10 Best Surfboard for Kids 2024 – Buying Guide & Reviews

First appeared more than three thousand years ago in the Western Polynesian Islands, surfing was considered an innovative method of manufacturing labor for indigenous people.

As year-round fishermen with stormy waves and seawater and fishing, they have created a surfboard for kids made from wood to serve near-shore fishing, and thanks to this innovation, the higher production of fishing brings a better life to the people.

It is not known when surfing began to evolve from productive labor to recreational sport for many young people from the popular to the aristocracy. Later surfing was spread all over Europe and loved by the fun it brought to players. Especially in the Hawaiian Islands, the surfing sport becomes a characteristic culture and tradition of the residents here. , excellent design.

For children, this sport is recommended for children to be agile and healthy when participating in water sports. To play this game, the best surfboard for kids sure and safe is indispensable.

Best Surfboard for Kids

1. 6’ Beginner Foam Surfboard

6’ Beginner Foam Surfboard - Soft Top Surfboard for Kids - The 6’ Guppy by South Bay Board Co.

  • All 6′ Guppy Surfboards are custom shaped with long-lasting & lightweight EPS Closed Cell Foam. Every 6′ Guppy Surfboard Contains EZ Carry Handle for the Kids, Easy to Spot Surfboard Design, Lined-Proof Lined Fin Holes for Secure Fin Attachment, Beginner Friendly Nose/Tail Rocker.
  • All 6′ Guppy Surf Boards feature curved out nose & semi-squared out tail contours for additional stability combined with performance, Slick High-Density PE bottom deck for added stiffness & maximum rate, Rounded egg Funboard affected shape | Lined Fin holes to prevent any water entry, Heat Laminated Surfboard for kids creates a Softer Top Deck that’s sealed to decrease the risk of de-lamination.

2. Soft Top Surfboard for Beginners, Kids

Soft Top Surfboard - Best Foam Surf Board for Beginners, Kids, and Adults - Soft Top Surfboards for Fun & Easy Surfing

  • Designed by Surfers, influenced by traditional fun plank shapes, the 7′ Ruckus Soft Surfboard is the best surfboard for kids (typically younger kids) and being a great little wave soft-top surfboard for adults and experienced surfers. Supports Beginner Riders Up To 170lbs – Ideal for kids to learn to surf on and grow with – Phenomenal small wave board for this with more surfing skills.
  • Produced by Surfers, affected by conventional kids surfboard shapes using a twist of contemporary design and enhanced performance aka the Foam Torpedo. Trust us it’s WAY EASIER to understand how to surf on an 8′ Verve compared to the square out, floppy Costco surfboard. Supports Beginner Riders Up To 200lbs – Ideal for older children and adults to learn how to surf on – Perfect for making the most of any small/crumbly summer wave- Also still Wax Free!

3. Giantex 6′ Surfboard for Kids

Giantex 6' Surfboard Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board with Removable Fins, Great Beginner Board for Kids, Adults and Children

  • Made of durable top polyurethane and glossy HDPE high-speed bottom. It’s a strong and responsive bottom skin that provides stiffness and maximizes board speed. This surfboard for kids includes a durable foam high, EPE deck, EPS heart, and PP hard slick bottom.
  • This surfboard is designed using a free leash and transaction pad which is convenient and comfortable to use. With this board, novices can enjoy a wonderful surfing experience. Fishtail gives the board more grip and traction, gives more surface space from rail to rail, and permits planning lift and speed. Also, the removable fins make the surfboard easy for you to transfer.

4. Best Choice Products Foamie Board Surfboard

Best Choice Products New - Surfboard 6' Foamie Board Surfboards Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Boarding New

  • Best Choice Products is pleased to present our new 6′ surfboards for kids. These boards are built to take the beating just new surfers can give, but soft enough that they won’t bite back. We provide a number of the best boards in its class for quality and performance.
  • Built to handle first-time mistakes novices make as they understand the skills in the shore break. They look good and feel great. We buy our boards straight from the producer, so you know you’re getting the lowest prices possible.

5. Ocean Body Foamie Board Surfboard

Best Choice Products Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board Surfboard

  • Free leash and grip pad, great beginner board for both adults and children. Removable fins for easy transportation, slick HDPE high ranking bottom.

6. Wavestorm 7ft Original New Modern Foam Shortboard Surfboard

Wavestorm 7ft Original New Modern Foam Shortboard Surfboard

  • The Original New Modern design transforms traditional surfboard for kids line through modern design and a significant facelift for our decade of heritage. Made for technical performance, it’s a look to the future for those who want something brand new in what they put under their feet.
  • The soft foam deck is fitted with all our newest proprietary EBS-IXL (Elastomer Barrier Skin) adding vivid color and U.V. protection into this plank and includes a wider texture for greater grip.
  • New reinforced plug folds for the fin area in addition to Silica rings will help improve stability and reduce water absorption. The 7ft shape-outline is a smaller variant of the 8ft yet remains a favorite size for people who are looking for the volume characteristic of the Wavestorm. Great floatation and fantastic to maneuver.

7. ATOM Softtop Surfboard

ATOM Softtop Surfboard

  • Atom Soft Top Surfboards for kids would be the ideal way to learn to navigate. The gentle XPE riding surface provides a little extra traction and security when you are at the top, but you’ll still want to wax your traction area for extra grip.
  • Slightly rubberized fins help prevent accidents when you come off. The 6′ span is most suitable for kids surfers under 125 pounds. It’s precisely what you must have fun in the surf at the same time you progress to the next level.

8. Soft Top Surfboard + Bag Package 

Soft Top Surfboard + Bag Package - Best Foam Surf Board for Beginners, Kids, and Adults

  • Dedicated to sourcing the very best materials and finest manufacturing, South Bay Board Co. holds itself to the highest of standards when producing each and every item. The reasoning is simple – we want to be the manufacturer that produces and delivers the highest-quality performance Soft Top Surfboards for kids to any and all who wish to genuinely enjoy the water!
  • Entry-Level Series of Soft Top Surfboards are the cleanest, most durable, and highest value soft top surfboards available on the marketplace that are ideal for novices and incredibly fun for regular users. As a Southern California-based company in the Center of the South Bay of LA, We’re engulfed in Surf & Beach culture. All our Entry Level Surfboards have been built and tested in the beautiful pacific coast waters but appreciated by many on many different waves across the world. If you are ready, we’ve got your future favorite surfboard waiting for you to enjoy!

9. Wavestorm 8′ Classic Surfboard

Wavestorm 8' Classic Surfboard

  • Wavestorm is the most recognized soft surfboard new in the United States. The 8ft traditional surfboard for kids is just one of the best-selling & acting learn-to-surf boards of time due to it being light, soft & easy to handle.
  • Years of extensive production experience create a perfect balance of performance and material all within a single board. Let the Wavestorm 8ft classic surfboard inspire your daily life in the ocean and encourage a new healthier way of life. There’s not any greater feeling than grabbing that first wave and driving it to the shore. Produce memories on the Wavestorm 8ft classic surfboard!
  • Wavestorm Classic Surfboards feature a strong EPS heart with 3 marine-ply stringers and a resilient WBS-IXL (Water Barrier Skin) gentle crosslink top picture deck skin using the textured grip. The bottom slick is an HDPE slick bottom that provides stiffness to keep board form.

10. THURSO SURF Lancer 5’10” Fish Soft Top Surfboard

THURSO SURF Lancer 5'10'' Fish Soft Top Surfboard Package Includes Twin Fins Double Stainless Steel Swivel Leash EPS Core IXPE Deck HDPE Slick Bottom Built in Non Slip Deck Grip

  • The board is designed with a focus on stability and glide for easy riding with maximum pleasure. High-density EPS core makes the board very light and buoyant. The rigid and durable EPS core is the perfect core for hours of browsing fun.
  • HDPE glossy bottom (heat laminated) is a strong and responsive base skin that adds stiffness and maximizes plank speed /High-density durable IXPE deck (heat laminated) makes the board well-cushioned and sealed to reduce the risk of delamination.
  • Two timber stringers provide greater longitudinal strength, rigidity, and controlled flex / Two fins include stability / Flexible fin box makes the board good at changing performance and easy to transfer.
  • The fishtail gives the board more grip and grip, provides more surface space from rail to rail, and permits planning speed and lift. The board is popular among some high-performance surfers at the nitro-small-wave sexy dogger range.

Buying Guide for the Best Kids Surfboard

Now that you are aware there are various types of surfboards on the marketplace. It’s time to understand how to select the very best surfboard for kids.

Normally, children who require fresh surfboards are those who are new to browsing. For this reason, you can forget about hardboards and begin with foamies. It is possible to make use of these factors on which foamies to buy your visit to the shop.

Qualities to consider when buying a surfboard for kids or beginners:


Everything you need to bear in mind concerning how big is that bigger surfboards provide better equilibrium. Your kids are going to have the ability to understand to stand to the plank quickly should they have bigger surfboards. But before purchasing the giant board to your kid’s size, ensure you have space to store it and transport it easily from 1 spot to another.


Layout denotes the surfboard for kids look and feel. Even though the demonstration and fashion are minor factors, acquiring an appealing surfboard may enhance your child’s confidence. Envision how your kids will feel if they’ll appear to browse the course together with plain-looking surfboards. They’ll lose their assurance to present them.

On the flip side, if your kids own appealing surfboards, it is going to give them confidence. They are going to have the inspiration to attend a browsing course and find out how to browse.

You also must take into account the surfboards’ texture.

Boards that have feel provide additional traction. These planks help improve your children’s functionality due to improved maneuverability.


The surfboards’ volume has a direct connection with their buoyancy. Shops measure the planks’ quantity in liters.

To discover how much volume you need to buy to your kid’s surfboard, then you will need to evaluate their weight.

It’s a general rule which you simply need to ride a board that’s 100 percent the equal of the weight in kilos. As an instance, if your child weighs 30 kilograms, you need to purchase a surfboard that’s 30 liters in volume.

However, as indicated previously, it’s a rule of thumb. Other elements can alter this principle, like the ability level of their kid and tide conditions.

Everything you want to look at while buying surfboards for your kids is that boards with greater quantity have greater buoyancy. These planks are more available to paddle control and float. All these foamies will also be more secure.

On the flip side, surfboards with reduced volumes aren’t stable. Catching waves using these planks is challenging. The plus side of those surfboards is they are simple to turn. Professional young surfers may gain from such boards.


You don’t need to worry a whole lot about the purchase price. Surfboards for kids, which are also generally for youngsters, are economical.

It’s more advisable to buy the less expensive ones, particularly in case the surfboards are for children. Kids change their minds immediately. You don’t wish to invest in expensive ones simply to throw them in the garbage later because your kids don’t wish to browse anymore.

In addition, you will need to take into account the frequency of usage. It isn’t sensible to purchase expensive surfboards in case your kids use them every 2 years.

You might decide to invest in costly surfboards for your kids if you believe they are true for this fire or if they have the abilities. But if they’re only beginning, you may just make the most of the training period by conserving your skilled surfboards and providing rewards.


Surfboard for kids is designed to emphasize flexibility and compactness so that when surfing, there will be no gravity of the board, reducing the surfing speed, the shape of the board is usually long and pointed at both ends reducing the resistance of the board. water, surfboards are faster, sweeter than blades tear across the water.

There are many forms of surfing, so the size and design of the board vary according to the board type. Hopefully, with the above article, you can choose to surfboard for kids to help children comfortably participate in this fascinating sport.

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