Husban x4 H107C 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Quad Copter Review

Imagine having a suitable toy like Husban x4 h107c category that both you and your little child or younger sibling can have fun with. Conceive an amazing toy that you can enjoy anytime.Ideate a brilliantly designed toy that cut across all generations and different types of personalities. Think of a fantastic toy by which you can get entertainment both indoors and outdoors.Hubsan x4 h107c review help you choice the best one from Husban brand.

This is what you get with Husban x4 h107c. This is an electronic toy in the form of a quadcopter. For those who are confused, a quadcopter is like a helicopter with four rotor blades instead of one. It is remote controlled and is capable of a 360 of degree range of movement. Husban x4 h107c is a super awesome and fun electronic toy.

Hubsan X4 (H107C) 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Quad Copter with Camera

Hubsan x4 h107c review: Features

I have bought these superb toys for my little brother and I have become fond of flying hubsan x4 h107C. I have checked out all of its features thoroughly. Now I am writing this review so that you can take your purchasing decision wisely. Hubsan x4 h107C has some pretty amazing and unique features. These specifications set it apart from any other old electronic toy and include:

Superb HD Camera

The camera is at the front of the quadcopter between the left and right front rotor blades. This camera has a real time transmission capability where it relays the images it picks up to the remote controller. The average transmission distance is up to 100 meters from the remote controller in open air conditions.

The camera also has connections to the SD card slot and in the presence of a memory card images can be saved.

This comes in handy when you want your Husban x4 h107c quadcopter to get images from places out of the transmission range.

All in one crash kit

This is probably my favorite feature of the Husban x4 h107c quadcopter. If you have ever owned or known someone who owns an electronic toy helicopter/quadcopter then you know how easy it is for the toy to get damaged by ramming into trees of building walls.

Husban x4 h107c quadcopter package comes with an all in one crash kit that contains spare parts and an instruction manual on how to fix broken parts.

This allows you to fix your quadcopter yourself in the event that is damaged or begins to malfunctions. It is a great feature as you are no longer left with a single choice that was buying another toy when yours broke.

With sensitive gyro system , 4-ways flip, HD 2 MP camera – Hubsan X4 H107C is just a fantastic quadcopter to gift kids who loves technology by born . According to customer view it is easy to control indoor or outdoor.

Husban x4 H107C 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Quad Copter Review
[/komentar]Husban x4 H107C 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Quad Copter Review Husban x4 H107C 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Quad Copter Review

Hard plastic and soft rubber body

Husban x4 h107c Quadcopter is made up mainly of hard plastic. Most of the body is reinforces with soft rubber over the hard plastic.

The excluded surfaces include the rotor blades, the HD camera and the rotor blade motors which are plastic, glass and metal respectively. This material increases durability and allows you to enjoy playing with your Husban x4 h107c for as long as possible.

The soft rubber lining serves to protect the quadcopter in the event that it collides with a hard surface. It acts as a cushion that absorbs and distributes the shock preventing damage to the more brittle plastic part.

Attractive LED lights

These lights are used to illuminate the path for you to control it safely in dark environments. This allows you to enjoy playing with the Husban x4 h107c even at night.

The LED lights are also strong enough to illuminate objects meaning that you can still take and transmit pictures and videos in the dark.

The LED lights have minimum power demands and therefore you do not have to worry about them tapping out your power.

Remote radio control

This is something that makes Husban x4 h107c an excellent electronic toy. The remote controller allows you to maneuver the quadcopter easily.

It has direction, acceleration and brakes command buttons. The direction command buttons allow you to move the toy forward back and sideways and even rotate it at a point.

The remote controller also has a screen and receiver for transmissions from the HD camera on the Husban x4 h107c quadcopter. It has a transmission control distance of a little over one hundred meters.

Built in rechargeable battery

It has a USB port and cable for charging meaning that you can use your laptop to charge it. When fully charged it allows you between 30 and 40 minutes flying time.


  • It is small and light and can thus be maneuvered through small spaces
  • It is stable even in windy conditions.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • It is made from durable material.
  • Has a camera for immortalizing beautiful scenes.
  • Can be used at night.


  • Though Husban x4 h107c’s battery life is longer than many other models in the market, still it would be better if it has more battery life than now.
  • More transmission distance could add more value for toy lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can hubsan x4 h107C be controlled with another model’s remote controller?
A. Yes. There are models whose remote controls are compatible with hubsan x4 h107C. An example is SpyHawk.

Q. What are the colors available for hubsan x4 h107C?
A.Red / White, Green/ Black, Red/ Black

Q. Is there any way to increase the transmission distance?
A. You can increase transmission distance by flying in an open area. However, this distance cannot exceed 100 meters.

Final verdict

Husban x4 h107c review got a point clear that is Husban x4 h107c series’s toy worth every penny. It is fun and can be functional in spy role playing games and kids must be loved with this series.