Top 9 Best Ninja Turtle Toys Reviews in 2024

If your son or daughter is a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT), then you might be feeling a bit stuck on what exactly the best Ninja Turtle Toys are. You can find are lots of different play places and function play products available on the market that attempting to select the best ones can be rough.

Whenever you’re seeking Ninja Turtle toys to your youngsters, in fact, there are thousands to pick from. This listing will provide you the best of the best in regards to Ninja Turtle toys, whatever the event or era. Tried and tested from the men and women who know best — parents.

We’ve reviewed the 9 best ninja turtle toys on the industry. Read ahead to learn how exciting these simple turtle toys really are and select your pick.

List of 9 Best Ninja Turtle Toys Reviews

1. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Epic Lair Playset

Top 9 Best Ninja Turtle Toys Reviews in 2024 1

Discover where Sensei Splinter and the Turtles train and live! This epic 43″ deluxe playset, Rise of the TMNT Epic Lair is packed with plenty of features, along with your children will have more fun than the usual pile of pizza! This Epic Lair relies on the film Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The whole drama collection is 43 inches tall with four degrees of drama which hold seven conflict and training rooms.

Each room has a particular place from the Ninja coaching patterns. There’s Splinter’s dojo, Mikey’s arcade, Donnie’s backpack storage device, Raph’s weight training room, and Leo’s firearms storage rack which rotates. Be mindful that the TMNT characters aren’t included and you’ll have to purchase them individually.

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Mutant Leonardo’s Dojo Pet to Turtle Playset

Top 9 Best Ninja Turtle Toys Reviews in 2024 2

We enjoyed this Ninja Turtle toy includes a 2 in 1 feature. It is simple to open the Ninja turtle toy casing which lets you get a whole playset.

Users are amazed to discover exactly how many toy bits are offered within this collection. There are two platforms for your children to play with all the toys and make them struggle. Along with this, there’s also a jailhouse, sewer slide, dojo training place, and just a staircase which has a starting feature.

Every one of these parts combined will have your kid overjoyed to begin playing. It is an amazing way for them to be busy for hours while creating their creative side.

3. Mega Bloks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer Hideout Construction Set

Top 9 Best Ninja Turtle Toys Reviews in 2024 3

Steal a glimpse into live-action with this ninja turtle toy in which Leo and Raph are fighting it out with Shredder plus a foot soldier who’ve invaded their sewer hideout. The Mega Blocks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer Hideout Construction Collection is your best premium ninja turtle toy on the listing and is acceptable for ages 6 and over. This toy group has a customizable place for every one of those ninja turtles also comes together with 4 TMNT characters.

Providing complexity into the design are a waterslide, skate ramp, retractable zip line, a computer work station, a DJ table plus a revolving wall using a Katana hidden interior. To add some vibrancy into the turtle’s hideout, the arrangement has a shock detector -activated LED lights and sounds.

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer Lair Playset

Top 9 Best Ninja Turtle Toys Reviews in 2024 4

The mysteries of this Secret Sewer Lair of those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are profound. Deep under New York’s roads, that’s. This gigantic 42-inch playset is going to have a permanent place in your child’s bedroom or playroom. It features areas for waging conflict, zip line, trap door, as well as projectiles that take.

Within this set, you will find over 20 cassette features. Watch out, Shredder, your time is limited at best! In different rooms, Don’s computer laboratory, a sliding lift, and a flexible periscope are hidden off. Be mindful that no Ninja Turtles include this playset. All of the fundamental figures will match together with the set.

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Mutant Sweeper Ops Deluxe Vehicle to Playset

Top 9 Best Ninja Turtle Toys Reviews in 2024 5

This is just another 2 in 1 Ninja Turtles playset. When you start up the automobile, you are subjected to a whole universe of drama and enjoyable. There is a jailhouse that’s filled with bad men. Your little one can use the Leonardo and Michelangelo Ninja Turtle amounts supplied to combat these poor men.

The automobile has an amazing excavating mechanism connected to the front wheel. Since your child plays with the car and moves it around, they could pick up the many figures for them to be set on the built-in conveyor belt.

This conveyor belt carries the bad guys down and drops them in a holding cell. Children love playing with such a creative design. They are given they all should recreate their favorite scenes as well as creative as you possibly can.

6. Playhut Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shell Raiser Vehicle

Top 9 Best Ninja Turtle Toys Reviews in 2024 6

Whenever the ninja turtles put upon experience to fight the bad guys, they do this in their amazing vehicles among which will be the Shell Raiser. The Playhut TMNT Shell Raiser automobile is a ninja turtle toy that intends to recreate the magic of their turtle’s experiences so kids can have some real fun.

This playout designed in the form of the shell raiser automobile, sports designs of this favorite TMNT characters has many entrances and exit tube vents whereby kids can get in and get out and can find the sense of being at the authentic ninja turtle automobile. The ports are also connected to additional play huts for a thrilling experience within the huts.

The drama hut is large enough to accommodate many children in precisely the exact same time and is appropriate for children between 4 to 15 decades. The material is fire resistant along with the EZ Twist technology from the Playhut means it could easily install and quickly melts. The hut is also easy to store and portable

7. Ninja Turtles Action Figures Mutant Teenage Set 4pcs

Top 9 Best Ninja Turtle Toys Reviews in 2024 7

This TMNT toy collection attracts four 5-inch action characters of your favorite turtles every day with their distinctive swagger. There is Donatello with his normal purple mask and normal bo staff. Leonardo dons a blue mask also carries two blades. Michelangelo, the joker, graces the event with his orange mask and a pair of mortal nunchaku. Last, Raphael includes his trademark red mask and favorite weapon — a pair of Sai.

The collector-quality action characters seem to have been pulled out of the traditional TMNT displays, so, are a major thing. They’re produced with high-quality PVC. However, the packaging is quite cheap — they’re wrapped in colorless polythene bags. As they’re unbranded, they are quite pocket-friendly but nevertheless seem authentic.

This collection is a great way to show your children what their favorite TMNT characters appeared back on your own time.

8. Mega Bloks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collectors Krang’s Rampage

Top 9 Best Ninja Turtle Toys Reviews in 2024 8

The Mega Bloks TMNT Collectors Krang’s Rampage ninja turtle toy carries you directly into the scene in which Raph and Leo are fighting it out using Krang robot, which commanded by the evil mind is on a rampage and contains ripped off Channel 6 April O’Neil billboard.

The Krang stands out in 8 inches tall and the turtles have been micro action figures. Krang’s design is highly detailed and stands within an intriguing rampage pose. The turtle designs pose ultimate articulation and include their signature weapons, premium metallic shell detachable accessories along with a manhole cover rack. Because of detailed articulation, the micro action figures are poseable for combating any conflict. The toy is acceptable for kids between 10 to 15 decades.

9. Mega Bloks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donnie Turtle Racer

Top 9 Best Ninja Turtle Toys Reviews in 2024 9

Ninja Turtles automobiles are elaborate and enjoyable to play. Moreover, in comparison with conventional toy automobiles, their customizable designs are great for role-playing. Mega Bloks Donnie, for example, is a buildable racer using a functioning launcher and rubber wheels. In addition, you acquire buildable Casey Jones micro action figures with bat and stick attachments. Children can set up and play with this toy, as they want.

The flexibility of the toy has made it sought-after. But, in addition, it includes a durable design that functions 5 — 12-year-old children for ages. Though scratching is unavoidable, its plastic parts don’t break easily. This five-piece toy comes in a compact package for easier storage and or transport.


The TMNT toys can be quite useful for youngsters as the turtle personalities have some excellent qualities such as courageousness, loyalty, and teamwork. The children can take inspiration kind them and learn skills for life in an enjoyable manner.

The most significant factor when locating the ideal toy for the child is age. TMNT toys can help your child develop essential life skills such as cognitive, listening, social, and motor abilities. This just suggests that every age has the ideal toy that suits their requirements. Fortunately, the toys will probably have an old age which will direct parents about what to purchase.

While searching for a gift for your child, purchasing a Ninja Turtle toy is frequently a fantastic idea for a lot of reasons. These are toys that are versatile. Children can play together in a number of distinct ways, making the process enjoyable. Additionally, because of their specific styles and high quality of the building, they are acceptable for children of all ages.