10 Best Snowboards for Kids 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are looking for the best snowboards for kids  you are at the right place. Snowboards for kids should be selected according to the height and weight of young skiers, as well as the materials they are made of, brands, and other nuances.

Skis must be made in accordance with GOST and international quality standards. This depends on the safety and life of the child. Therefore, choose products with only proven brands.

Before buying snowboards for kids, you should learn the important things about the model your child is running: running or climbing. Cross-country skis are suitable for skiing on flat and fine surfaces, and mountain skis – for driving from slopes, on pristine snow, and uneven mountain surfaces.

Benefits of Kid’s Snowboards

  • They’re Constructed for their Own Size: Younger, smaller riders want specialized boards exactly like mature snowboarders. Children’s snowboards are sized to match children’s heights and weights, so ensuring that they could quickly maneuver and grasp the fundamentals with a board that is not overly long or too thick.
  • They are available in many styles: While kid-sized snowboards are smaller and somewhat different from routine snowboards, they are available in various shapes and designs for various kinds of riding – like boards for adults. It’s possible to find children’s boards for terrain parks, halfpipes, and much more styles of ski.
  • They could build confidence: Getting young children acquainted with snowboarding at a young age might help them create excellent confidence on and off the slopes. They will learn new skills and start mastering tips, providing them something to show off and be proud of on a board that is designed for them.
  • They’re Fantastic for training: Young riders may find out on more technical kid’s snowboards, which are generally made to be really lightweight and extra durable. All these learning-friendly planks, which frequently do not contain sharp edges and may be utilized without bindings, are a fantastic first introduction and clinic choice.

Best Snowboards for Kids

1. Lucky Bums Kids Plastic Snowboard

Lucky Bums Kids Plastic Snowboard

  • Beginner snowboard is great choice to introduce kids to snowboarding in the backyard or on the nearby sledging hill. Smooth bottom board with traditional snowboard cut.
  • Rugged design includes pre-mounted adjustable bindings that accommodate snow boots; a durable latch system ensures a secure fit.
  • Recommended for riders age nine and up; since it does not include metal edges, snowboard not recommended for ski resort use. Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

2. Echos 110cm Freeride Style Beginner’s Kid’s Snowboard

Echos 110cm Freeride Style Beginner's Kid's Snowboard

  • Twin tip freestyle snowboard shape and design. Sharp cut edges for easy steering and control. Large slip-in adjustable bindings, special boots not required. Super cool artistic graphics. Ideal for ages 5 years and older and weighing up to 100 lbs.

3. Winter’s Edge Snow Much Fun Kids Plastic Snowboard

Winter's Edge Snow Much Fun Kids Plastic Snowboard

  • Rugged Plastic Construction with no metal edges. Traditional Snowboard Shape. Adjustable, Cinch Bindings.
  • Bindings come pre-mounted and can be reversed for switch riders. Recommended for ages 9 and up.

4. AIRHEAD SNOW RYDER Hardwood Snowboard

AIRHEAD SNOW RYDER Hardwood Snowboard, 110cm

  • Entry-level snowboard for fun, durable hardwood construction, EZ adjust Velcro bindings, no metal edge – not for resort use.

5. The Face Kids Snowboard

The Face Kids Snowboard WSD Snowboard Wood core Steel Edges

  • Brand new 2016 model still wrapped in factory original packaging plastic, hard to find kids sizes. WSD snowboard is a fun fast snowboard that is designed to make an impression cool graphics top sheet designed in Italy.
  • Feature include Level: Beginner to intermediate all-mountain shape and flex designed for kids. This WSD kids snowboard was made for kids

6. Symbolic 90cm Chopper Kids Snowboard

Symbolic 90cm Chopper Kids Snowboard & BLK Bindings & Leash & Stomp & Burton Decal Package

  • Winter-Warehouse Mega Superstore- Here’s a Hardcore all mtn rocker in disguise. The Symbolic “369” uses ABS cap construction which gives the board a good edge hold on hardpack while the Flexrite wood core gives it good response and keep the vibration low.
  • The 4400 extruded base is durable and the regular camber makes the board easy to turn. This board will easily allow you to go in the other direction. The high gloss finish with a matte print overlay allows the graphics to be rich-looking while keeping away scratches. Black blank base/bottom. V-Rocker profile is the easiest board to ride for any adult, with way fewer edges catching the snow.

7. Kwik Tek AIRHEAD SNOW RIDER Hardwood Snowboard

Kwik Tek AIRHEAD SNOW RIDER Hardwood Snowboard

  • Entry-level snowboards for Fun, 3 sizes for all riders. Durable hardwood construction, EZ adjust cloth hook and eye bindings.

8. Geospace The Original Sledsterz Kids’ Snowboard

Geospace The Original Sledsterz Kids' Snowboard Assorted Colors, Snow Sled

  • Snowboarding is a blast, but it can be expensive to equip kids with all the latest gear. Here’s a way to get the speed, the excitement, and the adrenaline rush of snowboarding…for a fraction of the cost!
  • Blue SLEDSTERZ kids Snowboard is shaped to go fast, make turns, and hit bumps and jumps on snow-covered hills in the neighborhood.
  • Insert and secure the bindings from the underside of the board. Riders just hop on, strap in, & start shredding — no special boots or bindings required – use regular snow boots or shoes.

9. Millinium M3 Star Ez Rocker Girls Snowboard

Millinium M3 Star Ez Rocker Girls Womens Snowboard

  • M3 Star Snowboard – A perfect board for beginner riders, the M3 Star offers a soft flex with EZ Rockr for a catch-free ride that makes learning carefree and fun.
  • The all-mountain freestyle twin shape provides a balanced riding surface that’s easy to maneuver and progress on. The full poplar wood core reduces weight and adds durability

10. System Juno and Mystic Complete Women’s Snowboard Package

System 2024 Juno and Mystic Complete Women's Snowboard Package

  • A brand new edition to System’s women’s snowboard line, the Juno is a masterpiece for female riders looking to really dive into the sport. Designed to make progression and daily riding more fun, the Juno will have beginners and seasoned veterans alike riding better than ever.
  • CRCX Full rocker in the center to free up your contact points for catch-free riding and serious float in powder is then paired with mild camber in the tip and tail for explosive pop and tons of added control
  • Designed specifically for the lady riders, the Siren Mystic is the perfect example of a female-specific binding. Focusing on comfort, ease of use, and progression, the Mystic will make riding easier than ever before!
  • Siren’s new booth design for the Lux, was built around maximizing comfort. Designed specifically for the way women ride, this boot will excel your riding while being so comfortable you would wear them around the house! Additions such as a gel patch on the back of the boot alleviate stress points from highbacks ensure your feet will be living the dream while riding.

Buying Guide for the Best Kid’s Snowboards


Children are modest. That usually means they ought to have a little snowboard. A bigger board is far simpler to control and move in relation to a bigger board. That is a major part of what creates a snowboard specifically created for kids.

As a rule of thumb, a kid’s snowboard is generally 130cm (4 ft 3 inches) or not. You need to match the dimensions of the plank together with the dimensions of your child and their skills on the snow.

Binding Style

Children’s snowboards arrive in various binding dimensions. You need to think about these when making a buy.

Frequent bindings are a choice, but they’re much less common for children that are very young and just studying. Bindings play an essential part in both purpose and security. It is always fantastic to coincide with the style using a rider’s special needs.

If your child has learned the fundamentals, or when you’d like them to have a sense of what it is like on a standard board, routine bindings are a fantastic alternative. These can be smaller in proportion, but nevertheless, utilize a strapping system that retains down the feet.

If your children are miniature and just starting out, it is far better to go for a very simple strap binding which attaches to the plank using one strap.

These bindings are quite user-friendly and will enable your children to get in and from the board both safely and quickly. They’re also fairly secure and will help prevent injury. They do include a drawback because they won’t let for good control or functionality.


Price is another important concern with a child’s snowboard. Children are continuously growing, which means they could outgrow their grooming equipment virtually every season. No parent wants to purchase new equipment every year, but occasionally it is just the character of the game when you have kids.

Obtaining a plank that is somewhat affordable can assist you to invest less in the future whilst still getting your kids the ideal equipment for their circumstances.


How old should my child be for his first snowboard?

A general recommendation is that kid should be at least three years of age. This is the period when kids start to get active on a higher level. Kids are very curious at this age and love to learn new things, especially when it keeps them entertained.

Are snowboards safe for children?

It is safe as long as a parent or ski instructor supervises the learning process. Kids’ snowboards are built for their size so that they can maneuver with ease. Make sure your child always wears a helmet when riding the snowboard as it grants even more safety.

How do you determine the size of your child’s snowboard?

These boards are made specially for children, but there are various sizes. Ideally, you should go for the board that, when standing upright, lines up with your child’s chin or chest.

Are there any specific snowboards for different genders?

Although some products are labeled with boys’ tags, there is no reason for girls not to use them. All boards that are listed above are great for both girls and boys, though when choosing the board for a girl, you might go for lighter models with different paint jobs.

Can the kids’ snowboards be used on surfaces other than snow?

You can use it on the grass. This, however, is not very practical since you can’t glide with ease as you do it on snow. Also, if it comes to that, there are no easy ways to break the fall.


For young children, often use soft pylons (from leather belts) designed for casual winter shoes. But they can slip out and get confused. Therefore, it is better to choose the best snowboards for kids that have a semi-rigid (metal) method.

Remember, the older and more experienced a child, the harder it is to tie. Children 3-5 years old cannot buy a cane for skiing. The main task of Viking athletes at this age is to learn how to balance and stand on skis, and the excess equipment can even interfere.

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