Top 9 Best Kids Makeup Set Reviews in 2024

Makeup kits are something women love that could bring hours of a fun job playing groups, creating their imaginations as well as instructing them about how to put makeup on for if they are a teenager. Whether it be lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow or blush that your kid is wanting, a complete makeup collection that comprises a bunch of different bits is generally best rather than simply picking out individual bits which may not match.

It is still debatable if not obtaining your kid her own makeup kit in a young age would make her shallow. But being shallow later in life could be attributed to one cause, just how much more obtaining your kid a toy. Toy or no toy, a kid who is not properly raised by her parents will wind up being superficial.

To be certain that you’re doing this right, you will need the best makeup set for kids you can possibly receive. Luckily, you arrived right now because we’re about to examine our best nine favorite makeup collection for children.

List of 9 Best Kids Makeup Set Reviews

1. Kids Makeup Palette For Girl

Top 9 Best Kids Makeup Set Reviews in 2024 1

Small Girl Makeup Kit Can Be A Real Makeup Place To Dress Up — Washable — Super Compact Plus Secret Drawers – Perform Cosmetic Set Create Toys Kit Presents for Children Ages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11+

All-In-One Girls Makeup Is An Educational Learning Toy – Great Use for Birthday Parties And Regular Fun -Travel-Friendly And Portable

Toy Makeup Set Meets All Safety Requirements – Cosmetic Place for Kids Non-Toxic And Washable – Princess Girl’s All-in-One Deluxe Makeup Palette Size 7 X 5.25 X .75 inches – Best Gift for Birthday and Holidays For Girl.

2. Make it Up, Glamour Girl Pretend Play Makeup Set for Children

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Your daughter will truly adore the Glamour Girl make up kit for a lot of reasons. It really resembles a true makeup kit which she sees with all the big girls. However, it retains this girlish pink, floral, the cuteness that women just adore. She will be engaged with this particular thing; she will barely remember to disturb you for yours.

The kit includes 13 items inside all pretend makeup. There is the bright eye-shadow (four pockets ), the pink lip gloss that is oh so sparkly, two nail polishes, bronzer and blush combo, an applicator, a pair of makeup brushes (they are so tender!) , lipstick, mirror and foundation, and a beautiful lip gloss which includes a wand!

One more thing about the kit which we’re extremely pleased about is the fact that nothing in it’s real. It follows your woman is able to get as creative as she enjoys without producing any mess.

3. IQ Toys Kids Washable Makeup Set with A Glitter Cosmetic Bag

Top 9 Best Kids Makeup Set Reviews in 2024 3

If a little girl is tired of utilizing pretend makeup, then maybe it’s time for you to give her the real thing. This cosmetics collection by IQ Toys could be the ideal kit for the child who’s prepared to take it into the next level and become just a small makeup artist.

The collection is composed of actual, but washable cosmetics also is made up of four blush powders, two glitter lip glosses, three eyeshadow powders, two lipsticks, and two nail polishes. Additionally, it will come with a glittery decorative bag, in which your little woman can place all of the makeup when she isn’t using it. Because of the bag, it could be brought everywhere, even when traveling.

The makeup comes in vibrant colors and fantastic textures so children will surely have a wonderful time playing it. It’s also ideal for events like a children’s party, princess parties, play dates, along with other fun children’s actions.

4. My First Princess Make Up Kit

Top 9 Best Kids Makeup Set Reviews in 2024 4

This constitutes a kit for children has a vast array of things for the young woman to have fun with. It has a glitter lip gloss collection, lipstick eye shadow, blush, nail polish, and much more.

We also enjoyed how the colors used to generate the makeup look vibrant. This makes the place more exciting for the child to play.

In addition, it can be an excellent way to promote them to be imaginative. Because of this, their creative thinking abilities could be stimulated.

This really is an excellent first kit your kid can have fun playing. This is particularly the case when it comes to playing with their buddies and doing each other’s cosmetics.

5. Liberty Imports Petite Girls Heart Shaped Cosmetics Play Set

Top 9 Best Kids Makeup Set Reviews in 2024 5

If your lady likes hearts, and of course she will, she is going to appreciate this drama set from Liberty Imports. The cosmetics palette is heart-shaped and swivels out and in to show and shut the cosmetics within it.

Within this set, you will discover glitter cosmetics (9 distinct colors), eye shadow, nail polish, blush, lipstick, lip gloss, and obviously a makeup collection. The same as the previous set we analyzed, this comes with actual makeup. It’s, needless to say, washable. And additionally, it has been analyzed to confirm it is secure enough to be employed by your priest.

There is barely anything to not like about this cosmetics collection. Allow your kid to give this a go.

6. Click N’ Play Pretend Play Cosmetic and Makeup Set with Floral Tote Bag

Top 9 Best Kids Makeup Set Reviews in 2024 6

This cosmetics collection by Click N’ Play really looks so true that a few individuals could also find it difficult to believe it is a playset, particularly at first glance. It’s excellent for younger children because it’s totally fake and doesn’t apply to skin. Therefore, your little girl can play it without worrying about the wreck she may leave on her clothing and other products.

It features a mirror, blush, eye shadow, glitter pot, and lip gloss. The one thing that’s true in this playset is that the collection of makeup brushes. Additionally, it will come with a decorative bag which may be used to put the makeup away when not being used.

It’s a wonderful toy that encourages imagination and creativity. It’s safe for children and fulfills all normal requirements.

7. Make It Real – All-in-One Glam Makeup Set

Top 9 Best Kids Makeup Set Reviews in 2024 7

The pigments which are available in this children makeup kit are of high quality. Because of this, kids are able to accomplish very natural appearances.

We found this to be a fantastic quality that encourages children to be imaginative with the type of makeup they employ. This is excellent because of their creative thinking abilities.

Parents have been happy to discover that each of the ingredients used in this kit is free of toxins. For that reason, it’s safe for the child to play.

8. Joyin Toy All-in-one Girls Makeup Kit

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This is easily among the cutest kits we’ve got on inspection now. The makeup bits are not assembled in a bag or something; they are instead saved in various adorable animal-shaped jars. There is the owl-shaped one which contains a pink shimmer powder that may function as eye shadow or blush. The smaller pigments contain shimmer powder also, but this period in juice purple and royal blue colors.

The lip glosses are cupcake-shaped, the lip balms seem like emojis, and you will find double-ended brushes in addition to two soft puffs. It is an excellent gift idea or even as a party favor. If you are fearful of aggravation, then this isn’t the merchandise to get you stressed. The cosmetics gets the approval of the FDA and cleans away easily.

9. Litti Pritti Pretend Makeup for Girls

Top 9 Best Kids Makeup Set Reviews in 2024 9

The little Pritti makeup set is a beautiful combination of faux makeup goods and vibrant products. Your little girl will feel like she’s digging into her mum’s makeup place. This 11 piece set is ideal for role-playing and performing makeovers on individuals or your child’s dolls. It includes a true cosmetic bag to keep all of the products.

The cosmetics brushes are actual and simple for your child to use and hold; they’re soft, so, optimal to the child’s sensitive skin whilst playing. Your kid will learn how to feel beautiful in her skin as she performs with this constitute kit. The case includes a compact mirror, gloss, glitter, eye shadow, and more.


Letting your little girl play makeup is a great method of creating her experience matters that she generally sees you perform. Learning how to wear makeup from a young age has some benefits, as it could make her feel much more independent as she develops.

The security, best age range, as well as the benefits, are elements to think about. Hopefully, we have created the job of locating the ideal place a whole lot less daunting. Now you can feel confident in knowing that your child will have a lot of fun playing one of these sets!