7 Best Furniture Anchors 2024 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Children love to explore their environment fully as they grow and older, and for many children that comprise an almost instinctive urge to climb on everything and anything they encounter in their daily experiences.

It is not strange to scale furniture anchors by yanking dresser drawers out to make a climbing ladder or clambering on TV racks or other big pieces of furniture. Their quests vary from attempting to reach off-limits things to only earning a jungle gym from whatever.

To prevent accidents that may crush or seriously harm your small one, look at using an anti-tip kit to anchor wracking and unsteady furniture. Anti-tip kits protect furniture and big-screen TVs into something more durable just like a wall socket or TV stand.

Listed below are our top choices for maintaining your best furniture anchors set up.

Top Picks of 2024

1. QuakeHOLD! 4520 Universal Flat Screen Safety Straps

7 Best Furniture Anchors 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 1

Worried about creating holes in your walls or TV stand? Or having to locate a wall stud and then use a screwdriver? Do not be – that this kit is hassle-free.

The straps link to a stand and some other flat-screen TV around 70 inches with strong adhesive strips. The adjustable straps remain out of sight and have a buckle it is possible to disconnect should you want to transfer the TV.

2. Safety 1st Furniture Wall Straps Furniture Anchors

7 Best Furniture Anchors 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 2

The Safety 1st furniture straps are an easy double-sided design using a beneficial metallic loop mechanism which usually means that you may move the furniture in a later date without needing to unscrew it entirely in the wall or the furniture thing. Rather, you just unhook the strap should you have to have behind the furniture and then hook it back up again after.

You’re advised to utilize a pair of straps for every single piece of furniture instead of one. They’ll do a fantastic job in many situations, but they involve some plastic components, and this makes them somewhat less reassuring than the marginally more expensive metallic ones.

3. Furniture Anchors Kit by Baby Epic

7 Best Furniture Anchors 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 3

This one of the best furniture anchors by Baby Epic. It have been featured extensively on tv and other websites. They claim their layout gives a stronghold which aids against furniture tipping over, even through earthquakes.

An extremely helpful feature is their rapid-release detachable feature that enables users to move furniture if they need to bring it in for repairs, or just clear the distance at which it sits. These adjustable straps have illustrated instructions and all necessary hardware for installation.

4. Hangman Anti-Tip Kit – 400 Pound Falling Furniture Anchors

7 Best Furniture Anchors 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 4

In case you’ve got the instruments and the know-how, this kit is ideal for total reassurance. It supplies steel brackets to twist into wall studs along with your furniture anchor together with 6-inch steel cables to bind your own furniture. Even with as much as 400 lbs of stress, this system retains furniture vertical.

5. TV Antenna with 50 Miles Long Range

7 Best Furniture Anchors 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 5

The safety net furniture straps are a bit more expensive than the Security 1st ones, and that’s probably because they include alloy fittings, triple-stitched nylon webbing, and no-slip claws to hold the straps.

They’re rated as being powerful enough to withstand an earthquake or 400 lbs, which is certainly reassuring. They are suitable for use with big TVs in addition to standard pieces of furniture anchor.

They also include a 90-day money-back guarantee along with a 1-year return coverage.

6. Mommy’s Helper Tip Resistant Best Furniture Anchors

7 Best Furniture Anchors 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 6

The No-Tip Brackets attach to the back of your furniture and also into some stud in the wall. The brackets are detachable so you can wash behind the best furniture anchors if required. Two brackets are needed each bit of furniture, but you might use extra brackets for smaller or heavy bits.

It’s very important that these brackets be attached to a stud in the wall to be protected. If the bracket isn’t attached to a stud, then the piece of furniture may nevertheless come crashing down since the wall will not be able to hold it in position. Be certain to follow all instructions. Many reviewers advocated against using these straps heavier furniture, but they’re helpful for smaller or furniture.

7. Quakehold! 2830 Furniture Cable

7 Best Furniture Anchors 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 7

Whenever you don’t wish to leave one matter to opportunity, proceed with this kit. It includes steel parts and contains 7-inch steel cables which may withstand 1,000 lbs before they break. What will you need for installation? A screwdriver and a simple method to locate wall studs (with a stud finder works best).

Buying Guide for the Best Furniture Anchors


One thing which we carefully looked at if coming up with all our top ten listings over on furniture anchors is your general satisfaction from clients. We wanted to ensure our record had nothing but the very best of the best chosen.

We looked at all from evaluations to each positive and negative inspection. We desired to save time in managing the tedious search job and perform the search for you. We expect that whatever you’re looking for you’ll see something acceptable for all your household’s requirements.

Ease of Use

Every one of the furniture anchors we’ve chosen for our top ten records may be set up with simple bolts and screws. This is likely to make the installation procedure just a bit simpler for parents. Parents will not have to take hours upon hours trying to put in those anchors.

The majority of the ones chosen on our record have straps with buckles that simply have to be corrected so the strap retains. It is only just the comprehension of the attaching into the wall and the thing that you need to fasten. Each of the things on our list is simple and simple to install. We’re confident you’ll find just what you’re searching for, for the furniture requirements.


These best furniture anchors on our listing are manufactured with different substances. They’re all long-lasting and incredibly durable. A few of the things on our record also have plastic straps and straps while some have been woven straps with metal connectors.

No matter what the anchor you picked consists of, it’s remarkably durable. Each anchor on the list ought to hold anything so long as it’s steady. Some do have a weight limitation, however, so it’s strongly suggested that you comply with the weight limitation guidelines particularly in regards to heavier items.


We all know that a few folks especially first-time parents may not really know about the constraints that furniture anchors have. Many parents think that kids won’t have the ability to move furniture around or something such as the TV with no of them being installed. But for some kids, that isn’t the situation. Furniture anchors prevent any sort of thing from being pulled forward.

This may prevent any sort of injury or danger which may occur in the not too distant future. In case you have kids running around, it’s best to put in the best furniture anchors on bigger furniture to ensure parents may simply get a little reassurance.

Price Range

When considering accessories, the last thing anybody would like to do would be to devote a huge sum to them. Every item on the list is cheap to fit every family’s needs and budget. The costs for these items do change simply just due to the hardware and also the substances it is constructed from.

A few of the costs do also include the number of bits is included. It is important to look at this particularly based on the number of pieces of furniture anchors you are considering anchoring down.

Whatever you’re looking for we’re confident our top ten records contain everything your household requirements. Make sure you check out our top ten list over! Your household’s furniture is going to be locked safely in virtually no time.


When should I start putting furniture anchors?

It is vital to tackle babyproofing as soon as possible. The smartest way to approach this is to babyproof your house or apartment before you bring your baby from the hospital. When a child arrives, you will have less time to anchor your furniture, so it is best to resolve this sooner.

Which materials are best for furniture anchors?

You want to purchase high-quality anchors that are made of durable materials. Straps should be made of vinyl netting or braided metal cable. Use quality wooden screws for extra safety.

What furniture should be anchored to the wall?

When you choose the furniture that you want to anchor to the wall, it is essential to pick the pieces that your child can easily tip over. This includes bookshelves, cabinets, and dressers. Also, it is wise to do this to your TV since it can fall off the already anchored furniture.

Can you secure furniture without drilling holes in the wall?

It is possible to accomplish this using plastic ties or steel cables. Bear in mind that these methods can be less effective, especially if your furniture is top-heavy or in cases of earthquakes and events of that nature.

Which furniture anchors should I purchase?

You should pick the ones that are durable, cost-efficient, and effective. There is a wide variety of products that you can choose on the market today, so it is important to do your research. Our recommendation is Safety 1st Furniture Wall Straps. With its double-sided design, it will surely suit your needs regarding your child’s safety.


Irrespective of which system you use, it is critical that you understand what you are screwing into, both on the furniture side and also on the other hand. Many parts of prefab furniture have thin backs attached by just a small number of basics, which may tear out whether the item begins to tip.

The clip isn’t installed on the back of the furniture but instead against the thicker upper bit. Always search for a good wood section of this furniture either along the top, on either side, or on a shelf or drawer divider–and indicate that as your mounting stage. And if the best furniture anchors are constructed from particleboard, put in the screw round the watertight layers, not consistent together.

For your mounts on both the furniture side and the other hand, you will want to use proper basic drilling and driving methods to guarantee a good connection for your hardware. Drilling a pilot hole allows for better precision for screw positioning and also makes installing the screw simpler.

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