Top 9 Best LEGO Helicopter Sets Reviews in 2024

The humble helicopter has produced a huge look across several LEGO® topics through time. The truth is they’ve practically existed for so long as the LEGO brick has. Since the 70s there’s been nicely over 300 places to incorporate a helicopter, a few have employed the expression rather loosely, however, the aircraft has cropped up in some fairly surprising topics, which makes it among the most flexible vehicles.

List of 9 Best LEGO Helicopter Sets Reviews

1. LEGO Creator 3in1 Helicopter Adventure

Top 9 Best LEGO Helicopter Sets Reviews in 2024 1

The first construct is really a helicopter made from lime green bits and black rotors, in addition to gray sides. The copter is one seat, with flexible landing equipment. You can’t match a Minifigure into the cockpit.

The next construct is a very small glider. The glider is constructed from exactly the exact same lime green, grey, and black bits. The cockpit can’t match minifigures, and you will find translucent black stripes that are black onto the ends of each wing.

The next construct is a power vessel. The power vessel is principally lime green and black, with fewer grey highlights. The front part of the vessel is green, although the rear is largely black. The bottom is somewhat grey but largely green. There’s a propeller at the rear of the ship, and the motor is exposed and around the top.

2. LEGO Coast Guard Helicopter

Top 9 Best LEGO Helicopter Sets Reviews in 2024 2

Take flight at the Coast Guard Helicopter and search the sea to get your stranded sailor! Locate down his broken catamaran sailboat using a falling sail role prior to the fantastic white shark will! Reduce the diver down together with the working winch and assist the rescuer to lift the sailor from the water together with the life preserver. Twist the rotors to shoot off and reunite to LEGO® City! It contains 4 minifigures with attachments: pilot, diver, rescuer, and a sailor.

3. LEGO Technic Rescue Helicopter

Top 9 Best LEGO Helicopter Sets Reviews in 2024 3

Telephone from the brilliant 2-in-1 LEGO® Technic™ 42092 Rescue office, using a range of realistic characteristics and functions such as spinning rotors, opening rear and side doors, working winch and a rescue stretcher. This hardy LEGO Technic helicopter for children has an accurate red, black and white color scheme and maybe reconstructed to make a contemporary Concept Plane to get a double build-and-play encounter!

4. LEGO City Sky Police Drone Chase

Top 9 Best LEGO Helicopter Sets Reviews in 2024 4

Patrol the LEGO® City roads from over together with the thrilling 60207 Sky Authorities Drone Chase place, with a police officer with launching a Minifigure cockpit, turning rotor, searchlight and shooting net shot.

This enjoyable police playset also comes with a buildable drone with spinning rotors and opening claws, a gold Minifigure statue with base, remote-control component, handcuffs, and two minifigures.

5. LEGO City Police Heavy-Lift Helicopter

Top 9 Best LEGO Helicopter Sets Reviews in 2024 5

The Heavy-Lift Helicopter flies across the forest treetops in search of these pesky robbers. Assist the pilots together with the woods policeman on his ATV! It will not be long until they track down those pesky robbers. It contains 2 pilots and a woods policeman Minifigure.

6. LEGO City Ambulance Helicopter

Top 9 Best LEGO Helicopter Sets Reviews in 2024 6

Connect the LEGO® City rescue staff and then fly the Ambulance Helicopter! This fun toy includes spinning rotors, hatch on the rear, landing equipment, and space to get a stretcher indoors, and snowboard and radio components, and 3 minifigures.

7. LEGO Technic Heavy Lift Helicopter

Top 9 Best LEGO Helicopter Sets Reviews in 2024 7

Telephone from the powerful 2-in-1 Heavy Lift helicopter using a range of intricate technical information along with motorized functions, such as contra-rotating rotors, opening loading ramp, and cargo bay doors and a working winch.

This version also includes detachable elevator and rudders, a multidirectional nose wheel and a buildable freight accessory. Includes an orange, gray and white color scheme. Rebuilds to a Tandem Rotor Helicopter.

8. LEGO City Police High-Speed Chase

Top 9 Best LEGO Helicopter Sets Reviews in 2024 8

Be a part of the action together with all the LEGO® City authorities as they phone in Chase McCain to help halt the crook interfering with the loot from the stolen sports car.

This set comes with a police helicopter with spinning rotors along with a lowering winch with hook, police pursuit car, stolen sports car along with a barrier. It contains four minifigures.

9. LEGO City Police Helicopter Surveillance

Top 9 Best LEGO Helicopter Sets Reviews in 2024 9

The crooks have arrived in their hideout and therefore are offloading their stash of stolen products. Assist the policeman on a stakeout track their every movement from the barrel with his camera and distinctive radar. Then use the walkie talkie to call from the police helicopter using its comprehensive engine, cockpit and rear crew compartment.

If it arrives, put overhead, slide the side door shut, attach the policeman into the rope and then start a surprise abseil ambush! And should the crooks attempt to get off, then slap the handcuffs on them, load them in the helicopter and then fly them back! It contains 5 minifigures with various accessories: 3 policemen and two crooks.


And that concludes my round-up of my 9 best LEGO helicopters. They’re surely a diverse selection of assembles and there is a lot more to find. Have you got a favorite copter?