12 Best Child Ear Plugs For Swimming 2024 – Reviews

Swimming is always a comprehensive movement for the extensive development of children. But, pool water can lead to ear problems such as ear infections or infections. Equip your child with essential items when swimming, along with swimwear, you should pay attention to child ear plugs for swimming to shield your ears.

Best Child Ear Plugs for Swimming

1. Noise Busters Direct Swimming Ear Plugs for Children & Youth

Noise Busters Direct Swimming Ear Plugs for Children & Youth

Great for the swimming pool, diving, shore, and shower to keep water out of the ear canal. Soft polymer material guarantees a comfortable feel and fit. Easy to insert and remove. Also reduced loud noise.

2. Putty Buddies Floating Earplugs 10-Pair Pack – Soft Silicone Ear Plugs for Swimming & Bathing

Putty Buddies Floating Earplugs 10-Pair Pack - Soft Silicone Ear Plugs for Swimming & Bathing

Putty Buddies – child ear plugs for swimming earplugs are trusted by parents and doctors worldwide. In fact, they have been invented by an Ear, Nose, Throat Physician with over 40 decades of expertise in the field.

Their comfortable tacky and soft texture is unmatched by competitors, which is why the Putty Buddies are such popular swim strings for children and grownups. Available in bright neon and neutral colors to suit all swimmers. Block water from entering the ear canal and swim all summer long with Putty Buddies.

Putty Buddies are soft moldable silicone ear plugs perfect for bathing and swimming. They’re very easy to use and mould into the ear. These Putty Buddies ear sticks are manufactured with our unique, patented Flo-Tek silicone formula. They float easily on the water in order that they can always be found if lost or dislodged!

Easy to use and mould to the ear! Much more soft & comfortable than other earplugs. World’s only floating tender moldable silicone earplugs. Float on water if dropped or dislodged. They are invented by an Ear, Nose, Throat Physician. Perfect for ear tubes, perforated eardrums, myringotomy, myringotomy tubes, otitis media, and otitis externa. Block water in the ear canal! Perfect for swimming, swimming, surfing, water skiing, canoeing, and kayaking.

Fantastic for traveling to the pool, pool or beach. Tacky texture keeps earplugs in place. ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL design. Great for both children and adults! Reusable and last longer than other earplugs. Bright colors are attractive to children. Children love them!

3. Alpine Pluggies Kids Swim Earplugs

Alpine Pluggies Kids Swim Earplugs

Plugins are unique because they do not provide the wearer an isolated sense once the earplugs are added. They are fitted with special acoustic filters that allow kids to hear everything going on about them while keeping water out.

Preventing a feeling of isolation is important for kids learning to swim since it gives them the reassurance that their parent of an instructor is nearby to help when required. Their reusability adds a value that disposables can’t match. The sturdy carrying case makes them conveniently portable and easy to keep track of.

4. Silicone Swimming Earplugs For Kids – 7 Swimming Ear Plugs And Nose Clip Sets

Silicone Swimming Earplugs For Kids - 7 Swimming Ear Plugs And Nose Clip Sets

Waterproof silicone swimming nose clips and earplugs protect ears and nose from water for your children. Perfect for toddlers, youth, kids swimmers. Vital swim gear. One small size fit most adults and youth, kids up from 5-year-old.

Kit comprises 7 sets, super value pack for outdoor sport. Made of premium soft silicone, soft and comfy for diving, surfing, freediving, even bathing, and shower. Comes with reusable storage cases for each place, keep the accessories tidy and make it easy to visit the beach, camp, pool, or water park.

5. Macks Moldable Silicone Ear Plugs, Kids Size, 6 Pair (Pack of 6)

Macks Moldable Silicone Ear Plugs, Kids Size, 6 Pair (Pack of 6)

The silicone. Fun, bright color! Pillow soft. Waterproof. Swim, shower, bath, study, loud events, flying discomfort, etc.. Noise Reduction Rating: 22 Decibels (when used as directed). The range of noise reduction ratings for existing hearing protectors is approximately 0 to 30 (high numbers denote greater effectiveness). Limited warranty to customers.

6. Macks Ear Band Swimming Headband, Best Swimmers Headband

Macks Ear Band Swimming Headband, Best Swimmers Headband

Macks Slim Fit Ear Plugs. These earplugs provide the same great protection as our regular sized earplugs but are designed with a slightly smaller diameter, providing comfort to those with smaller ear canals. Molded with super low-pressure, skinned, and tapered foam to offer unmatched comfort and enhanced hygiene. Noise reduction rating (NRR) 29 decibels. For sleeping, research, work, shooting sports, travel, power tools, loud events, etc..

Child ear plugs for swimming this stylish neoprene headband helps maintain earplugs and custom ear molds in place during water activities. As an additional layer of security over earplugs, these ear bands also help prevent kids from fussing with or eliminating their ear protection.

For complete waterproof protection, wear Mack’s Ear Bands over Mack’s Moldable Silicone Putty Earplugs (sold individually ) to block water from getting into the ear canal. Mack’s Moldable Silicone Putty Waterproof Ear Plugs are USA’s ORIGINAL and #1 SELLING moldable silicone earplugs and are doctor recommended for helping prevent swimmer’s ear infections also for use with ear tubes.

When utilized in conjunction with water-tight earplugs, ear bands are doctor recommended for people that have ear tubes (myringotomy tubes), eardrum perforations, swimmer’s ear infections (otitis externa) and middle ear infections (otitis media).

Great for swimming, swimming, canoeing, surfing, kayaking, water skiing, and other water activities. In addition to helping secure earplugs in place, Mack’s Ear Bands keep ears warm through cold water and winter pursuits and even help keep hair out of your face.

Take them into the pool, lake or shore. Mack’s swimming headband is constructed of comfortable, durable, stretchy neoprene having a strong, adjustable, hook and loop closure.

7. The Good Ears Swimming headband for kids

The Good Ears Swimming headband for babies - toddlers - kids - adults

Your ENT physician might recommend keeping water from their ears following ear tubes placed. THE GOOD EARS Swimming Headband adds an excess layer of protection when swimming and helps keep earplugs in place. It may be used for showering and bathing too. Ear infections can suck the joy from epic swim times.

The Excellent Ears Swimming Headband can help! Our headband is designed to utilize earplugs to block the water in the ear. No water, No Swimmer’s Ear. Professional!

Neoprene is commonly used in fly fishing waders and wet suits; it is a durable, low-maintenance material and provides some insulation from cold. And let’s be honest, our Paisley bandana look blows all other swimming headbands from the water!

8. Bestartstore Kids Swimming Earplugs

Bestartstore Kids Swimming Earplugs

Child ear plugs for swimming aids keep water out of their ear canal. Easy insertion and removal. Soft silicone material for a snug, comfortable fit. One size fit most children 5 Pairs(10pcs) in Package so you’ll never be without.

9. SAVITA Swimming Earplugs for Kids and Adults, Waterproof Spiral Silicone Swimming Diving Screw Molded Swimming Ear Plugs

SAVITA Swimming Earplugs for Kids and Adults, Waterproof Spiral Silicone Swimming Diving Screw Molded Swimming Ear Plugs

Child ear plugs for swimming made from silicone, soft and flexible, non-toxic and tasteless. Good design-unique design, fit the ears, comfortable and practical.

Safeguard hearing-features a hollow stem to guarantee minimal hearing disturbance while bathing, swimming, and sleeping. Multi-color optional-One piece comprises six colors, blue, pink, yellow, white, green or black. The Ear Plugs fit both adults and children from age 12 and over.

10. PQ Ear Plugs for Swimming – Swimming Ear Plugs for Adults

PQ Ear Plugs for Swimming - Swimming Ear Plugs for Adults - Effective Ear Protection for Swimming Adults - Comfortable - Waterproof Ear Plugs for Swimming, Snorkeling and Showering

Your health is your wealth. Getting water in your ears can cause uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating conditions inside the ear. Thus we decided to produce the product so as to prevent this from occurring.

PQ Swimming Earplugs are formed to fit the inside of the ear and create a water-tight twist. Our main aim — to prevent illness and injury, save your health. Swimming earplugs are also a superb choice when you need to keep water from your or your children’s ears.

Silicone ear sticks will stay at your ears better, even if you’re moving around a lot. Best for water and swim. To be able to be certain that our earplugs work, we wear them every day, sleep with the swim and travel. They are amazingly light and non-obstructive — so much so that the very first time you may use them — forgot that they are from the ears. We are totally focused on your needs. Here you see the result of collective thinking, which will simplify your daily life.

There is not any need to worry about water from the ears together with PQ Earplugs for swimming. They are best for water sports at the pool or ocean when browsing. In addition, swimming earplugs for adults efficiently block water from penetrating your ears and also muffle the loud noise in noisy condition.

With water-tight swimming earplugs, you can input a pool or bathtub with no fear of disease. You will simplify your daily life, as you can wash and reuse these earplugs over and over instead of throwing them out every time to get a new pair.

PQ Swimming Ear Plugs are made as a 1 size fits all item, so that they could work for kids and adults of most ages since you’ll get a bonus set of wax swimming earplugs to utilize for the entire family. Our PQ Swimming Ear Plugs protect your ears without impacting your hearing or balance. Just enjoy!

11. Fitian Swimming Earplugs, Waterproof Soft Silicone Sports Ear Plugs Swim Earplugs

Fitian Swimming Earplugs, Waterproof Soft Silicone Sports Ear Plugs Swim Earplugs

Swimming Earplugs, Fitian Waterproof Soft Silicone Sports Ear Plugs Swim Earplugs for Swimming, Surfers, Swimmers, Adults, Children, Diving and Other Water Trainers. Safe, doctor recommended swimming earplugs: Repeated ear infections can permanently damage hearing.

A moist ear canal is the perfect breeding ground for the harboring of bacteria that can encourage a nasty ear infection.

Children are especially susceptible to an ear disease since their immune systems are still building. Not just for water sports but also for water clogged ears from bathing or showering. Silicone earplugs mold to fit your ear canal perfectly and provide an extremely comfortable and high degree of protection.

Swimming earplugs to suit the needs of a casual swimmer, surfer, or a competitor from the water arena. Small-sized Silicone Sports swimming earplugs match the small size of children’s ear canals. One package is acceptable for family members!

12. Ear Band-It Ultra Swimming Headband

Ear Band-It Ultra Swimming Headband - Best Swimmer's Headband

Child ear plugs for swimming the Ear Band-It Ultra is brought to you by the makers of the Original Ear Band-It headband, the ORIGINAL swimming headband. Developed by a board-certified Ear, Nose & Throat Physician and designed to keep water out of the ears, providing maximum comfort and safety while swimming and bathing. After 20 years of development, we are proud to introduce the new and improved Ear Band-It Ultra!

EXTRA GRIP! Child ear plugs for swimming Ear Band-It Ultra made with a custom inner lining that provides extra grip to avoid slipping off the head. Also made of much more soft and comfortable neoprene material. Water enthusiasts of all ages will also appreciate using the Putty Buddies earplugs (sold separately) and Ear Band-It Ultra headband in the prevention of swimmer’s ear.

Size SMALL: Recommended for ages 1 to 3. Fits head size range 16″-19″ Size MEDIUM: Recommended for ages 4 to 9. Fits head size range 17″-21″ Size LARGE: Recommended for ages 10 to Adult. Fits head size range 20″-24″ KEEP WATER OUT, HOLD EAR PLUGS IN! Use with your own earplugs and ear molds or with our Putty Buddies soft silicone moldable ear plugs (sold separately). Putty Buddies are the best swimming earplugs on the market.


Should children wear earplugs for swimming?

Medical experts generally recommend that young kids swim, holding their heads above water for as much time as it is possible. However, if your child loves to swim and explore underwater, earplugs are a great solution. This is especially the case for kids with ear tubes since earplugs will stop bacteria from reaching the middle ear.

What are the benefits of earplug use?

Earplugs can be beneficial for both kids and adults. This product is designed specially to protect you from ear infections such as Otitis externa (swimmer’s ear). Although this infection is easily treatable, it can lead to temporary hearing loss and various unpleasant problems.

Which materials are best for earplugs?

When you are choosing earplugs, the material is very important. Make sure to choose either silicone, putty, plastic, or any mixture of these three materials. These are top-notch, and choosing another kind of material will likely be a waste of money.

Can earplugs for swimming block the noise?

Yes, they can. This is the case, of course, if the earplugs are made out of silicone. These earplugs have wide use and can also be used when sleeping, taking a break on the job, or reading.

Which earplugs for swimming should I purchase for my child?

You can go for various choices—the most important factor to consider when buying earplugs is top-notch material. Silicone might be the best solution since this type of plug can be used for different purposes outside of swimming. We recommend you Putty Buddies Floating Earplugs 10-Pair Pack. Many medical experts recommend these plugs worldwide. They are simple to use and feel comfortable for children’s ears.


Children’s ears will be guarded and prevent water-borne ailments by ear plugs for swimming. Pick for your kid a pair of child ear plugs for swimming using safe materials such as natural silicon, which fits into the child’s ear canal dimensions so that you stop 99% of the probability of infection.

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