8 Best Kids Zipline Kits Reviews in 2024

Nowadays, children of the majority of age groups, spend the majority of their spare time before the tv. If you wish to get them inspired to venture out, then maybe you should think about buying some of their best zipline kit for kids.

Ziplines are an enjoyable way to enjoy the outdoors and also to get some sun and energy flowing in your body. They essentially include a cable using a pulley which begins at a higher point than where it finishes. Frequently, people continue to the slide and also use natural gravity to slip from 1 point to the other.

The riders may use the pulley system to travel quickly from A to B, although the zipline ensures that they stay secure. Below are some of the best zipline for kids that we had reviewed.

The Best Kids Zipline

1. CTSC 95 Foot Zip Line Kit with Stainless Steel Spring Brake and Seat

CTSC 95 Foot Zip Line Kit with Stainless Steel Spring Brake and Seat

Our zip line used the 5.3 Foot Stainless Steel Spring Brake rather than the bungee cord steering system. All clients who have bought our zip line earlier, if there’s an issue with bungee cable braking system, please speak to us, we will help you replace the newest Stainless Steel Spring Brake for free! This zip line satisfies the global quality criteria (RoHS & CE) and may hold up to 250 pounds!

This comfy and ultra-fun backyard zip line kit could be constructed and easily installed in minutes, as a result of this comprehensive, step-by-step directions contained. Even when you aren’t a handyman, it’s still possible to effortlessly set this up zip line. In addition, we offer customized alternatives: when the trees in your garden are too far apart, only give us the precise space, then we’ll create a personalized zip line kit to you!

This item is specially made for children – non-slippery rubber grips assist riders maintain a firm hold on the zip line whilst playing. The rope knot adjusts perfectly to child’s height to ensure the best riding experience possible

2. 90′ Eagle Series Seated Zipline Kit

90' Eagle Series Seated Zipline Kit

Slackers Ziplines are enjoyable, secure, and simple to establish. With our comprehensive installation and safety instructions you’ll have the ability to turn your garden into a fun filled zipline very quickly. The completely constructed steel trolley comes equipped having a flexible rope and comfy seat. The fashionable and comfortable rubber grips are screwed to the trolley to guarantee a safe and enjoyable ride. Slackers Ziplines make great gifts and assure fun filled family time outdoors. Get outdoors and create your own garden experiences!

3. 100′ Night Riderz Series Zipline Kit

100' Night Riderz Series Zipline Kit

Most concur that zipline kits are among the most exciting things which you may set in your garden for hours of pleasure. The Night Riderz zipline kit expands your zipline fun to the night with 50 LED lights onto the seat, rope and trolley. Brand 44 ziplines help improve balance and strength all while riding an only a couple feet off the floor. Turn your garden into an intense adventure park with Brand 44 Ziplines. Contains: 100′ galvanized steel cable, 50 LED lighted saucer seat with flexible 10′ rope, fully assembled steel trolley with comfortable rubber grip handles, hardware to attach to 2 trees, directions.

4. Chetco Zip Line Kit | Seat Included

Chetco Zip Line Kit | Seat Included

Get outside and soar throughout your garden in design with a new Chetco Zip Line Kit. Hold on to the trolley with only your hands or attach riders into some seat (included) or tap (sold individually ). The Chetco Zip Line Kit accommodates passengers up to 350 pounds. Comes with 200 FT of super powerful and weather-resistant galvanized aircraft cable to length between two trees, a thick custom powder-coated steel trolley with built in handlebars, hand-made wooden seat using 1′ rope and a stop block to the finish. Quick and simple to set up and eliminate the ground. Your whole family will delight in this zip line for a long time to come.

5. Adventure Parks Zip Line Fun ZL35 Zip Line Ride On

Adventure Parks Zip Line Fun ZL35 Zip Line Ride On

Zip Line Interesting is “The World’s Safest Zip Line”. Fantastic for daredevils yet secure enough for Mom and Dad, this high quality zip line attracts adrenaline-pumping excitement into any yard. Featuring 35 feet of galvanized aircraft cable and an easy-to-grip trolley, it is a powerful piece which makes for absolutely entertaining get-togethers, family parties and much more! .

6. HearthSong 150′ Blue Backyard Zipline Kit Kids Holds 250 lbs

HearthSong 150' Blue Backyard Zipline Kit Kids Holds 250 lbs

Turn your garden into a joy zone with two sturdy trees and also our Zipline Kits! Newly equipped with your children in mind by our Outdoor-Active specialists, the kits are simple to establish, so your children are going to be zipping round the lawn very quickly. Riders just straddle the flexible seat, catch the non-slip carriage grips, and off they go! Besides the immense fun variable, ziplines help children improve their strength, athleticism, and equilibrium –while “flying” a couple of feet off the floor.

The adjustable seat can be removable, which makes it effortless to customize the path into the rider’s tastes. Completely eliminate the seat to get a much greater delight! That the 150-Foot Blue Zipline Kit comprises a steel cable, tree protectors, carriage with non-slip handles, adjustable/removable seat, rubber brake, hanging hardware, and detailed installation and safety directions. Max. Weight 250 pounds. Adult supervision and installation required.

7. Slackers 40’ Zipline Falcon Series Kit with Seat

Slackers 40’ Zipline Falcon Series Kit with Seat

You can not find a better zip line that is so straightforward to set up. Just catch a wrench and pliers. Find some strategic trees in your own backyard. Get the bolts and knots set up, and BOOM–you are all set to zip into the African Jungle. It is possible to opt to place the rope 10 to 6ft high from the floor. Everything depends on your preference and style. Considering that the trolley comes completely assembled, installation time is quicker.

Everything which comes with this kit is strong and dependable. The trolley feature steel structure with ball bearings. These help to optimize speed and strength throughout the ride. You can now enjoy long hours of pleasure with your loved ones. It’s highly acceptable for children ranging 7 years and over.

You do not need brakes with this particular model. The mechanism enables it to stop in the end of the line slowly. With rubberized handles, both you and the children are going to have a superb grip. The documentation provides you all of the information you need for optimal functionality.

8. Slackers Value Series Zipline Kit

Slackers Value Series Zipline Kit

If you are on a small budget, the Slackers Value zipline is a high quality zipline that you might consider. Although it isn’t as complete as additional choices on this listing (it comprises a trolley rather than a seat), it’s well-made and durable. The stainless-steel cable is more sturdy for greatest speed and strength during rides. It’s also designed to avoid abrasion.

The cable length can be corrected to get a shorter ride also contains a carabiner for quick attaching and removing. The rubber grip handles are comfortable and provide exceptional grip. All of the sections of the system are weather and impact resistant. For this reason, you can get outside fun without worrying about the weather.

The zipline has a fully constructed steel trolley, which means you simply have a couple components to build making the installation simple and quick. It’s very important to say that the machine is acceptable for children aged 8 years and up rather than acceptable for adults since it may support users around 140 lbs.


Zipline kits are best for an entire family to capture pleasure. When it’s to your children or you personally, there’s always one for you. Pick from our 8 Best Kids Zipline Kits and find that sporting feeling you desire.