DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Reviews

If we want to tell you one thing in this DJI Phantom 3 Review then it would be that this is the coolest and the most popular quadcopter that you will find in the current market. We had a lot of reasons and you are going to know every bit of those in this DJI Phantom 3 Review. The review might get a bit broad as we want to include everything in this one including videos from users. We want you to read the review too along with watching the videos to get the complete information. We will start with the features and then there will be sections such as pros, cons, FAQ & finally the final words. Let’s start our DJI Phantom 3 Review.

Features of DJI Phantom 3

As you can understand from the name of this product, the product has 2 earlier versions known as DJI Phantom 1 and DJI Phantom 2. This is the third version and definitely the best one among all of em. The product has everything that it takes to be the best one in terms of quality and the company has everything to be someone who cares about their customers. Let’s have a detailed look at some features.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone with 2.7K HD Video Camera

Video Quality

The camera will be able to satisfy you with its quality. The camera has a 4K technology but that is not the interesting part. We all know that it is no more difficult to provide a 4K video model quadcopter. This is basically a 12 megapixel camera which has a Sony Exmor sensor inside. We along with our customers did multiple tests with the camera and the result is pretty amazing. If you have experience with the previous models of DJK Phantom, you will easily understand how improved and better this latest DJI Phantom 3 is. The narrow view mode helps in taking critical images. The maneuverability is so good that you can easily take images of the propellers of the quadcopter while flying.

You can actually buy a DJI Phantom 2 and separately go for a Go Pro (many people used to do that) but according to us, the better option is sticking to the proprietary camera that comes with DJI Phantom 3. Let me explain you the perspectives. If you want more editing options and features then you should definitely go for a DJI Phantom 2 as the separately bought Go Pro will make sure that you get enough settings for your lifetime but if you are only thinking about quality videos, DJI Phantom 3 is exactly as good as Go Pro.


Is this DJI Phantom 3 review a little biased? May be and the reason will definitely be the design. All quadcopters are beautiful but most of them do not have a classy look. This is where the Phantom 3 is different. The product has a classy look and that is what makes it special. Those golden touches will immediately tell you that you are flying something special. Now, let’s talk about some technical parts of the design.

The propellers that you will find in this machine are of high quality. The self tightening mode makes sure that the propellers do not fall off in any situation. The slot loading battery pack is easy to use and stuffs like changing propellers are piece of cake with this machine. The camera is installed perfectly and the video will not get shaky even in tough wind situations.

The engine and the formation of this model is so good that you can do a complete flip with DJI Phantom 3 and the camera will still be capturing perfect quality videos.


We are not sure but as far as we think, DJI Phantom is the first series who successfully introduced this app magic for the quadcopters. By the way, DJI is a famous company for making regular drones too (off topic).

So the app that you will receive with the copter is called DJI Pilot. Obviously it has IOS & Android editions which will allow you to create magic. From live viewing to even creating a live stream in YouTube, everything is possible with the app.

The Controller

The controller is much more developed from the previous version though it looks kind of similar (in terms of outlook). There is a technology implemented in the controller which is called lightbridge technology. This will make sure that the image transmission between the ground and air is easy and smooth.

The controlling part is actually super easy. The camera controls are at the corners and the main control is in the middle. You can do wonder with the camera controllers including adjusting exposure, reviewing what you are shooting, controlling shutter speed and many more.

Believe me or not, the return to home button in the controller is a big help at times.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Reviews
[/komentar]DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Reviews DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Reviews

Pros and Cons


So, we only talked about the pros till now in DJI Phantom 3 review but the features will obviously sound like the pros. Let’s have a overview of the pros here:

  • Great look
  • Quality App
  • Durable (For both inside & outside use)
  • Awesome video quality
  • The product comes including everything (battery, remote controller and etc.)


Now this is important. You must know about the cons too before you take the decision. So, let’s have a look at the cons of this product:

  • Camera is completely attached with the gimbal. If you break the camera, you will need a new gimbal too.
  • The product is high priced
  • You can’t fly it within 15 miles of White House (If you are living within 15 miles of White House, you can’t actually fly any quadcopter)
  • DJI Phantom 4 will be better (Believe it or not, it will be which is a problem of all the series type products)

What Is in The Package

So the product comes in a complete box in a ready to fly mode. You just need to tear the box and charge it, that’s it. The box will include:

  • The main quadcopter body
  • The controller
  • Propeller pairs
  • The battery, charger & cables
  • Guide and manuals
  • Gimbal clap
  • Vibration absorber
  • Micro-SD card of 16GB
  • Landing pad, stickers & many more


Let’s give you a quick overview of the questions that consumers ask. The questions are collected from Amazon.

  • Can this quadcopter lift my infant?

That will be a risky test. Some customers replied that the quadcopter can actually lift infant up to a few fits. We do not recommend you to try that.

  • Can the camera shoot video at 24 FPS?

Hell Yes.

  • What about the range of this machine?

The range is around 2000 meters or 1.24 miles. If it is a clear sky then the range will be around 2500 meters at times. The opposite will happen if there is a storm.

Final Words

You already know what we are going to recommend, don’t you? Obviously you should go for this product if you are looking for a high end quadcopter. This is the most professional quadcopter in this market and people are loving it. If your budget fits, there is no reason to think twice. Best of luck in your flying journey.