10 Best Youth Compound Bows For Kids Reviews in 2024

Whether on your own or as part of a club, there aren’t many activities a kid can become involved in as valuable as archery. It educates focus, attention, and also the growth of talent. As your child develops, whether as a hunter or in contests, these abilities will be a continuous advantage.

If that is your target, we’ve rounded up a number of the best youth compound bows. If that is what they’re interested in, begin them outright. Most youth bows are extremely affordable, to start out with. Some are a little less expensive than others but some of those bows will serve them well. (1)

While there were youth compound bows on the marketplace for decades. However, the high quality and technology from the best bows now blow those elderly bows off. To get a kid interested in hunting, there’s no better time to begin.

The Best Youth Compound Bows For Kids

1. Genesis Mini Kit

Genesis Mini Kit

Genesis youth compound bow is for younger children that are only getting started. The riser of this bow consists of aluminum and each part has the excellent build quality and it includes a great deal of accessories such as Quiver, Arm Guard, ALuminum arrows and hex wrench.

This bow comes with draw weight 6lbs into 12lbs and Brace height is 6 1/8″ making it a great choice as it’s lighter compared to some of those other versions. Additionally, it has street cred, since it’s now the bow which is utilized from the National Archery in Schools Program. Let off is 0 percent of this particular bow and draw span range between 14″ into 25″ that is sufficient for studying archery for your child

This bow isn’t for elderly or advanced users, however if you’re introducing youngsters who are 4-7 years old that this is a good product that may get them off to a fantastic start. Using a zero let-off attribute, it makes shooting easy. The kit includes all the bow, belt tubing quiver, flexible arm shield and five aluminum arrows.

If you would like to introduce young kids to Target, this really is the bow to purchase. It’s among the best youth compound bows for ten-year-old available on the marketplace. It may have your very first grader mastering fundamental shooting abilities that may place them on a lifelong love of archery.

2. Bear Archery Brave Bow Set


Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

Bear Archery is a classic, dependable institution, working from the U.S for the last 80 years. They’re famous for creating the most outstanding bow collections. The Bear Archery Brave Bow is one such top quality and durable bow. It functions perfectly as an introductory bow for young kids, letting them practice on a completely operational smaller bow. The best part is that the bow is two-wheeled making the transition into a Adult Compound bow simpler.

The draw weight of the bow is around 15 to 25 pounds. While the draw span range is approximately 13.5 inches that’s ideal for young kids who can’t put in too much pressure. The bow itself is very lightweight, weighing only two pounds.

The brace height of the Bow is roughly 5.5″ while the total length is approximately 26″. This makes it simpler for smaller children to use it without becoming overwhelmed. The let-off is 65%. The bow comprises a Whisker Biscuit, armguard, 1-pin sight, arrow quiver, finger rollers in addition to two Safety glass arrows.

However, a possible drawback is the fact that it’s just right hand oriented. The Brave Youth Bow is available in six distinct colours. Additionally contained is a 90-day limited guarantee so that you can be sure that your investment is secure!

3. PSE Guide Junior Archery Youth 29 Pound Right Hand Compound Bow Package

PSE Guide Junior Archery Youth 29 Pound Right Hand Compound Bow Package

The factor draw length and weight make this bow a superb idea for an expanding archer. The draw goes from 12 lbs to 29 lbs, while the span fluctuates between 16 1/2 inches and 26 inches, allowing any beginner to develop together with the bow. You’ll find some gorgeous accessories, like a quiver and an armguard.

Perfect for shooters of 10 years old or older, the compound bow is really simple, however, it caters to each of the requirements of a beginner who’s yet to hone their abilities. For target practice, you can barely do any better, so anybody taking up archery may utilize it.

You may like the fact that both fiberglass arrows are included with your purchase. A pin sight, an arrow rest, and three finger rollers are also supplied along with your purchase in order for your child may enjoy the bow right out of this bundle.

4. Barnett Vortex Youth Compound Bow

Barnett Vortex Youth Compound Bow

The Barnett Vortex Compound Bow Package produces a fantastic intro bow for children 10-13 decades old. If your kid has expertise shooting or whether you’re searching for another bow to get a kid that’s growing, this is most likely not the bow to the own kid.

The bow bundle is ideal for is somebody who’s about 10-13 or elderly who desires an excellent bow without a great deal of complicated add-ons. Expect a quality first bow with a little room to grow along with your kid.

A fantastic bow for your price tag, but hope to substitute a few of the accessories using high quality bits. Frequent add-ons comprised whisker biscuit, peep sight, and a rope loop. Most complaints based around the accessories also contained inferior arrow quality and cheaply made quiver.

5. Barnett Tomcat Compound Bow

Barnett Tomcat Compound Bow

The youngest archer on your family may prefer this bow rather a lot as it’s intended to enable a newcomer to hone their abilities. Even if your kid is taking up archery, you will find that this compound bow is precisely what is required, for the easy actuality that it comes together with the essential accessories and features for target practice.

1 thing that most people wish to learn about a compound bow addressed to young archers is the way flexible the draw weight and length are. In cases like this, the draw span could be adjusted between 20 inches and 22 inches, with increments of one inch. The draw weight fluctuates between 17 lbs and 22 lbs.

Other aspects you ought to know about this specific model are the comprised Brightglo sight, two arrows, and Soft Touch finger rollers. With their aid, any young archer will be prepared for target practice.

6. Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow

Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow

The Crosman Elkhorn Jr.. Compound Bow is a strong mid-range compound bow for pre-teen, and it *seems * like an adult bow, and children seem to enjoy that. Its specs remain reasonable for an older kid –that the draw weight of 17 to 21 lbs is reduced enough to ensure a kid 9 to 12 should be in a position to pull the draw string back, but it is somewhat on the other hand, therefore it ought to pose a fair challenge, and children can let off arrows at higher distances.

Remember this remains a”starter” bow, and many starter bows include equipment that is”lo-fi.” The arrows are OK, the bow sight is OK, the port (that which you place on your own hand to pull on the bow string back) is OK. That is fine–it is perfectly great enough to get a brand new archer. The pair is accompanied by an arm protector, and that is a plus–ensure that your child wears it!

Having a more”serious” appearance and a tiny bit more draw weight, we believe this is a fantastic bundle to get a pre-teen interested in archery.

7. Velocity Youth Archery Race 4×4 Compound Bow Package

Velocity Youth Archery Race 4x4 Compound Bow Package

Velocity Archery is a brand which you can trust with your kid as their very first compound bow.

Notably with Archery Race 4×4, it is not a very simple archery toy. The miniature compound bow is merely the little variant of the actual thing employed from the adults.

Therefore, if you’re trying to find a compound bow which could function as your child’s first hunting companion, then the Velocity Youth is the perfect option.

Together with the bow’s dimensions, draw weight, and height, even children as small as seven-year-old may use it to accompany an adult in searching or for training shooting.

As your child develops, significant specs like draw length and draw weight are flexible to coincide with the child’s growing limbs and stamina.

8. Leader Accessories Compound Bow

Leader Accessories Compound Bow

We are going to begin with the bow: the Leader Accessories Compound Bow is a really good bow, with what we would look for in a youth bow: a flexible draw weight which you may choose from 30 all the way around 55–a broad range that will enable your young archer to develop strength then increase the draw weight if needed; an adjustable draw span that ranges from 19 to 29 inches; a max foot-per-second shot of 296 (which really surprisingly large ); along with a let-off of 70%. These are really great attributes, plus they take it from this”bow for kids” class and set it in the”both for adults and youth” class.

All that is very great, but the really phenomenal characteristic of the Leader Accessories Compound Bow Package is your equipment. Far and away, this is among the very expansive kits we have noticed, and it comprises: 12 carbon arrows (most starter packs have aluminum arrows, as carbon are a bit more luxury ), a quiver, a bow sight, and a drop-away arrow rest AND a whisker biscuit (most places just include one sort of arrow rest, so it is fine you could select which arrow rest you want to begin with, and we would suggest the whisker biscuit for novices –a lot simpler to install ), a stabilizer, a wrist-strap launch, a bow stand, plus a soft-case bag so that you may transport the bow out from place to place. This soft-case tote is an excellent addition, since it can be a small pain to discover a bag that will suit your own bow. That really is, as they state,”the entire kit and caboodle,” and with the exclusion of a goal, it is almost all you would want to begin.

This is the youth bow kit we advocate if you would like to obtain a kit which has just about all you will want.

9. Quest Radical Right Hand Package

Quest Radical Right Hand Package

The Quest runs on the draw span of 17.5″- 30″ plus a draw weight of 15 — 70 pound, which makes it another perfect alternative for your up and coming bow hunter heading into their teenage years.

Bows of the style are a fantastic selection for a youth bow, since they could silent literally last a hunter per life. That form of user adjustability can not be deciphered.

The bow weighs a bit under 4lbs, which to me places it a little more about the hefty side. Usually this is not a massive deal, but if it comes to youth bows, bow weight ought to play a very important function.

Adjustments are hassle-free and also consumer-friendly, so being able to be achieved with only a few of allen keys without a bow press.

That the axel to axel span runs in at 29.25″, which can be nice and short and can be a bonus for youth bow hunters.

According to axel to axel length brace height comes in at fairly brief 7.125″.

The bow is hurling arrows in a whopping 295fps, and it can be more then enough for almost any youth, also makes the bow absolutely effective at mid size match take downs with proper shot positioning.

The bow is a bit on the expensive side compared to other youth bows, but as we begin to examine these more hunter fashion compound youth bows you will see thats a frequent theme among these. It is reasonable enough to, as theirs a whole lot more work goes into creating a hunting bow then that can be a plain old compound, such as the genesis (Absolutely nothing contrary to the Genesis Compound Bow, we have recommended it on our webpage ).

10. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

The Endless edge pro has fulfilled quiet some of our reviews today, and thats cause it is 1 hell of a bow. Extremely versatile and at a fantastic price too.

We are going to crack directly into the nitty gritty.

Draw length variety of 13″ — 31″, and also a draw weight range of 15 — 70 pounds. The bow weighs in at a slender 3.2pounds.

This bow is most likely among the most flexible bows in the marketplace right now. Admittingly, in a minimal 15lbs draw weight, its not actually designed for small children but for the larger children it is fair game.

What I truly love about this bow is that it’s enormous range draw span. 13″ is very brief, and nicely 31″ is a rather long draw.

I believe what would top off this bow is if they can bring the 15lbs down to 5lbs, then it’d be an absolute monster of a bow to get flexibility.

The bow is RTH model which makes it a perfect selection for the little hunters on the market.

The boundless edge pro includes a wrist sling, peep sight, stabilizer, arrow rest, quiver and bow sight.

Personally, I feel this bow is among the very best for youths in the marketplace today.


The best compound bow for youth enables your child to test and increase their archery skills. A fantastic bow will aid your child see if they could take their archery match to another level, without risking any harm. There are tons of amazing products available on the marketplace that cater to the requirements of various consumers of all ages and degrees. Be certain you’re purchasing the proper product which is suitable for your child’s age, weight, and degree of experience.