Top 9 Best LEGO Exo-Force Sets Reviews in 2024

Exo-Force was a subject inspired by tales from Japanese manga and anime such as Mobile Suit Gundam and Robotech. The subject and its own collections were based round enormous combat mechs called battle machines piloted by people against the robots, comprising the Devastators, Iron Drones and their chief Meca One, that possess combat machinery of their own, with the intention of absolute dominance of this mountain they reside on, Sentai Mountain.

List of 9 Best LEGO Exo-Force Sets Reviews

1. LEGO Exo-Force Sentai Fortress

Top 9 Best LEGO Exo-Force Sets Reviews in 2024 1

This collection is composed of twelve chief pieces. Eight of them; the gate, the towers, the four partitions, and the hangar, constitute the fortress. The final four are the four vehicles; the Silent Strike, the Venom I, the Gate Guardian, along with also a Venom Walker.

The four partitions are similar; the only differences would be the things connected to the top. In the installation shown on the box, the front wall (from behind) includes a disc launcher. Front left wall includes a bazooka gun along with a missile, and behind this, at the back left, there’s a transportation cart with a bench and a box behind it.

The fourth wall includes a two-seater passenger cart beneath it (a potential reason for this could be that the tower it joins to comprises the medical bay). The walls themselves are 13 studs high, and every one of these has one little rock bit in the middle.

2. LEGO Exo-Force Gate Assault

Top 9 Best LEGO Exo-Force Sets Reviews in 2024 2

The set is principally composed of four components: the gate, the Gate Defender (Ha-Ya-To’s automobile ), the Sentry II (the maroon Robot automobile ) along with the battering ram, the Robot Rammer X1.

The gate is fairly well defended, using a missile cannon, two additional missiles, along with a very long blaster. When the gates open, the missile cannon fires automatically. Behind the gate is a frame of TECHNIC pieces that hold this up. The roof and sides of the gate comprise of long orange bits, 1x16x2-4. The Tech sits behind the lengthy blaster and operates it.

3. LEGO Exo-Force Fire Vulture

Top 9 Best LEGO Exo-Force Sets Reviews in 2024 3

Like many 2006 Exo-Force places, the conflict machine has a light-up brick and fiber-optic cable to “power up” with. The basic construct is just like another big conflict machines, mainly employing a SNOT technique. The body is constructed utilizing a primary “pub” which links into the legs.

Four TECHNIC bits used as levers join this pub, which the electricity center connects to, to the faces of the human body, which may hinge up and down marginally. When the outer segment is pulled, the electricity center will light up and ship the red light down the fiber-optic cable it’s connected to.

The Vulture has a fire shooter onto its right arm, that the power cable connects to. The gun may be tilted laterally, but not vertically. The arms are constructed with the very same kinds of bricks because of the big knights out of Knights’ Kingdom II.

For your armor on the top arms and thighs, it’s two bricks, one dark blue and one light blue, with a dark blue 1x2x1/3 brick beneath the dark blue so that they float. You will find blue decals to the dark blue pieces of the arms.

4. LEGO EXO-FORCE Storm Lasher

Top 9 Best LEGO Exo-Force Sets Reviews in 2024 4

The set comprises a mini-robot that resembles a dragonfly which will be readily connected to the rear of the Storm Lasher. The Storm Lasher is piloted by an Iron Drone.

It’s two fan propellers manufactured from six blades each that can also be utilized in certain Castle sets and a single rifle is attached to each of those propeller guards.

The propeller fans have black and white yellow/green color motifs. In the front of the cockpit, you will find two four-barreled firearms, two rockets along with a set of claws. The group measures 7″ (18 cm) long and 12″ (30 cm) wide.

5. LEGO EXO-Force Dark Panther

Top 9 Best LEGO Exo-Force Sets Reviews in 2024 5

Leaping in the shadows, this four-legged robot Fight Machine strikes without warning! Drones detach and assault with jetpacks, cannon elevates, and weapon moves into a mini-robot scout.

6. Lego Exo Force Set Limited Gold Edition Golden Guardian

Top 9 Best LEGO Exo-Force Sets Reviews in 2024 6

It’s two homing missiles, top-mounted, a massive golden cannon (tagged with EXTREME DANGER) using a bigger cannon and shooting missile. In addition, it can perform jet aided jumps, and fly for short distances. Its legs are incredibly bulky with pipes linking to the backs of these. The red parts in the rear of the legs might be the booster rockets for flying.

7. LEGO EXO-Force Aero Booster

Top 9 Best LEGO Exo-Force Sets Reviews in 2024 7

The Aero Booster is composed of a little battle machine plus a package that fits on the rear that lets it fly. It’s about the size of the Cyclone Defender and the Claw Crusher. The walker includes lots of stickers and multi-colored bricks.

The feet are dark gray and are combined on the thighs with a ball-joint. The thighs are symmetrical, aside from the decals on the plating. Your body has pipes heading out of the sides into the palms, and four guns on the sides.

The cockpit includes glass in the front, along with a snowy Exo-Code. The arms are much like the legs but possess palms at the end at which the strings link onto them.

8. LEGO Exo-Force Mobile Defense Tank

Top 9 Best LEGO Exo-Force Sets Reviews in 2024 8

The Mobile Defense Tank is composed of six major components; the cockpit, front and back treads, the turret gun, as well as also the side-mounted “weapon pods”. The cockpit is principally orange. The pilot sits in the center of the cockpit.

Facing him are four firearms; 2 with black lightsaber blades along with another two, under the very first ones, together with all the long-barreled Exo-Force gun that comes in lots of the sets.

The canopy includes a decal obscuring the rear half. It’s exactly the identical kind of duplex as the one which comes from the group 7779 The Batman Dragster: Catwoman Pursuit. Underneath the cockpit is 3 joints, in which the upper side and gun pods link on.

You will find just two more of those unwanted cockpit pieces in the back, with decals attached to them. On the other hand, the decals are attached to more than 1 piece, so carrying the version apart will destroy the decals. It has been remedied in later places for example 8897 Jagged Jaws Reef.

9. LEGO Exo-Force Sonic Phantom

Top 9 Best LEGO Exo-Force Sets Reviews in 2024 9

Like most of the 2006 Exo-Force sets, the conflict machine has a light-up brick, though it doesn’t have the fiber-optic cable.

The basic construct of this boat is a very long bar composed of TECHNIC bits. In the very front, two turbofans are mounted facing forward. The lovers are outfitted with cannons.

The boat has a missile launcher at the center that may be fired by pulling the trigger, which will be underneath the body. You will find long TECHNIC pieces in the rear and front that curve. The components in the front link into the turbofans and people in the back serve to encourage the boat and supply a handle, where the Sonic Phantom could be held. The handle is placed in this manner that the trigger is readily pulled.

In the rear of the boat, you will find just two more turbofans, horizontally orientated this moment. Their cannons can independently rotate from confronting forward to backward. The arms that hold the turbofans can hinge down and up.


The majority of the Exo-Force sets include big “combat machines”; those are tight, heavily-armored exo-suits created to mimic human motion, and are for the most part piloted by one robot or human. The majority of these vehicles utilize Technic joints to provide the mech equilibrium with a vast assortment of motion and usually come equipped with a short-range melee weapon – a sword, shield or comparable – in 1 hand and a long-range weapon like a pistol or laser cannon from another.