14 Best Wetsuit for Kids 2024 – Buying Guide & Reviews

In this article, we are going to talk about the Best Wetsuit for Kids. When summer comes, all families want to take their children to swim, both playing and splashing in the water, as well as a sport for them to practice.

The choice of the wetsuit for kids also needs to be focused on. Swimwear is a special outfit. First of all, like other clothes, swimwear helps shield the body, in direct contact with the skin.

In addition, it also plays an important role, affecting the body’s ability to move when underwater. The skin of a child is very fragile, limited mobility, so it is necessary to choose a swimsuit that fits your baby. So you should choose carefully when ordering and buying a wetsuit for kids through some swimwear models below.

Types of Wetsuit for Kids

There are four major classes of wetsuits to select.

  • Full: The complete, long-sleeve wetsuit covering the entire body, arms, and thighs. Ideal in cold water but also match for warmer temperatures (depending on depth ). Along with supplying the maximum heat, a complete suite provides the maximum protection against sunlight, abrasions, and other dangers.
  • Long John: Sleeveless but stretches entirely over the thighs. Employed in warmer temperatures and supplies additional mobility during the upper body for swimming but does leave the arms straightened.
  • Shorty/Spring suit: Short sleeve and cut over the knees, although the duration of cover may vary on the legs and arms. Generally made for warmer temperatures and involving seasons (hence”spring match”), the shorty – especially thicker versions – remains adept at protecting core body temperature.
  • Separates: Two-piece wetsuit split in the waist. Allows for matching and mix between bottoms and tops based on temperature and activity.

List of 14 Best Wetsuit for Kids Reviews

1. NATYFLY Kids Thermal Wetsuit

NATYFLY Kids Wetsuit,2mm Neoprene Thermal Swimsuit,Long Sleeve Kids Wet Suits for Swimming Scuba Diving,Full Wetsuit for Girls Boys and Toddler

  • More comfortable and strong wetsuit for kids. When a child is swimming, diving, or surfing into the water, we understand you aren’t merely searching for pleasure but also need the child to be shielded. That is why Natyfly gets the mission of”Bringing Fun and Shield to your child”.
  • We insist on using soft and firm cloth to create our wetsuits. Our wetsuits possibly a bit more costly than other people, but we constantly think QUALITY and SATISFACTION are what we would like to provide to our clients.
  • Trust us and choose our wetsuits together with your child to the pool or sea. Children deserve to be more comfortable and appreciating the pleasure from the water publicly.

2. NeoSport Wetsuits Neoprene

NeoSport Wetsuits Youth Premium Neoprene 2mm Youth's Shorty

  • Wetsuit for kids developed for a child’s first introduction into a wetsuit. 50+ UV Shield. Kids think wetsuits are”COOL” so that they wear them and which helps protect them from sunlight exposure. Great for the Beach, Lake, or Pool and great for learning to swim or for prolonged periods in the Vicinity of the water.
  • It provides a few inherent buoyancies that can help build the child’s confidence in the water. Easy rear zip design enables the kid to get in and out easily with parents’ help.

3. Aunua Youth 3/2mm Neoprene Wetsuits for Kids

Aunua Youth 3/2mm Neoprene Wetsuits for Kids Full Wetsuit Swimming Suit Keep Warm

  • 3mm premium neoprene wetsuit for kids, designed for a child’s first introduction into a wetsuit. It is helpful to keep kids warm and protect them from UV rays and helps alleviate contact with”things that sting” such as sea lice, jellyfish, and other irritants such as a rash out of bodyboards.
  • The zippers are fully gusseted to safeguard water; Along with the rear zipper using an extra-long pull cable isn’t difficult to achieve and an interior panel coating below the zipper ensures it will not grab or irritate children fragile skin; compelling: Flatlock seams guarantee maximum comfort and durability, the very low profile seam helps prevent irritation when used for prolonged periods.
  • High Quality and inexpensive wetsuit for kids designed for many water sports such as swimming, snorkeling, diving, bodyboarding, surfing, or only in the lake or on the shore.

4. O’Neill ToddlerNeoprene Full Body Wetsuit

O'Neill Toddler & Little Kids Neoprene Full Body Wetsuit for Slender Children

  • Add warmth with an all-neoprene wet suit for kids beachgoers and swimmers! With enhanced shaping from your system to better match slender kids, this comfy wet suit fits babies, toddlers, and preschoolers with slender to average build well.
  • Characteristics: Easy off and on. Anatomical fit. Back zipper. 2mm Fluid Foam neoprene structure. Flatlock seams. #5 Zipper. Long legs and arms to get full-body protection.

5. DIVE & SAIL Kids Wetsuit Neoprene

DIVE & SAIL Kids Wetsuit 2.5mm Neoprene Keep Warm for Diving Swimming Canoeing UV Protection by DIVE & SAIL

  • Wetsuit for kids is designed for water sports, such as swimming, diving pool, canoeing eg. 2.5millimeter neoprene wetsuit could stay warm without interfering with your child’s freedom and fun from the water. The child’s wetsuit provides UPF 50 protection, averts children’s skin burns. Highly advise carrying this child’s wetsuit with all our wetsuit shorts. Let you and your kid don’t hesitate to enjoy water sports.
  • This layout is to assist children quickly enter or leave with parents’ help. The 2.5millimeter neoprene wetsuit could protect against skin scrape and burn off when kids are playing with water. Boy’s wetsuit is created by the flatlock procedure. Children’s wetsuit near the child’s body and comfy won’t excite the epidermis. And keep warm just like Mom’s embrace. We’re want to present the very best protection for children.
  • Children’s wetsuit for boys possesses a style layout with 4-ways stretch supply a slender fit. Wetsuit children will durable, can do multi-water games, don’t have any uncomfortable. This makes your child immersed in a water game.

6. Knee High Surf Co. Kids Wetsuit

Knee High Surf Co. Kids Wetsuit Full Suit for Infant Toddler and Baby

  • X-Small wetsuit for kids is just one of the smallest complete suit wetsuits you’ll have the ability to discover! Quality neoprene wetsuit made to match nicely and keep your child warm in arctic waters. Great for the beach, lake, as well as swim lessons.
  • A rear zipper makes it effortless to receive your little one appropriate up! Flexible neoprene cloth lets your child maneuver freely and keep protected from sunlight. We’ve got a 3mm and a 2mm alternative! 2 sizes available. 

7. Kids Wetsuit Shorty Thermal Swimsuit

Kids Wetsuit Shorty Thermal Swimsuit, 3mm 2mm Neoprene Suit Front Zip for Boys Girls Toddler Youth Swimming,Diving,Snorkeling,Surfing, SS005

  • This chicks wetsuit is constructed from 2mm neoprene and a soft cloth, thick YKK #10 zipper. It comes with a super cute design and design which makes kids seem amazing and love wearing it into swimming lessons.
  • 2mm neoprene cloth keeps children’s hearts warm in chilly water during cold seasons and remains as long as she wanted without getting chilly. Lightweight thermal swimsuit for children rather than bulky.
  • Safeguard your kids by the Sun’s UV rays (UPF50+), sea lice and jelly bites. Good children shorty wetsuit for studying swim, snorkeling, diving, wet soccer matches, kayaking, surfing, and snorkeling
  • Get a fantastic wetsuit for your children have difficulty getting through a swim course, do not make her despise learning swim in expansion. The front zipper swim wetsuit for kids is to ease the ideal match during rapid kid’s development. Kids are simple to place it on themselves with no help. Great beginning from this child’s neoprene wetsuit!

8. Seavenger Cadet 2mm Kids’ Shorty Wetsuit

Seavenger Cadet 2mm Kids' Shorty Wetsuit

  • Seavenger, more than a decade supplying snorkeling, diving, snorkeling, and browse accessories and essentials. We equip sailors, in the U.S. and internationally with reduction diving equipment and products such as wetsuits, reduction wetsuits, scuba equipment, scuba masks, scuba fins, scuba fins, scuba booties, and scuba wetsuits.
  • For snorkelers, we’ve got snorkeling masks, snorkeling equipment, and snorkeling fins. For users, we supply body planks, reduction body boards, surf fins, rash guards, booties, and life jackets.

9. Deep See Kid’s Shorty Wetsuit

Deep See Kid's Shorty Wetsuit

  • This shorty wetsuit is made of 2mm nylon II neoprene. The package includes an extra rear zipper with nylon pull for simple self-control entry and exit, an adjustable hook and loop neck closure for a secure fit and an inside key pocket. The lawsuit is built with comfortable and durable flatlock stitching, made to decrease chafing.

10. DIVE & SAIL Kids 2.5mm Wetsuit

DIVE & SAIL Kids 2.5mm Wetsuit Long Sleeve One Piece UV Protection Thermal Swimsuit

  • Wetsuit for kids made of 2.5millimeter neoprene keeps your kid warm and preventing your system contrary to reef accidents abrasion and jellyfish stings. Super stretch for water-sport and underwater activities.
  • Sun Protection: Supply UV UPF 50+ sun protection, shield your child’s delicate skin from the harsh sunlight. Back Zipper: Zipper with drawcord for easy off and on, fastener protected the zipper out of being glided. Shark-skin like a part in a chest made from CR neoprene, efficiently reducing water immunity, raising buoyant.

11. Seavenger Scout 3mm Neoprene Kids’ Full Wetsuit

Seavenger Scout 3mm Neoprene Kids' Full Wetsuit

  • Wetsuit for kids with lasting rubber knee pads, children can play in the sun daily with dependable protection and unhindered motion. Whether they are building sandcastles, bodyboarding or even learning how to surf for the first time, wetsuits are protective and ideal for all beach, pool and water activities. Both parents and children have a blast!
  • Stretchy 3mm neoprene cloth keeps kids comfortably warm for drama on chilly days. Additionally, flat-lock stitching is ideal for kids with sensitive skin. It eliminates chafing, therefore there is no embarrassing rubbing or irritation. The brand new 2018 design features enhanced sizing using a much better match that optimizes playtime.
  • For double the fun, children can select a wetsuit into their favorite color! Offered in four bright and entertaining colors: Fire Red, Coral Pink, Ocean Blue, and Pearl Blue.

12. DIVE & SAIL Kids Wetsuit Full Body Swimsuit

DIVE & SAIL Kids Wetsuit Full Body Swimsuit 2.5mm Neoprene Wetsuit UV Protective Thermal Swimwear for Diving Scuba

  • Complete body wetsuit cubes 98% UVA and UVB rays, shield children’s delicate skin. 2mm premium neoprene, thick enough to keep heat and prevent the body contrary to reef accidents abrasion and jellyfish stings. It enables children to have more fun time at the water.
  • Sturdy easy-pull #10 YKK zipper with extra-long strap and superb durability and flexible velcro collar. Flatlock stitching throughout to decrease seam irritation, ensure maximum relaxation and durability.Snug Fit Neoprene Wetsuit for Kids Boys Girls.

13. O’Neill Toddler 2mm Reactor Spring Wetsuit

O'Neill Toddler 2mm Reactor Spring Wetsuit

  • 2mm Toddler’s O’Neill Shorty Springsuit No more grim lips! The 2mm Toddler’s O’Neill REACTOR Shorty Springsuit puts you into an excellent suit at a fantastic price! 30% of this lawsuit (sleeves and shoulders) are made from super-stretch neoprene so that it will not limit your upper body assortment of motion.
  • Characteristics durable flatlock seams, neck seal to withstand flushing, and seamless paddle zones for a range of motion along with a chafe-free moment. O’Neill Wetsuits include a 1-year guarantee on workmanship and materials (90 days on accessories). You can keep your wetsuit in good shape for many years to come by constantly urinating in water and hanging to dry. Quite a few wetsuit care products are seen on the Wetsuit Accessories page.

14. Team Magnus Kids’ Wetsuit

Team Magnus Kids' Wetsuit - Unique 5mm Neoprene Shorty - Extremely Insulating and Elastic for Kids Age 3-14

  • Wetsuit for kids made within a very flexible, thick and comfy 5mm neoprene, wetsuit is just the smartest choice available on the market for busy children. This caliber of neoprene is generally only offered to mature watersports athletes.
  • Welded and blindstitched on the interior to prevent irritating seams near the epidermis. Produced by watersports specialists with the utmost attention to detail so that children will adore getting into them. Wetsuit for kids stitched from just 8 panels of the maximum grade neoprene, the Devilfish wetsuit stands outside. Smaller neoprene panels waste heat throughout stitches, whereas our focus is on children’s all-day comfort in all weathers.
  • Boys and girls love the Devilfish attitude! Wetsuits combine the viability of a navy layout using a joyous blue/green or blue/orange design alternative, together with the Devilfish emblem as a trendy, nautical touch.
  • The practical zipper expansion on the trunk allows even young children to zip and unzip themselves. The combo of both ultra-insulating 5mm neoprene and short legs and arms enables kids of all ages to get in and out of a super hot wetsuit by themselves, without the annoyance and frustration of a full-size steamer.

Buying Guide for the Best Kids Wetsuit

Your child needs wetsuits if you’re a household whose favorite quest is going out on experiences in the water. The very best wetsuit for kids typically retains the youthful water sports fans hot as they perform and from the shore, lake, or sea. This swimwear has protective mechanisms, protecting the kids from the dangers of sunlight’s ultraviolet or UV rays and wind damage.

You will find it hard to discover the right duvet for the own children. The next three variables are the components you want to pay special focus on and help you to find the very best option for your little ones.


This variable is the vital element you want to take into consideration when availing of their best wetsuit for kids. Sufficiently thick wetsuits, such as people who have two or more three-millimeters of neoprene, help your kids stay hot as they float in water.

You need to keep in mind that the thicker the tranquility, the more successful they can be in waters with low temperatures. Thus, your kids can get shielded against catching the flu or cold in the future.

Comfort and Durability

You definitely don’t want your kid to feel inconvenienced by wetsuits that aren’t comfy and may fall apart anyhow. For this reason, you have to start looking for stretchy swimwear. This item is typically lasting and allows your kids have more space to grow and move.

Durable wetsuits for kids also feature strong seams. They’re comfortable because they don’t feel itchy for the son or daughter. Additionally, swimsuits with hardy seams are highly stretchy. They comprise flatlock or blind stitching, plus they don’t stand up.


Being a caring and loving parent, you don’t want your kid feeling that the discomfort of wearing tight as well as loose wetsuits. Additionally, you need them to possess the capacity to maneuver around in your shore retreat freely.

Thus, you need to make sure your purchase fits snugly in your offspring’s body and skin. Otherwise, you may encounter the water going through the wetsuit smoothly and removing the insulation advantages.

The very best thing you need to perform is to observe your children’s dimensions when purchasing wetsuits for kids. After that, check with the online merchant’s sizing chart. These measures can help you figure out the acceptable wetsuit size for the child.


Any utensils for children need to ensure absolute safety. When the baby goes swimming, this safety is even more noted. A wetsuit for kids is an outfit that comes in direct contact with your baby’s delicate skin, so it should be sewn from a safe material without any toxic substances. When buying, parents should wash and dry before feeding. After each swim, wet clothes should be washed, dried, and stored in a dry place like other clothes.

In addition, parents can choose to buy the best wetsuit for kids diving, hugging, and completely waterproof for babies with sensitive skin. These babies are often prone to allergies, red skin rash if wearing wet clothes. Waterproof clothing will help your baby more comfortable.

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