10 Best Cup for Kids 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Through the bottle-feeding period, your baby will begin to become accustomed to drinking water from a cup just like parents. However, many parents do not think to opt to obtain a cup-cup for kids because they believe the cup is the same.

It is true that small cups are easy to purchase, but in the rich world today, parents must be alert so they can choose for their baby a nice cup, water dispenser.

Cups for Kids

List of 10 Best Cup for Kids Reviews

1. Reflo 360 Rotating Spoutless Training Cup for Baby, Kids and Toddlers

Reflo 360 Rotating Spoutless Training Cup for Baby, Kids and Toddlers

Free-flowing design requires no suction with true flow-controlled rim ingesting all the way around. Essential in helping kids understand how to transition to an adult drinking cup. Ideal for hauling in cup holders in the car or stroller.

Cup ability with Reflo insert in position is just 6 fl. Oz. (without Reflo insert is 10 fl. oz.) When a child has learned the skill of drinking from an open Reflo glass remove Reflo’s one-of-a-kind insert and watch the effortless transition to other adult drinkware.

2. Kids Cups – 8oz Glass Mason Jar Drinking Cups with Straw Lids + Leak Proof Regular Lids + Silicone Straws 

Kids Cups - 8oz Glass Mason Jar Drinking Cups with Straw Lids + Leak Proof Regular Lids + Silicone Straws 

  • Children are “drinking water since this is their favorite cup”. You also will be saying”where have these been all my life?!”
  • Durable and rustproof with these safe and nontoxic plastic lids. Metal figurines easily rust which can be harmful. All these are GLASS jars – glass is preferable since its non-porous surface does not absorb food and germs. Glass repels food odors which makes food and drinks taste fresher and fuller.
  • Great for toddlers (spill-proof) and kids’ tumbler beverages ) Or use for food storage with the additional leak-proof and airtight lids included. A nontoxic wet-erase mark is also included letting you write the contents, the date on every lid, in addition to each jar, also has measurement markings for precise portion control.

3. Wow Cup for Kids Original 360 Sippy Cup, Pink with Blue Lid, 9 oz

10 Best Cup for Kids 2024 - Reviews & Buying Guide 1

  • New Innovative Spill Free Drinking Cup for Kids that’s age-rated from 12 months to early teens. Features a 360° EVEN-SEAL drinking advantage! No spouts, levers or switches! The Wow Cup supplies a lot of pleasure for a training cup or as an everyday cup for the entire family at home, school or on the go.
  • It’s small enough to be dealt with by these kids displaying advanced coordination at the early toddler years and big enough for use by older children without it appearing like a baby cup. Parents even love to drink out of them. The spill-free design almost eliminates any cluttered clean-up and since there are no spouts and straws, the 360° Uni-Flow drinking border gives a wholesome alternative that helps toddlers develop the mouth and motor coordination to transition into a regular open round cup earlier.
  • The no-spout and no-straw design help in the prevention of potential Orthodontia issues because of long-term sucking spouts. Drink through tender sucking without needing to press buttons, move levers, or sip straws and spouts. The 360° Uni-Flow drinking edge allows you to simply pick up the cup and then beverage anywhere along the rim.
  • After drinking, the valve automatically seals itself until you take another drink. The Wow Cup is spill-free, worry-free and hassle-free! There are only 3 parts for easy assembly, disassembly, and cleaning. Additionally, it comes in a matte-finished that aids the child grip the cup more firmly and provides for a harmonious surface to compose your child’s name on the cup using a permanent marker.

4. Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup, Pink/Orange, 10 Ounce, 2 Count

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup, Pink/Orange, 10 Ounce, 2 Count

  • Toddlers are a messy lot, especially when first digging sippy cups. Now envision a world where drinks didn’t spill at all — maybe not in your diaper bag, not on your nightstand, rather than onto your eager-to-learn child. No, it is not a miracle, exactly – it’s Munchkin’s Miracle 360° Cup. Among the very first sippy cup invented with both kids and parents in mind, the Miracle 360° Cup eliminates messes and supports kids’ oral health.
  • Drinking from anywhere around the rim, like a normal cup, helps encourage normal muscle development in a child’s mouth.

5. Premium Heavy Stainless Steel Cups for Kids & Toddlers. Safe Rimless 8oz 4Pack

Premium Heavy Stainless Steel Cups for Kids & Toddlers. Safe Rimless 8oz 4Pack

  • The Cub Cups feature our exclusive no-crevice curved rim which is thicker and blunter. The Cub Cup is heavier and thicker than the original Cub Cups! Unlike other steel cups or exclusive, doctor-recommended, sanitary, clean rim design doesn’t collect dirty dishwater and food debris, ensuring that your child is not exposed to moldy detritus growing under the rim. 4 Pack of 18/8 Steel Cub Cups by Caveman Cups.
  • Superior to chemical plastic cups, breakable glass cups or thin, easily dented double-walled metallic cups or lean steel cups with those rolled rims that trap old meals and dishwater. Yuk!
  • Heavy Duty. 3.07 inches diameter x 3.74 inches tall. Durable, safe, stylish, simple to clean and totally free from toxins. Whenever your kids have outgrown the 8oz size, they make great juice or wine cups. Soft brushed finish with no emblem (only on the floor ) or loud colors ensure a timeless design for many ages and stages.

6. Rubbermaid Straw Kids Tumbler, 16 oz, Varsity Blue Anchors Away

Rubbermaid Straw Kids Tumbler, 16 oz, Varsity Blue Anchors Away

  • As a parent, you’ve likely lost innumerable children’s cups and tumblers to accidental drops or falls. The Straw Tumbler, on the other hand, is constructed to be stronger! Made from premium Tritan substances, this kid’s tumbler resists stains, odors, and shattering — perfect for using at home with dinner or during playtime. This top-rack dishwasher-safe tumbler comes in a variety of fun colors and designs, so you’ll make sure to find one that your kid will love. You will not need to fear slippery palms and clumsy moments again!
  • The tough Rubbermaid straw tumbler is created to withstand inevitable Falls and drops. Produced from top Tritan plastic, this children’s tumbler resists stains, odors, and shattering-so it is ideal for using at home with dinner, or through playtime. The integrated straw makes it easy for your child to remain hydrated. This top-rack dishwasher-safe plastic tumbler is easy-care and comes in a fun design your kid will love.

7. Munchkin Splash Toddler Cups with Training Lids, 7 Ounce, 4 Pack

10 Best Cup for Kids 2024 - Reviews & Buying Guide 2

  • Munchkin’s new and modern Splash Cups add a cheery pop of color to mealtime. These sturdy cups are perfect for toddlers learning to drink like a big kid but may be enjoyed as they grow older.
  • These BPA-free and dishwasher-safe spoutless cups pile neatly for storage. Color-coordinated press-fit training lids direct the flow of liquid to reduce messes while little hands learn how to use a big kid cup. Each set comes with 4 cups with press-on lids. Additional splash flat dishes and dining places are sold separately.

8. Plaskidy Kids Cups – Set of 12 Kids Plastic Cups 

10 Best Cup for Kids 2024 - Reviews & Buying Guide 3

  • The child’s plastic cups set includes 12, plastic cups reusable in 4 assorted bright colors, 3 of each color. The child’s cups are 8 Oz, – Height – 3 1/4 inches, the diameter around the shirt is 3 -inches, the Diameter on the underside 2- inches, perfect small plastic cups for kids.
  • The toddler cups by PLASKIDY™ is Perfectly designed for toddlers & children, made with the maximum quality plastic that’s lightweight and durable, break-resistant fabric, and grip-friendly, while being designed with 4 vibrant colours, Perfect for your children who are inclined to drop, spill, and make a mess in their eagerness, to learn the way to drink in their own kid cups.
  • Before you start worrying about giving your kids to drink in plastic drinking cups, you should know that we utilized just BPA-FREE Plastic that has zero toxic materials utilized in the process. The kid’s tumblers are dishwasher & microwave safe making it easier for you to wash the cup in the dishwasher, or to rewarm your beverage, or infant cereal, at the microwave.

9. Contigo Kids Tumbler with Straw | Spill-Proof Tumbler with Straw for Kids, 14oz, Nautical Blue

Contigo Kids Tumbler with Straw | Spill-Proof Tumbler with Straw for Kids, 14oz, Nautical Blue

  • Your kid wants to upgrade from a sippy cup and drink from a tumbler just like you, but you are nervous about spills. With the 14oz Spill-Proof Kids Tumbler, you both win! A no-spill valve at the straw makes it impossible to spill, along with a seal around the straw offers extra protection against leaks.
  • A gentle grip bottom pad helps stop this brightly-patterned tumbler from leaning over on the dinner table, and in addition, it fits most car cup holders, making it the ideal companion. When you are ready to wash it, the spill-proof straw twists apart for an easy clean; plus, the straw, lid, and human anatomy are top-rack dishwasher safe. Get ready to enter a no-spill zone!

10. Wow Cup for Kids 360 Sippy Cup, Blue, 10 oz / 296 ml

Wow Cup for Kids 360 Sippy Cup, Blue, 10 oz / 296 ml

  • The recently designed spill-free 360 WOW CUP for Kids features an exciting new trendy design and colorful designs and added innovative features to offer your child all the most effective spill-free drinking encounters. The10 oz. /296 ml WOW CUP for Kids comes in 4 vibrant translucent colors that are showcased using an easy-to grip cup that is made from tough BPA Free Child Safe TRITAN.
  • The WOW CUP for Kid is fully interchangeable with all the WOW CUP for Baby (Includes the valves, handle cups and collars) supplying a totally universal drinking system that satisfies your child’s growing developmental needs for variable liquid volumes and gripping methods.
  • It’s innovative completely exposed valve system and Gasket-Free assembly give an easy to access and clean sippy cup system that has no hidden areas to trap debris and find all grimy. And its super simple assembly allows for quick, simple and hassle-free drink preparation and cleaning. Something Mother’s and Dad’s can truly appreciate!
  • The innovative patented spoutless system allows your child to just Grab & Drink anywhere along the 360° rim. And the WOW CUP is dentist recommended and aids in providing your child with a healthy and natural oral development.
  • The WOW CUP for Kid is guaranteed to become your kid’s go-to regular drinking cup supplying your loved ones with the highest quality cup and finest overall 360 drinking experience available now.

Cup for Kids


Which cup should I get for my child?

There are various choices that you can go for. The important thing to consider is your kid’s age. You can start your toddler with a sippy cup and later on introduce cups with lids, handles, soft and hard sprouts. As the child gets older, you should introduce straw and open cups. There are different materials you should consider, such as rubber, plastic, or even stainless steel.

What age is appropriate for sippy cups?

Kids between 6 and 9 months old should use sippy cups. It’s the first cup you will introduce to your baby. A meal routine is essential for toddlers to learn early, so sippy cups should be introduced during mealtime.

Which cup is best for babies and toddlers?

The best cups for toddlers are 360 cups and sippy cups. You should introduce these cups to your babies when they’re at least six months old. We recommend Munchkin Splash, a seven-ounce, four-pack, for a sippy cup, and Munchkin Miracle 360, ten ounces. Both are great starter cups for your baby.

What age is suitable for a straw cup?

Pediatric experts recommend that children between 9 and 16 months drink from a straw or open cups. The introduction of these cups will significantly improve your child’s oral-motor functions. Switching straw and open cups between meals is a great idea, and your child will be able to get used to both.


Learning how to drink water with a cup for children will help mothers train their kids to be self-conscious and much more independent. Beginning with a flexible drinking tube like a milk company, this one will feel much more familiar to the infant than hard plastic taps.

For older children, use harder cups. Choose a cup for kids adorable, lovely and always safe for kids.

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