Top 5 Best LEGO Yoda Sets Reviews in 2024

The cooperation between Lego and Star Wars celebrates its 20th Anniversary this season, so we are seeing a few of the finest Lego Star Wars collections and LEGO Yoda ever, both old and new, available at the moment.

Our listing of the best LEGO Yoda sets under contains options at all costs. We’ll be updating regularly, to comprise all of the top-rated new sets you will want to learn about.

List of 5 Best LEGO Yoda Sets Reviews

1. Lego Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda

Top 5 Best LEGO Yoda Sets Reviews in 2024 1

The set includes a sizable, brick-built version of this Jedi Master Yoda. It utilizes tan colors for Yoda’s outer crimson, orange to the inner workings, and sand green to Yoda’s hands and head. Additionally, it utilizes brown to portray the Jedi Master’s gamer stick he holds in his hands black and white to the eyes.

The mind module is attached to the body using a turntable bit, so the model has the purpose of having the ability to create Yoda’s head. A sand-colored brick with all the LEGO logo on, in addition, it will come with this collection.

2. LEGO Star Wars Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter

Top 5 Best LEGO Yoda Sets Reviews in 2024 2

Insert a classic boat to your LEGO® Star Wars set with Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter. The diminutive Jedi Master’s craft of selection includes folding wings, front-and-top-opening mini-figure cockpit, the distance for R2-D2 supporting two laser cannons and spring-loaded shooters. It contains a mini-figure and R2-D2!

3. LEGO Star Wars: Attack of The Clones Yoda

Top 5 Best LEGO Yoda Sets Reviews in 2024 3

Add to any enthusiast’s collection using just two Yoda LEGO® Star Wars™ personalities in 1 set! This richly comprehensive 75255 screen version of strong Jedi Master Yoda is based upon the character from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, also contains a posable head and eyebrows, moving fingers and feet, and Yoda’s trademark green Lightsaber.

This characterful LEGO Star Wars figure also comes with a reality plaque with specifics about Yoda and a rack to mount the added Yoda mini-figure with Lightsaber, which makes for the perfect Star Wars collectible for any fan.

4. LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Yoda’s Hut

Top 5 Best LEGO Yoda Sets Reviews in 2024 4

Reenact an iconic LEGO® Star Wars coaching scene in Yoda’s Hut on Dagobah. This feature-packed set comprises Yoda’s swamp home with foldout coaching segments, from where Luke could equilibrium stand and boxes on a single arm to show his fledgling Jedi powers.

There is also a Force jump purpose which may be connected to the front or rear of this design. Jump Luke in the roof and then swing out of the blossom’ with Yoda on his back.

Indoors, there is a folding bed, fireplace, a choice of food and supplying components, and a secret compartment under the ground. There is a window in the side so R2-D2 can peer! This feature-laden Star Wars toy comprises 2 minifigures.

5. LEGO Star Wars Duel on Geonosis

Top 5 Best LEGO Yoda Sets Reviews in 2024 5

The group is based on Count Dooku’s secret hanger-on Geonosis. The set includes 4 brand new minifigures and 3 exclusive mini-figures (FA-4 will also be published from 75023 Star Wars Advent Calendar). The set features a number of arches that reflect the Geonosian architecture found within Dooku’s hanger.

Connected into the arches is a big archway with a landing pad for Count Dooku’s Speeder Bike. Connected to the peak of the archway is a light fitting. Next to the entry is really a hidden storage compartment for Dooku’s Force Lightning.

Among the drama, features are that a pillar using a lever which may make it topple over. This is really to re-enact a scene from the film where Count Dooku induces a column to collapse over with the drive.

Attached to Yoda’s spine is a bracket that’s attached to a rod so he can be moved around to re-enact the pitches that he does in the film. Back in Poggle, the Lesser’s hands is a LEGO brick which represents the Death Star plans he gives to Count Dooku. FA-4 functions as the pilot of Count Dooku’s Solar Sailer although it not being contained in the group.


Like most Lego toys, a massive portion of the pleasure is at the construction. With something such as our number one place, the enormous Lego Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda version, putting it together is an excellent project you may take your time over, campaigning to get some time every evening when working towards a great clean aim. But there are lots of different places here which may suck you in without being as expensive.