10 Best Taekwondo Sparring Gear for Kids 2024 – Review & Buying Guide

In order for children to approach Taekwondo and to practice under the guidance of coaches, children will have good health. Increasing metabolism, muscle movement is suitable for your child’s physical development. Taekwondo sparring gear for kids is necessary to prepare for exciting training days with Taekwondo.

A Few Features about Taekwondo

Taekwondo is also written as Tae Kwon Do or Taekwon-Do (Korean: 태권도, Japanese: 跆拳道, Vietnamese: Radio authority) is the national sport of Korea and is the most popular type of martial arts (mudo). Most trained in this country. It is also one of the most popular sports in the world. Tae (태, hanja 跆) means “legal charge”; Kwon (권, hanja 拳) means “tactics”; and Do (도, hanja 道) means “path, path” (or “art”).

Therefore, Taekwondo means “hand and foot martial arts”. Martial arts in Korea have a long history beginning in ancient times. The traditional fighting arts of Korea may have originated in the period of the Ly Dynasty in 37 BC.

It was discovered at the ruins of the Muyongchong royal tomb and Kakchu-Chong that were built between the third and 427 years with many wall paintings featuring men practicing. These may be original documents describing the initial countervailing techniques called Subakhi.

List of 10 Best Taekwondo Sparring Gear for Kids

1. One set Star Sports WTF Taekwondo Sparring Gear

One set Star Sports WTF Taekwondo Sparring Gear Protectors Guards Complete one Set

Taekwondo sparring equipment for children with hi-quality supple leather and padding, max protection for impact, lightweight and flexible financial price. Taekwondo sparring gear for children Boy/Men set includes: (1) 1Head Guard (2) 1Mouth Guard with Case (3) 1Reversible Red/Blue Chest Guard (4) 1pair of Vinyl Forearm Guard (5) 1Vinyl Groin Guard (6 ) ) 1Pair of Vinyl Shin Guard (7) 1Blue/Black Sparring Bag Girl/Lady set comprise: (1) 1Head Guard (2) 1Mouth Guard with Case (3) 1Reversible Red/Blue Chest Guard (4) 1pair of Vinyl Forearm Guard (5) 1Pair of Vinyl Shin Guard (6) 1Red/Black Sparring Bag (7) 1Vinyl Groin Guard.

2. Adidas Complete Taekwondo Sparring Gear Set



Kungfu4less is the very low-cost leader in Martial arts supply. Taekwondo sparring gear for kids comes with an Adidas Head Gear, Adidas chest Protector, Adidas Vinyl Forearm Guards, Adidas Vinyl Shin Instep Guard, Adidas groin shield and mouth guard with case.

3. Taekwondo Vinyl Sparring Gear Set

Taekwondo Vinyl Sparring Gear Set with SHIN Instep & Bag - Black - Adult-Small

All things are made with a specially formulated dense foam that absorbs shock and disperses impact. Taekwondo sparring gear for kids includes headgear, deluxe chest protector, vinyl noodle shield, white vinyl shin, and instep protector, white vinyl groin shield, mouth guard with case, and a massive stars and stripes sports tote.

4. Lightning BLUE Karate Sparring Gear

Lightning BLUE Karate Sparring Gear Package Deal - Adult Large

Complete Lightning Karate Gear Package, Head, Punches & Kicks. Taekwondo sparring gear for kids comprises 1/2″ thick vinyl covered foam offers protection for sparring across the whole foot, ankle, hand, and wrist. 3/4″ thick vinyl covered foam provides protection for the top, back, and sides of their head.

5. Pine Tree Complete Vinyl Martial Arts Sparring Gear

Pine Tree Complete Vinyl Martial Arts Sparring Gear

Taekwondo sparring gear for kids safely protects the upper chest and stomach with high-density foam! Feels secure as you are practicing so you do not worry about it slipping off! Soft comfortable vinyl padded cover to maintain opponent strikes.

Fit to your torso size using a safe tie that may be corrected to how tight you want. Train safer with a tough plastic interior shell to protect a sensitive area! Feel comfortable and secure with an elastic waistband and support straps.

Keep this equipment on your set with a durable and long-lasting vinyl cover. Easy to wear and eliminate, just slip on like trousers.

6. Sparring Set MMA Hand & Foot Protector

Sparring Set MMA Gloves Hand Foot Protector Taekwondo Sparring Gear

Taekwondo sparring gear for kids made from high-quality material, they are durable for long-term usage. They can give you optimal striking protection from MMA, Taekwondo, Karate coaching, and competition.

They are indispensable appliances for daily Taekwondo training. They are easy to use and comfortable to wear during boxing games. Soft, comfortable, and waterproof. These gloves are optimal for grappling and striking in both competition and training.

7. Whistlekick Martial Arts Gloves

whistlekick Martial Arts Gloves with Free Backpack and Warranty-Karate Taekwondo Boxing MMA Sparring Gear Set

Simply the best martial arts sparring gear! The ideal selection for men, women & kids needing karate, Taekwondo, or martial art gloves. Ur Karate sparring equipment features a double-reinforced palm strap which makes it much less likely to tear, extending the life span of their karate gloves.

Extra-reinforcement at frequent tear points makes these taekwondo gloves the smartest choice for taekwondo sparring gear for kids. Better warmth makes our martial arts gloves more comfortable and less sweaty than our competition karate sparring gloves.

Allow the warmth out and remain focused on what you are doing. The dynamic, reusable, drawstring backpack is great for keeping your equipment and keeping it looking new. This fantastic pack is equally protective and breathable.

8. PROWIN1 New Martial Arts Chest Guard

PROWIN1 New Martial Arts Chest Guard Reversible Body Protector Taekwondo Sparring Gear

Taekwondo sparring equipment for kids has this Light, and Flexible Martial Arts Chest Protector is intended to give coverage to the torso, shoulders throughout training and sparring sessions. A Reversible Design. Adaptive tie straps for a secure fit. The Compact Design allows for significant freedom. Vinyl-Covered Foam offers added security.

9. Star Sports Taekwondo Forearm Gard

Star Sports Taekwondo Gear Forearm Gard Hand Gloves Shin Instep Protector Complete New Set

STAR SPORTS LLC NEW from the bag Forearm(Vinyl) Guards Taekwondo martial arts sparring gear High Quality compare with Adidas why pay New layout with internal venting material feels better. Taekwondo sparring equipment for kids with durable EVA material offers additional protection and inner traction promotes better grip to prevent injuries to fingers.

Also features a Velcro system enabling simple wear and removal, spandex fabric for ventilation and comfort, and a distinctive sponge padding area for perspiration absorption.

10. Xinluying Taekwondo Gloves for Sparring

Xinluying Punch Bag Taekwondo Karate Gloves for Sparring Martial Arts Boxing Training Fingerless Women Kids

Xinluying Punch Bag Taekwondo – Taekwondo sparring gear for kids made from premium synthetic PU leather and Lycra Fabric. 8mm EVA liner pads shield the entire back of the hands using their palms to release shock effect. Breathable and flexible hollow palm design with cylindrical grip bar improves grip in fitness without a slide – high elastic mesh fabric between fingers for a comfortable and breathable fit.

Large terrycloth thumb absorbs perspiration without deflecting in training. Magic wrist velcro is adjustable for a customized fit. Good for kids, women’s, and men’s training. The gloves would be the ideal match with Xinluying foot guards.


At what age can a child start taekwondo lessons?

There is no precise age threshold for kids to start with taekwondo training. Typically children below 4 years of age don’t even get interested in this type of sport.

Why is taekwondo good for kids?

Taekwondo will infuse your child with confidence and discipline. It also gives the child a healthy dose of competition and a sense of advancement. Kids can also learn how to defend themselves during these exercises and challenge themselves both physically and mentally.

What gear does a child need for sparring?

The basic set of gear for taekwondo sparring generally includes chest, head, arm, groin, and hand protectors. It is highly recommended that all kids who express their desire to start training in this sport get these protective gear pieces.

What piece of sparring gear is best to protect the kid’s mouth?

The best piece of gear for mouth and teeth protection is definitely a mouthguard. Some taekwondo sparring sets include mouthguards, but if not, you can get it at the child’s dentist or get a mouth-adapted type that can be shaped in your household. All you need to do is put it in hot water and place it on your child’s teeth to shape it.

Which low-cost sparring gear is the best?

There are various low-cost solutions that you can opt for. Our recommendation is Adidas complete taekwondo sparring set. It’s cost-efficient and offers you a full protective set of sparring gear for your child.


Hopefully, with the above article, you have had a chance to learn about Taekwondo. Practicing Taekwondo during the time from an early age, children will have the habit of consciously practicing sports to have a healthy body. And you’ve found a set of taekwondo sparring gear for kids for your kids. 

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