, loops, etc..

10. [RC Airplane] Z50 Gyro RTF Remote Control Glider

[RC Airplane] Z50 Gyro RTF Remote Control Glider 350mm Wingspan EPP Micro Indoor (Red)

Remote control airplanes for youngsters made with very light and durable material-EPP. It’s very durable and can endure many ​With super tough EPP special foam material, the aircraft is more elastic and resistant to collapse. crashes. The glider is light and will fly more than normal indoor RC toys, that’s because it requires less energy to support the plane body.

It’s not necessary to know a great deal about the aerobatic concept and you can make a perfect aerobatic flight! Powerful motors make the model could take off from the ground easily. Easy for a novice to function because it’s lightweight yet has a solid structure.

Buying Guide for the Best Kids Remote Control Airplanes

It is vital to think hard before taking the plunge and investing in a remote control airplane for kids; differently, you might wind up purchasing something utterly unsuitable for the child.

Remote control airplanes come in many different forms, sizes, and manufacturers, although the price and the specs may vary considerably. We have thrown together a nifty little guide that will assist you to wrap your mind around all the features to think about.


Remote control airplanes come in two distinct types: design planes and prepared to fly planes. Ready to fly airplanes, as its name suggests, are good to go straight from the box charge the batteries up, and prepare for takeoff. All these turnkey toys are excellent for younger children who only need to muck about with something that flies.

Older children, particularly those with an interest in technology, might favor a model plane kit. These kits have to be placed together from miniature pieces and might need support from the parent. The meeting procedure takes a long time, however, consider it a chance to enjoy quality time with your son or daughter. If your kid loves building LEGO Airplanes – notably the advanced Technics array – then odds are they will love building a model plane also.


You would not wish to present your three-year-old a state-of-the-art fighter flying because they would crush it on the first move. Likewise, consider giving your 12-year-old an uber-basic, DUPLO-style glider, and they will always complain that it is helpless.

Selecting a remote control airplane that is suitable for your child’s age is essential, so we’ve included the recommended age range on every product for your purchasing pleasure.


Remote control airplanes crash and break all of the time, particularly in the hands of hyperactive kids who do not enjoy their delicate character. If you do not trust your kid to care for a decent $100+ RC airplane, then catch something economical and smash-proof rather than.


From gliders into warplanes, helicopters (we all know, they are not quite airplanes ), and jumbo jets, RC airplanes arrive in a broad selection of various aesthetic fashions. So which one should you select? Work out exactly what your child thinks is cool and store so.


Many toymakers compete for the profitable RC airplane marketplace, and a few are far better than others. Launched brands often provide much better quality and more durable toys, albeit at a greater premium. Some of our favorites include FUNTECH, E-flite, Top Hurry, and Guillow.


Remote control airplanes cost as much as $20 or as much as $120, and the proper amount to invest is dependent upon your budget. Had a fantastic month on the job? Perhaps it’s possible to justify splashing out to a more expensive brand. High-end RC airplanes tend to be quicker, easier to manage, more durable, and have better technology.

If you are looking for more remote control toys for your kids, check out our reviews on:


Are RC airplanes legal?

It’s legal as long as you fly them below 400 feet. You shouldn’t fly them near airports or crowded areas where using these planes is banned. National parks are also off-the-limits areas for RC airplanes.

Are RC airplanes safe for kids?

There are ways that driving these planes can be dangerous, but when supervised, this is quite an entertaining hobby. As long as your child is careful and you oversee the RC driving process, it is safe. Supervision doesn’t need to last long since older kids can get their flying licenses.

How old does a kid need to be to fly an RC plane?

Kids below 14 years of age can fly RC planes only when the adults supervise them. Kids that are 14 years old can get a basic license, and 16-year-olds get the advanced one.

Do RC airplanes come assembled?

Yes, there are types that come assembled. However, if you enjoy building these planes from scratch and want to do it with your child, there is an option for it.

What can children learn from flying an RC plane?

There are various benefits from this. Children develop their hand-eye coordination alongside fine motor skills. Flying on an RC plane increases kids’ cognitive skills and problem-solving. It’s a great outdoor activity that can pull your kids away from the TV and the computer while keeping them entertained for a long time.

Which RC plane is best for beginners?

When choosing an RC plane for a beginner, you want to go for simple design and easy controls. We recommend the Landbow RC airplane, which is quite durable and powerful. It is foam protected so that any crash will be less impactful.


Do not play in the high end. Although with higher speed, the wind resistance of remote control aircraft is still quite good but will make it tough to control equilibrium for those who are just starting to play.

Airplanes should not be played during extreme sunlight or in humid places where there’s a lot of water. Because when the sun shines directly on the battery or exposing the battery to the water, it causes the battery to swell and also reduce the battery’s life.

Let remote control airplanes for kids always be at your sight for simpler control. When flying too high, colliding with vent objects may fall and harm aircraft parts. Or if decreasing on tall trees, it’ll be more difficult to get.

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