Top 9 Best Bongo Drums for Kids Reviews in 2021

Bongo drums for children of all ages enjoy a fantastic bang on the drum; they are lively, loud, flexible and create a super enjoyable activity for excitable children who wish to master the beat.

For super busy children with a great deal of energy, a pair of bongos are going to be a great way to put them into songs. Bongos and congas make miniature drums for children, and when your son or daughter decides to take up drumming, they do not just have a great hobby which brings them pleasure and pleasure for life, drums have a beneficial impact on their emotional development.

The matter is that the marketplace is saturated in poor quality musical instruments which offer little actual worth. That said, in the following guide, we investigate a few of the best choices for children of all ages and review the best bongo drums for kids.

List of 9 Best Bongo Drums for Kids Reviews

1. Hip Bongo Drums Bongo Heads Replacement Pack 7.2″ and 8.1″

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This set of seven and six inches drumheads are tunable and made from excellent top timber that’s also weatherproof and extremely durable. The hickory cubes are of premium quality and collectively combined with animal hide drumheads; this bongo drum collection has a fantastic volume.

The natural completing makes it an ideal gift for music fans. A wrench is accessible and may be used to listen to the tool easily with no breakage. The drum set is safe for children and also comfortable enough to perform.

2. Remo KD-5400-01 Kids Percussion Bongo Drum

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Kids Percussion Bongo Drum by Remo features a Skyndeep pre-tuned drumhead pitched low and high. Additionally, it features an enjoyable Rainforest picture. This Bongo Drum is a great way for kids ages 3 and over to rhythm at a fun and engaging manner.

Constructed with Acousticon shells, the Kids Percussion Bongo is an equally significant part of the percussion family of rhythm instruments and introduces kids to the fundamental building block of audio, which is rhythm. This Bongo Drum can be obtained in the dimensions: 6″ / 5″.

3. RockJam 7″ and 8″ Bongo Drum Set with Padded Bag and Tuning Key

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Rockjam is a fairly recognisable brand in the audio world and has an excellent pair of bongo’s to begin the reviews off. This great value for money deal comprises a wrench and a situation for the bongo’s to keep them secure and take them between places!

This bongo drum package comes in quite a low cost and hence its a perfect buy for people who wish to begin with a few accessories in addition to the drums only if the child isn’t especially interested. The heads are typical dimensions; 7″ and 8″ respectively using genuine skins.

This tool looks fine with its shiny wood finish, and it is also lightweight that is to be anticipated from bongo’s. A kid might find it somewhat difficult initially to manage the device correctly. However, as mentioned previously, you might just put it onto a face, the floor or as many professionals might imply to purchase a rack for them.

4. Remo Pre-Tuned Bongo Set

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Another great collection from Remo, these come in an assortment of three distinct colours, black, white and red, so they’re great for children with a strong taste for these colours. They’re built with pre-tuned skin-deep drumheads and acoustic, which correctly reproduce the sounds created by conventional Cuban wooden bongos and have a few really great high pitched tones.

This fashionable Remo drum collection will make a superb present for a ten-year-old that would like to carry hand drums.

5. GP Percussion B2 Pro-Series Tunable Bongos 6 & 7 Inch

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If you’re searching for a budget pair of bongos or something to get a start bongo drummer that the Pro-Series Tunable Bongo Drum is ideal for you. This Bongo Drum is a 6 inch and 7-inch tool which features Hickory shells and organic conceal heads; using a weight of 6.4 lbs and measurement of 16.5 x 8.5 x 7 inches.

It comprises 4 Tunable lugs per drum with tuning wrench. This Bongo Drum by GP Percussion includes a Nickel-plated rim plus a throw base rim. Clear end highlights were added to show the wood’s natural grain and protective rubber feet.

6. Junior Beginners Wooden Bongos Drums

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Another pair of bongo’s which conveniently incorporate a tuning wrench, it is also quite a low priced tool which children would adore. There are lots of options of colour including green, blue, red and black and organic so that you really can add a little bit of character to the buy, maybe with your children favourite colour.

The 7″ and 8″ heads are actual buckskin, and the base bracing is heavy-duty steel, making sure this tool can withstand being buckled from accidental drops.

Whilst this tool is cheap and sounds great value for money, it does not create the best sound and that I discovered it lacked resonance compared to other goods.

7. Toca Synergy Series Bongo Set

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Together with mural rawhide heads and plywood cubes, these great children bongo seem incredible. They also come in a range of various colours, and also the excellent high finish on the substances looks fantastic.

These drums can also be manufactured in a from renewable forests jobs in Thailand and handcrafted by local craftsmen. Therefore this can be a great environmentally friendly gift to receive your son or daughter.

These stunning drums aren’t inexpensive, but if you purchase them, you can be certain that you’re receiving an excellent high tool with colourful design and complete and, what’s more, one which seems great.

8. Tycoon Percussion 6 Inch & 7 Inch Ritmo Bongos

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If you are ready to devote a little excess money for Bongo Drums that are best for novice percussionists subsequently the Tycoon Percussion’s Ritmo Series Bongos is the cup of java. It’s made of dated Siam Oak, a renewable timber that makes the item eco-friendly, using a 6″ and 7″ water buffalo skinhead, they’re also available in natural or mahogany.

Lightweight and easy to transport, these would be an ideal pair of bongos for pupils. The Tycoon Percussion Ritmo Bongos have a brilliant and percussive tone due to the rugged and thorough structure of the Drums.

9. Pyle Hand Crafted Bongo Drums

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Add interest to your kid’s musical life with these wonderful handcrafted wooden bongos. With organic animal hide skins and chrome-plated hardware, all these wonderful bongo drums feel great on your palms and seem better when you play with them thanks for their crystal clear percussion sounds and lovely, natural tones.

These are ideal for children or teens since they have smooth, rounded edges and will be quite comfy for kids to hold. They’re also quite durable, so you don’t need to think about your children breaking them. These can make a superb birthday or Christmas gift for a child who enjoys drumming!


Bongo drums are lightweight, cheap, streamlined and acoustic. However, you could be wondering exactly what other motives they’re a great selection of tool for children.

It must be noted that bongo drums are excellent instruments because of their sounds. But on account of the number of goods on the current market, picking the perfect one would be challenging. Hence, careful evaluation of all this item would permit you to recognise all the distinct differences.

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