8 Best Flat Head Pillows for Babies Reviews in 2024

One way that a number of parents are preventing the effects of flat head syndrome by using specially designed baby pillows. These pillows supply the baby’s head with cushioning which functions to distribute the strain placed on the back of the skull when the infant lays on her back. The purpose of the pillow is to prevent stripping of the skull by simply providing a cushioned foundation to lie. Here we’ll look at 8 of the best flat head pillows for babies to preventing flat head syndrome.

List of 8 Best Flat Head Pillows For Babies Reviews

1. Baby Pillow for Flat Head Syndrome Prevention

Baby Pillow for Flat Head Syndrome Prevention

Ergonomic heart shape pillow was made to stop and correct moderate cases of flat head syndrome. Flat head syndrome happens when a baby’s head develops a flat spot because of stress on that place. Infants are vulnerable since their skull is soft and flexible when they are born. Utilize our pillow to position your newborn’s head correctly.


  • Avoid your little one from getting a flat head
  • Soft and supple, bamboo memory foam supplies an awesome quantity of comfort whilst still providing the essential support to maintain your baby’s head in excellent alignment.
  • Covered with natural cotton, the Sweeterbaby baby pillow is made to feel smooth and soft from the toddler’s skin.
  • Effortless to use, this pillow can help fix your child’s head posture in a huge variety of areas like the crib, mattress, car seat, stroller, and anyplace your baby’s head has to be suitably positioned.
  • Sweeterbaby baby pillow is designed to cradle your babies head at the best sleeping place, enabling unobstructed breathing to get a profound seated sleep.

2. Newborn Baby Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow with Organic Bamboo Washable Pillowcase

Newborn Baby Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow with Organic Bamboo Washable Pillowcase

This pillow works nicely for kids as young as 3 months all of the ways during their toddler years. The head shaping pillow layout works great for head circumferences between 16-19 inches or 40-48 cm.


  • This pillow may correct cosmetic flat spots frequently called “flat head syndrome” from positional plagiocephaly or brachycephaly and may encourage infants with congenital Torticollis.
  • The natural bamboo pillowcase is machine washable and the cushion is hand washable.
  • Recommended to be used on flat areas like the ground but may be utilised in a crib, bassinet, bouncer chair, table, table, or car seat.
  • Comprises one baby memory foam mind forming pillow plus a Engineered organic bamboo pillowcase.

3. Flat Head Baby Pillow with 2 White Washable Cotton Covers

Flat Head Baby Pillow with 2 White Washable Cotton Covers

Cherish Baby Head Shaping Pillow was made to decrease flathead and encourage your infant’s neck and head. The shape in the centre alleviates pressure to promote a normal round head form. The anti-roll ergonomic design helps keep baby at the most secure place; in their trunk. The antibacterial substance promotes ventilation to help keep baby cool and comfy.


  • This hypoallergenic pillow fit comprises 2 detachable machine-washable pillowcases and 1 interior protective cover, which means you don’t need to program laundry round baby’s nap.
  • The baby headrest comes with a cute carrying case that’s great for traveling; choose to dress a table, in a plane, or use it together with your own stroller, carriage, bouncer seat, swing, crib, cradle, bassinet carrier, and car seat.
  • The shape from the comfy memory foam pillow relieves strain for flathead avoidance and its antiroll form and size keeps your baby in a secure place in their back.
  • The Antimicrobial breathable cloth is soothing and cooling, and the pillowcase doesn’t have a zipper which could catch in babies hair or small fingers.
  • Our anti-flathead cushion is a sleep positioner to help reduce flat head syndrome, plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, and torticollis. Contrary to a wedge or donut pillow, the lean little anti-roll head remainder is intended for everyday use and fits newborns and babies up to 12 weeks old.
  • Removable white slipcover appears perfect in each nursery and fits all bed and mattress covers.
  • Utilize the highest grade BASF memory foam from Germany and superb soft cotton pillowcases to guard skin. Our products possess the Textile Safety Certification – Oekotex Class 100 Safe for Infants.

4. Baby Pillow Anti Flat Head,Mkicesky Memory Foam Infant Pillow for 0-2T Baby Girl and Boy

Baby Pillow Anti Flat Head,Mkicesky Memory Foam Infant Pillow for 0-2T Baby Girl and Boy

Mkicesky adopt advance slow rebound memory foam having breather holes which pulls moisture away and increases airflow and return to its initial state after being pushed, and may be used repeatedly with no readily deformed.


  • Breathable Memory Foam & 100% Cotton Cover
  • Layout with organic curves to form the infant’s obviously around and also keep your child’s head & back in the right alignment, alleviates strain on the neck & head. Give baby a much better sleep.
  • 18*10*1.2 inches may fulfill the infant’s different sleeping posture, together with fall-off avoidance layout no worries about flip over all of the time. And the height is the very best support for infant’s neck.
  • 100% Cotton Washable Pillow Case: Friendly to infant’s skin and having an invisible zipper that has nothing danger for the baby boy or girl.

5. QHGC Baby Pillow – Newborn Baby Head Shaping Pillow

8 Best Flat Head Pillows for Babies Reviews in 2024 1

The pillow is designed to be comfortable, supportive, and clean to prevent the baby’s head from having flat head syndrome due to a sleeping position. Baby memory foam pillows also allow their shoulders to lie flat so that their spine, neck, and head are properly protected in the back. Let the baby in the ergonomic appropriate position, the head back and neck perfectly close, and perfectly breathable, have better sleep quality.


  • Together with approval and guidance from the pediatrician, utilizing this infant pillow helps prevent flat head syndrome for infants aged 0-6 months. Evenly disperses the strain on the infant’s head, protects the infant’s neck, and makes a perfect head form. Since the kid has many prone positions, it’s not simple to self-adjust. Too soft pillows have safety problems.
  • The memory foam pad is soft, light, and comfy. Pillowcases possess antibacterial, skin rejuvenation, breathable, hygroscopic, anti-mite along with other consequences, care for baby’s delicate skin. The form of this pillow also produces the perfect head shape to your newborn baby, enabling the infant to reject the flat head.
  • The pillow and head contact region are shaped just like a skull back and are perfectly satisfied to the infant’s neck. The shape is designed based on this principle of the individual body. The infant’s head curve is extremely docile, sleeps well, is elastic and soft, doesn’t interfere with blood circulation, and can lessen the number of times that the infant rolls over once sleeping.
  • As a present for newborns and new moms, it supplies healthful and comfortable life for the family and friends. This pillow is simple to use and will help fix the infant’s head position in a variety of places like a correctly positioned crib, bed, car seat, stroller, crib and infant’s head.

6. Hidetex Baby Pillow

Hidetex Baby Pillow

The Pillow Is Intended To Reduce Plagiocephaly (“FLAT HEAD SYNDROME”)


  • Ideal to stop and prevent flat head syndrome along with plagiocephaly
  • Premium quality material especially created for newborns with its ergonomic form and inclination, maintain your child’s spine in the proper alignment.
  • Outstanding pressure supply and body adaptation: viscoelastic foam (memory foam) ensures that there Isn’t too much strain around the baby’s mind
  • The pillow also offers relief for infants that the sensitive skin is easily annoyed at pressure points.
  • Less hair loss because of reduced immunity on the hair in the back of the head
  • Quite practical, it may be utilized both from the cradle, mattress, stroller, and rocking
  • It may be used from birth. Because of its own design allows for appropriate development of the infant’s skull.

7. Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support

Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support

The Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support Is Ideal for bouncers, swings and strollers. The cut-out design alleviates pressure when maintaining your infant’s head securely. The ample cushioning in a stylish print cradles baby’s head to offer comfort and stability.


  • Patented cut-out design alleviates pressure when maintaining your baby’s head securely cradled
  • Easy to set up
  • Works using 3 and 5 point harness system
  • The head support must only be Utilised at the set up position for babies
  • Easy care, machine washable

8. Flat Head Pillow Include a Head Shaping Memory Foam and Extra Cool-max White Pillowcases

Flat Head Pillow Include a Head Shaping Memory Foam and Extra Cool-max White Pillowcases

Anti-Flat Head Baby Pillow – Peace of Mind by Great Showers Present for Newborn and Infant


  • Ventilated memory foam create your baby relax and relaxation
  • Two pillow covers to maintain hygienic + 1 interior situation for readily apparel off
  • Perfect and innovated layout to raise curve of the peripheral vertebra
  • Positioning and forming infant head to Prevent flathead syndrome
  • Security and breathable pillow for infant Utilizing anywhere
  • Durable and high-end substance of pillowcases is machine washable


Every pillow picked was thoughtfully chosen and tried out with terrific effects and discovered to be excruciating and comfy. It is possible to continue to look around and read comments on the pillows. However, it had been my expectation that your quest would end here.

Do not forget your infant’s flat head syndrome may often fix itself with time, with or without a pillow. You should talk to your child’s pediatrician before you determine how to proceed and everything to do next.