Top 9 Best LEGO Tank Sets Reviews in 2024

Lego tanks are excellent for teaching children about how things work while enabling them to have fun at precisely the exact same moment. I know I always enjoyed “playing” with lego once I was a child.

The tank basically uses two motors so in the event that you don’t need a tank you may make a more Romba type robot, the construct will likely probably be different, however, the wiring and applications will be exactly the same.

List of 9 Best LEGO Tank Sets Reviews

1. LEGO Star Wars Corporate Alliance Tank Droid

Top 9 Best LEGO Tank Sets Reviews in 2024 1

The Tank Droid includes a black trail running from rear to front. In the very front of the are two large round ‘shields’ making a leading’wheel’ where the guns and the eyes link onto. The guns themselves possess three barrels of different sizes, the smallest of them being flick-fire missiles. In the rear of the automobile is just another ‘wheel’ that the monitor goes around. There’s a segment with a few bars between both wheels In the base of the front ‘wheel’ are just two supports.

2. LEGO Star Wars Republic Fighter Tank

Top 9 Best LEGO Tank Sets Reviews in 2024 2

Engage the Droid Army with this LEGO® Star Wars Republic Fighter Tank, including an opening leading hatch with Minifigure cockpit, two elevating guns with stud shooters, back ammo shop and hidden wheels to get a blotted look. This collection also includes 2 minifigures and two droid figures.

3. COBI World of Tanks Tiger 1

Top 9 Best LEGO Tank Sets Reviews in 2024 3

This brand new structure block collection from COBI faithfully reproduces the historic body and details about its actual first. The Tank will be a terrific decoration for every military collector and a fantastic gift for lovers of the world of tanks video sport.

This Tank includes many movable elements like the turret, which is moved and rotated vertically, opening hatches, through which you may inquire into the motor compartment, a cell device gun, and rotation Wheel and caterpillars.

It includes a German tanker with a pistol and binoculars, an extra set of decals and an invitation code and an incentive code to get the world of tanks running on hosts in Europe and North America.

4. COBI The Tank Museum Collection Tiger 131

Top 9 Best LEGO Tank Sets Reviews in 2024 4

This model of Tiger that I 131 is made entirely of building blocks. It’s released in collaboration with the tank museum in Bovington and COBI. This model faithfully reproduces the tank at the specific format and decoration because it currently exhibits from the museum. As a result of the fantastic good care of recreating the tank shape and details.

The collection is ideally suited as an excellent souvenir, an exhibition bit or as an addition to lovers of history or military enthusiast. The tank includes numerous movable elements like open hatches, a rotating tower, a vertically moving barrel, grenade launchers, and spinning wheels with working tracks.

5. LEGO Ninjago Ice Tank Building Kit

Top 9 Best LEGO Tank Sets Reviews in 2024 5

Help Zane rescue Patty Keys and Torben in the shark soldiers with this particular action-packed THE LEGO® NINJAGO® MOVIE™ Ice Tank set. This trendy automobile includes an opening Minifigure cockpit, large monitors, ice cannon with 6-stud quick shooter, along with a rotating ice container. The group also includes 5 minifigures with various weapons–such as Zane’s arrow and bow along with Shark Army Thug’s bass spike dagger–to increase the exciting role-play chances.

6. Lego, Star Wars Microfighters Series 1, Clone Turbo Tank

Top 9 Best LEGO Tank Sets Reviews in 2024 6

The Turbo Tank that’s included in this collection is a compact, but highly detailed motor vehicle. At the bottom of this tank are 10 wheels. Above that’s the Majority of the tank with all the cockpit for the Stage II Clone Trooper in the head of this Turbo Tank.

Input the mini world of LEGO® Star Wars™ micro fighters with all the Clone Turbo Tank™. This trendy mini model has moving wheels, two picture missiles plus also a mini cockpit on the top for your Clone Trooper™ to sit. Get ready to input micro-sized battle! Includes a Clone Trooper Minifigure with a blaster.

7. Lego Star Wars Microfighters Series1

Top 9 Best LEGO Tank Sets Reviews in 2024 7

Input a mini LEGO® Star Wars™ universe with all the Droid Army AAT™ micro fighter. This fun miniature model includes a moving turret, 4 movie missiles plus also a mini cockpit for your Pilot Battle Droid™ to sit. Prepare to combat the Clone Troopers! Includes a Pilot Battle Droid figure with a blaster pistol.

8. LEGO Star Wars Corporate Alliance Tank Droid

Top 9 Best LEGO Tank Sets Reviews in 2024 8

The Tank Droid includes 56 chain bits that join with each other to make a series that runs of three shadowy grey gears. The string moves in the front of the tank, on the upper wheel, as well as the rear wheel. After the tank is pushed along, the string turns. The rear wheel is constructed of a 4×4 round dish, with a bigger black grey 2×2 dish onto it.

A segment with several sloping bits on it unites on the rear wheel, and also runs into the front part of the tank. In the middle of the segment, is a bar that goes up and joins onto another equipment. Two big 10×10 dishes made from the outer rim of the front wheel, with a pub-going outside.

2 TECHNIC pieces move upwards from the outer side of the wheel rim and also attached to the eyes. The Tank Droid has yellow eyes with an antenna on the back of everyone. On the outer pieces of the bars were just two other TECHNIC bits with guns on them. One of these had a stationary gun, and another a lengthy flick-fire missile.

9. COBI Small Army WW-Sherman M4A1 Tank Building Kit

Top 9 Best LEGO Tank Sets Reviews in 2024 9

Construct the Sherman M4A1 Tank Includes 480 high-quality construction blocks Set includes 1 figure Reinforce your troops with Little Army tanks, airplanes, helicopters, military trucks or take control of a military battleship and produce your own army with COBI blocks.

This unique model from COBI includes a rotating turret, a barrel which may move down and up, 3 operable trapdoors and a motor deck. Additional gear includes a shovel, pickaxe, totes, a grenade, binoculars, revolver, and machine guns.


Did you understand that Lego does not really make Lego tanks? However, you will discover Lego-type tanks with a company named COBI. With COBI you could also locate other tank related items as with other types of tanks or bomber airplanes. COBI also offers other items like passenger planes even spaceships! All COBI cubes are compatible with top manufacturers of building blocks, including Lego.