14 Best Paint for Baby Handprints 2024 – Buying Guide

A great way to keep a diary for infants by using paint for baby handprints is going to be a fantastic idea. Besides, with the best paint for baby handprints, parents can teach kids to draw interesting pictures using their own fingerprints.

Best Paint for Baby Handprints

1. Washable Baby Safe Ink Print Kit for Hands & Feet

Washable Baby Safe Ink Print Kit

Create your own baby footprint or handprint baby keepsakes securely from home or the hospital with these non-toxic, direct and latex-free, infant safe paint for baby handprints. A must-have for every new baby registry to make an enduring baby keepsake.

Fantastic for a baby book, baby frames, scrapbooks, photo albums, holiday cards, ornaments, and homemade newborn birth statements. Works on most papers and porous surfaces like baby handprint baseballs. Premium quality ink strips specifically made for carrying prints on young kids pick up each fine detail of the infant’s print and resist fading through the years.

Utilize more ink for quite dark prints and much less for lighter prints. Larger-sized ink strips are utilized for older children and adults too – just apply numerous times to cover the whole surface of the foot or hand. Ink is easy to wash off and is ideal for great-looking, archive-quality prints that resist fading over time.

The brand new and improved kit comes with two sets of 3×5 ink strips (total of 4 sheets) at a resealing bag, two sterile, white acid-free 8.5 x 11 cards for carrying prints, two birth certification stalls for boys or girls, and comprehensive instructions with photographs to help you make the best prints possible.

Everything you need conveniently packaged to take with you to the hospital to catch your newborn infant’s first footprints.

2. DIY Family Handprint Frame and Paint Kit

DIY Family Handprint Frame and Paint Kit

Nothing is more important than maintaining your little one safe. That’s why Tiny Gifts’ inkpad sets the safety standard. Unlike other kits, paint for baby handprints – Clean Touch takes your child’s hand or foot imprint with no ink ever touching their skin! It is totally non-toxic and infant secure, so you can concentrate on capturing moments that will last a lifetime.

Raising a toddler is not a simple task, but with Tiny Gifts, taking their miniature prints will soon be! Just place the mat ink-side-down on any card or paper, gently press your baby’s hand or foot into the upward-facing side for a couple of seconds, and voila: A fast-drying, smudge-free, greater detail stamp without the mess!

Give a gift that’ll last way past the dirty diaper days! If you’re looking for the ideal baby shower gift or a thoughtful Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday, or christening gift, you can’t go wrong with Tiny Gifts! It is a priceless gift that they’ll love always.

3. Pearhead Baby and Me Handprint Canvas Kit, Pink Elephant (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Pearhead Baby and Me

Personalize any room with this simple-to-earn wall art for you and your infant. Canvases arrive in blue with giraffes, and in pink with elephants. Just put in your handprints using the included paint. Whether for baby and mommy, grandma, grandpa, or brothers and sisters.

4. ReignDrop Ink Pad for Baby Footprint, Handprint, Create Impressive Keepsake Stamp

ReignDrop Ink Pad

ReignDrop paint for baby handprints, Handprint, Produce Impressive Keepsake Stamp, Non-Toxic and Acid-Free Ink, Easy to wash and Wash Off Skin, Smudge Proof, Long Lasting Keepsakes (Green).

5. Pearhead Canvas Handprint Wall Art Set, Blue (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


Handprint pop art – paint for baby handprints. Make your own wall art and make a colorful masterpiece together with our handprint wall art set. Each set includes four vibrant colored canvases and non-toxic white paint.

All four of the paintings come clean and are ready for you and your little one to make your mark. The kit comprises a paint tray and a brush. Put in your child’s handprints or create a family collage with everybody’s prints. The handprint wall art set is the best way to customize any room.

6. Ten Lil’ Imprints Mommy and Me Inkless Handprint and Footprint Kit, Blue

Ten Lil'

Paint for baby handprints Mommy & Me or Daddy & Me is a priceless gift. Large paper size for you to habit to your need. Package Includes: 8 Archival excellent keepsake special coated (white), paper size: 8.5″ x 11″, sterile, 2 Mess-free disposable Inkless wipe for BLUE prints, 2 Mess-free disposable Inkless wipe for PINK prints, Easy to follow instructions to make print carrying easy.

7. Tiny Ideas DIY Handaprint Ready to Hang Art Kit

Tiny Ideas

Paint for baby handprints – Tiny Ideas Handprint Canvas Wall Art Kit keepsake helps preserve a handprint feeling of their baby’s sweet small chords and creates an excellent addition to your nursery’s decor. The vivid, non-toxic paint and museum-style wrapped canvas are certain to endure the test of time so you may remember the fun for a long time to come.

Ideal for any family searching for a fun way to spend a day with their new baby. Make sure you include it in your baby registry or give it as a baby shower present to any expecting Mom.

This ready-to-hang canvas wall art comes with an attached sawtooth wall mount that easily slides into place as soon as you tap on a nail or wall hanger into your preferred spot.

8. Pearhead Babyprints DIY No Bake Handprint or Footprint Holiday Ball Ornament, Red

Pearhead Babyprints

Make an adorable Christmas ornament featuring your child’s handprint and their name. Contains baby secure white paint for baby handprints and marker – Christmas red satin ribbon comprised hanging your decoration on the tree.

Make this a vacation to remember and observe forever using our Babyprints Ball Ornament. This Christmas red ornament consists of washable and safe-to-infant paint so that you may catch your precious infant’s print. Also includes a mark to write baby’s name or have fun and let your little spearhead write their very own name!

At Pearhead we plan to make real, quality products to celebrate your special moments in life. We’re a family of designers, marketers, and trendsetters bringing goods to life which will bring a grin to your face. From concept and design to manufacturing and client service, the Pearhead team functions together smoothly every step along the way.

Whether your baby is celebrating their first year of life, you’re announcing your pregnancy or your puppy is celebrating his first vacation season, Pearhead is here to share your minutes in style.

9. NWK DIY Family Photo + Family Hand/Footprints Kit 


One place to have whole family photo and handprints, this is definitely a significant gift for new moms, those who care for their loved ones. We’ve prepared them all for you: grade tasteful white timber frame with REAL glass, non-toxic watercolor paint for baby handprints in 3 popular colours, 2 quality white mats such as handprints, and strong thick MDF backing.

Imagine a new dad receives this to capture a memorable moment with his little ones, or grants receive this precious gift from their children and grandchildren. Not only this gift is a treasurable memento to pass on to generations but also the DIY occasions and memory the whole family share with one another.

10. Pearhead Handprint Wall Art Set, Pink

Pearhead Handprint

Handprint pop artwork! Create your own wall art and make a vibrant masterpiece together with the Handprint Wall Art Collection! Each set comprises four pastel-colored canvases and non-toxic white paint for infant handprints.

All four of those canvases come clean and are prepared for you and your little one to make your mark! Kit includes a paint tray and a brush. Simply add your child’s handprints or earn a family collage with everyone’s prints. The Handprint Wall Art Set is the best way to customize any room.

11. Baby Art Contemporary Duo Art Paint Frame

Baby Art Contemporary

Baby Art Duo Paint Print Frame is a photo frame to customize with the paint handprints of yours and your infant’s to produce together a great keepsake of this magical duo. Baby Art Duo Paint Print Frame no additional substance required, all included in this kit with paint for baby handprints secure for baby and mother.

12. Proudbody My Little Prints Baby-Safe Ink Pad, Vibrant Pink

Proudbody My Little Prints

There’s nothing more appealing than your baby’s little feet and hands. ProudBody’s baby-safe ink pads readily create keepsake imprints of a baby’s hands and feet. The ink pads are reusable as well as the ink is smudge-proof.

ProudBody’s ink pads assist parents to choose infant prints fast and without clutter at the moment of arrival. Uses include placing infant’s feet and handprints on arrival announcements or thank you cards. Baby’s prints additionally could decorate a belly cast or help parents keep track of the child’s growth.

13. Creativity for Kids My Handprint

My Handprint

Faber castell imagination, children my handprint, paint for baby handprints. This item is used for decorative function. This product is a high-quality exceptionally durable item.

Produce and paint one handprint. Hand and revel in atmosphere dry soft clay won’t break. Big fun in a small box. Quick and smart craft ideal for celebrations, play, and rainy days.

14. ONE WALL Baby Handprint Footprint Kit Newborn Babyprints Keepsake Photo Frame


ONE WALL, a registered and legally protected manufacturer, has been specializing in producing premium image frames and concentrate on every detail of style, material, and manufacturing to pursue perfect products. The purpose of ONE WALL is to provide you with premium products at a reasonable value and help you create a sweet home.

Place the little cutie little footprint and handprint within this ONE WALL Photo Frame and document your baby’s growth procedure, you won’t overlook every precious minute of the magical life.

High quality & non-toxic paint for infant handprints and wood are accredited through SGS. The ink pad is certified through Intertek. Qualified photo frames won’t do damage to your babies and feel healthy to use.


Best Paint for Baby Handprints
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When can babies start fingerpainting?

Recommended age for fingerpainting for babies is around six months of age. It is an excellent way for children to start interacting with different types of fabrics and materials in their environment while also boosting motor functions and expressing emotions.

Is paint safe for baby hands?

Most of the paints for baby fingerprints are safe. You should always look for water-based and non-toxic paints to ensure that your child is well protected. Organic paints are also a great option since they are natural and don’t contain toxic chemicals.

Why should I buy paint for baby handprints?

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There are a few great uses for baby-friendly paint. You can keep the diary of your baby’s handprints while also ensuring that the paint is safe for kids’ skin. Babies can fingerpaint, which greatly improves their brain functions and reactions.

Why should I use organic finger paint?

Organic finger paint is one of the safest options for babies’ hand painting. It is created from various natural, organic veggies that are non-toxic and feel pleasant on your baby’s skin.

What type of paint can I choose?

When it comes to choosing paint for your baby’s first artwork, it is vital to pick the one with a lesser amount of toxic materials. Finger paints are the best choice for babies, while also you can go for or simply washable ones. We recommend Washable baby baby-safe ink that is non-toxic and latex-free, great for first handprints for your newborn.


Creativity is infinite, just a tiny paint for baby handprints and their small hands. The children will draw the initial shapes of life. The first mark in the journal of the first years of existence will be interesting thanks to the best paint for baby handprints.

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