Top 9 Best LEGO Ferrari Sets Reviews in 2024

If you are a lover of Ferrari automobiles and LEGOs, there are scores of collections for you to choose from to meet both obsessions. In the last few decades, more complex LEGO Technic goods are published, including over thousands of bits in copying some of the world’s greatest sports cars.

Within this piece, I can review 9 best Lego Ferrari sportscar sets. Virtually everyone these collections are being marketed as “Lego Racers”, but I believe them being Lego Technic sets since you can see on the pictures within this guide, all of them consist of components which are typical to Lego Technic.

List of 9 Best LEGO Ferrari Sets Reviews

1. LEGO Creator Expert Ferrari F40

Top 9 Best LEGO Ferrari Sets Reviews in 2024 1

The F40 is extraordinarily comprehensive, with flip-up lights, a V8 engine with twin turbochargers and several other capabilities. Unlike many other bigger scale vehicles, the F40 includes a front door. The motor can be totally removed from the chief motor vehicle. The hood, the back part, and doorways are able to be opened.

2. LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari F40 Competizione

Top 9 Best LEGO Ferrari Sets Reviews in 2024 2

Build, race and then exhibit the LEGO® Rate Champions 75890 Ferrari F40 Competizione toy automobile, then change it in the timeless F40 streetcar, the previous car that Enzo Ferrari oversaw in his life!

Packed with real details, this 2-in-1 model comes with a mini-figure cockpit using a detachable windshield, also interchangeable hoods and spoilers to flip the Competizione to the street sort of the F40. This automobile toy also comprises a Ferrari racing driver mini-figure to perform exciting race situations.

3. LEGO Racers Enzo Ferrari 1:10 Scale

Top 9 Best LEGO Ferrari Sets Reviews in 2024 3

Authentic scale Enzo Ferrari version 1:10; True, detailed replica of the supreme streetcar; Doors open and lots of other cool features; Improve the hood to view that the V12 engine; nonetheless works; Steps over 18 inches/45cm and more than 9 inches broad; Recommended for racing and Ferrari lovers from 10+.

4. LEGO Ferrari F430 Challenge

Top 9 Best LEGO Ferrari Sets Reviews in 2024 4

Connect the Ferrari racing team using this specific Racing Edition Ferrari F430 Challenge automobile. Packed with authentic details exactly like the actual thing, this official Ferrari model could be personalized with optional yellow or crimson body panels and additional rims — all contained in the collection! Racer steps over 10″ (27cm) long! Open the hood to find the engine! Use the alternative yellowish body components to construct the first yellow LEGO Ferrari Racer!

5. LEGO Racers Ferrari 430 Spider

Top 9 Best LEGO Ferrari Sets Reviews in 2024 5

This sexy new pair is a true 1:17 scale copy of the Ferrari 430 Spider which has been launched at the Geneva car show on March 2005. Lift the boot and back bonnets to find out what is inside.

Fix your mirrors, then turn the steering wheel and push. Have your own LEGO car display with friends to showcase your hard work. It contains realistic Ferrari details. Steps over 10″ long.

6. Lego Ferrari F1 Racer 1:8

Top 9 Best LEGO Ferrari Sets Reviews in 2024 6

The set includes a working steering system. When the rear wheels are switched, the pistons go up and down as though in a real engine. Part of the cover of the trunk can be removed, showing the motor as well as the gears.

Remove the motor cover to see that the moving pistons; Contains actual working suspension; Model steps over 24 (61cm) long; Thorough tires step more than 3 (8cm) wide; functioning steering wheel turns front tires; Constructed in realistic 1:8 scale.

7. LEGO Racers Ferrari F1 1:9

Top 9 Best LEGO Ferrari Sets Reviews in 2024 7

8157 Ferrari F1 1:9 is a Racers set published in 2008 within the Ferrari lineup. It’s a Ferrari F1 racecar constructed on a 1:9 scale function as the greatest official Ferrari F1 Facer ever constructed with LEGO bricks, as stated by the LEGO Shop. This version is devised by Andrew Woodman.

8. LEGO Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H

Top 9 Best LEGO Ferrari Sets Reviews in 2024 8

Ability to success for this buildable LEGO® Rate Champions variant of this Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H race car, including wheels with wheels and 2 interchangeable race amounts so that you can pretend to be different Scuderia Ferrari drivers.

The set also comes with a pit wall using start-finish-line, pit screen element and checkered flag with waving purpose, also wrench and walkie-talkie components to make the most of the role-play entertaining.

9. Lego Speed Champions LaFerrari

Top 9 Best LEGO Ferrari Sets Reviews in 2024 9

According to the title of the particular set, the principal portion of it’s that a red Ferrari LaFerrari. Front of this LaFerrari is curved like the actual one, with decals constituting the headlights.

A brand new mold is used for front windscreen, which can be tinted slightly. Moderately sized tires are utilized and brand new rims are created for its LaFerrari. Also included with this set is a pair of traffic/start lighting.

The mini-figure included includes a yellowish skin tone, so meaning he is not according to a true individual. He’s sporting a red Ferrari racing suit with white hands and a black helmet.


You would not feel that purchasing a LEGO Ferrari automobile would be hard. But it is not quite as straightforward as obtaining a toy model car — there is a good deal of unique components which go into the design of those vehicles that are sovereign, and everyone can break or make your pleasure based on how it’s set up and constructed.