Top 10 Best Nipple Shields

A nipple shield is a flexible silicone nipple that’s worn across the mother’s nipple in a feeding. Nipple shields must generally be regarded as a short-term alternative and need to be used under the advice of a lactation consultant.

Many times, nipple shields are suggested over the first couple of days of birth. Frequently in such circumstances, the shields aren’t required and are handed out without appropriate instructions for utilizing and weaning out of them a shield must generally not be utilized during the first week after birth unless there’s an obvious problem like prematurity or difficulty which is attributable to a physical trait of the baby. Here’s the list of 10 best nipple shields for breastfeeding.

List of 10 Best Nipple Shields

1. Medela Contact Nipple Shield

Medela Contact Nipple Shield

Medela’s Contact Nipple Shields may be a powerful instrument for both health care and lactation professionals, in addition to mothers, to address breastfeeding through particular situations such as issues , overactive let downs, flat or inverted nipples, and sometimes even irritation and soreness. These nipple shields for breastfeeding enable and encourage continuing nursing without disturbance, because these problems are treated and solved. Uniquely designed to promote closer contact with your baby, our Contact Nipple Shields are available in a variety of sizes for successful feeding to your baby as well as your relaxation.

2. Lansinoh Contact Nipple Shield with Carrying Case

Lansinoh Contact Nipple Shield with Carrying Case

Lansinoh Contact Nipple shields are powerful tools for treating short term latch-on problems linked to early, little, or sick babies, flat or inverted nipples, tongue tie, lip link, or overactive let-down. Lansinoh’s contact nipple guard includes a specially made with a cut to maximize skin-to-skin contact. Contains two 24mm size nipple shields plus also a protective case for hygienic and handy storage.

3. NUK Barely There Nipple Shield with Case

NUK Barely There Nipple Shield with Case

If breastfeeding is uncomfortable because of sensitive nipples, then try the NUKĀ® Nipple Shield with Case. The NUKĀ® Nipple Shield includes a distinctive all-natural form that maximizes mother-baby touch when protecting sensitive nipples. The super-soft silicone attaches into the breast and contains soft nodules for mild stimulation.

4. purifyou Premium Nipple Shield, 20mm / 24mm Set of 3 with Free Cotton Drawstring Bag

purifyou Premium Nipple Shield, 20mm / 24mm Set of 3 with Free Cotton Drawstring Bag

IT’S TIME to purify your baby’s lifestyle, and receive her the organic breast milk that her body requirements. Healthier babies favor Mommy’s milk, without a nipple guard out there will help your baby get the nourishment that she deserves better than purifyou’s easy-on nipple shields. Includes a FREE soft cotton drawstring bag that’s reusable for anything else which Mommy or baby want.

The collection of 3 top quality silicone nipple shields are made at a facility free of harmful substances and also with the greatest levels of quality control. Our nipple shields are non-toxic, BPA Free, BPS Free, latex free, and phthalate free, lead free, and worry free.

The nipple shield is 20mm (0.78in) in diameter and made to optimally stick to Mommy’s nipple, while enabling skin-to-skin touch with the baby. The length and one of a kind form of the breast can also be designed to help with the toughest moments in breastfeeding, from latch on issues to flat and inverted nipples.

5. Philips Avent SCF156/01 Nipple Protectors Standard (21.6mm), Clear

Philips Avent SCF156/01 Nipple Protectors Standard (21.6mm), Clear

Philips AVENT SCF156/01 Nipple Protectors assist you to breastfeed more by shielding sore or cracked nipples during breastfeeding. Made from ultra-fine, tender, odorless, taste-free silicone, so the nipple cubes let you maintain breastfeeding comfortably. The silicone shield insures your nipples so that your skin may cure, also baby’s latch-on makes a seal, so allowing your child suckle milk throughout the guard’s three openings. The shields are slim, so baby can smell and taste your own skin whilst consuming.

6. Medela SoftShells Breast Shells for Sort Nipples for Pumping or Breastfeeding

Medela SoftShells Breast Shells for Sort Nipples for Pumping or Breastfeeding

Medela softshells help resolve a few of their most frequent problems confronted by breastfeeding girls breast soreness, flat or inverted nipples, and engorgement. Softshells are comfortable to use while relieving these conditions. Soft, flexible backs for exceptional comfort. Low profile design for a pure look under clothing. Produced without BPA secure for mother and baby. All of Medela breastmilk bottles and goods which come in touch breastmilk have been and always have been produced without BPA.

7. MAM Nipple Shields

MAM Nipple Shields

MAM nipple shields are made to be used whenever you have cracked or sore nipples; they shield nipples through breastfeeding and make it possible for you to breastfeed for more. They are produced from extremely gentle, extra-thin, flexible silicone and also possess a”breast-like” texture. They can be specially shaped to allow your baby to get skin contact with you while breastfeeding. This permits baby to smell and feel you and keep to stimulate your milk supply whilst suckling. Your baby will easily go back to your breast when your nipples are treated. The nipple shields arrive packaged within a fully sterilisable journey instance.

8. Mamivac Nipple Shield, Conical Shaped

Mamivac Nipple Shield, Conical Shaped

Mamivac Conical Nipple Shield is a silicone nipple that’s set within the maternal nipple to make it a lot easier for the baby to reposition. For moms with authentic inverted nipples or babies with dental abnormalities, this really is a fantastic way to ease breastfeeding till time is granted to fix the crucial problem. Mamivac Nipple Shields come in numerous shapes and sizes, Little Cherry, Medium Cherry, Small Conical, Medium Conical, Big Conical.

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9. Haakaa Nipple Shield Breastfeeding

Haakaa Nipple Shield Breastfeeding

Haakaa nipple shield is really a distinctive patented design that involves for latch on problems, flat, inverted and protects sore or cracked nipples that will assist mums keep breastfeeding, because we all understand just how important for you to stay supply the best natural nourishment to your small baby. Haakaa nipple shields are manufactured from 100% premium quality silicone, ultra-soft lightweight & pliable, the special nipple head style enables your baby to simulate a more natural sucking rhythm. This not only assists your baby get the breastmilk they want for growth, additionally, it boosts the mother-baby bond.

10. Ardo medical Tulips Contact Nipple Shields

Ardo medical Tulips Contact Nipple Shields

The breast protects help encourage pain-free breastfeeding by making it much easier for the baby to latch on, and shielding and relieving the severely worried nipples. The exceptional tulip shape ensures the baby experiences the odor of its mommy near up. Now using a brand new, hot storage box for greater portability and hygiene.


A nipple shield may be indicated for your mom having certain types of breastfeeding problems and also if other options haven’t worked to fix them. A nipple shield must not usually be utilized before a mommy’s milk has ‘come in’ — typically around day 2–6 after the birth of the baby