Top 9 Best LEGO Mars Mission Sets Reviews in 2109

Mars Mission is a Space motif that surfaced in August 2007 and has been formally stopped by 2009. The subject focuses on the experiences of a group of Astronauts as they land on Mars and must compete with a dangerous alien race.

Sets in the subject were published for two successive years, and nearly each of them concentrated on a car under command of either the people or the aliens, the sole exceptions being 7690 MB-01 Eagle Control Base, also 5616 Mini Robot. Listed below are 9 best LEGO Mars Mission collections to your children.

List of 9 Best LEGO Mars Mission Sets Reviews

1. LEGO Mars Mission MB-01 Command Base

Top 9 Best LEGO Mars Mission Sets Reviews in 2109 1

This is the control foundation for Humans. It’s equipped with a high tech pump program, which may move objects from 1 portion of the foundation to another. It features a shooting role linked to the pump system.

Additionally, it comes with a medical bay along with a guide lift. Further included is a Mars Shuttle that could hold two aliens. The set also offers a submerged ship. It comprises 4 astronauts and 4 Aliens. The pump system at the place is powered with air pressure.

2. LEGO Mars Mission MT-61 Crystal Reaper

Top 9 Best LEGO Mars Mission Sets Reviews in 2109 2

The set includes three vehicles, MT-61 Crystal Reaper, a little dumping truck, along with a tiny alien assault boat. The group includes 575 bits and six minifigures incomplete, these are just three Mars Mission Astronaut minifigures, two regular alien minifigures, along with with the Alien Commander mini-figure.

The Crystal Reaper’s main color is white combined with crimson and transparent-orange. Within the inside of the Crystal Reaper, there’s a little laboratory to test Alien Minifigures on the ideal side of the motor vehicle.

On the left side is a little region to put extra mini-figures plus a tiny brick-built generator that leads an orange elastic cable piece into the little lab on the opposite side. In the back of this Crystal Reaper’s inside is a little bay with a ramp for your little subsidiary truck.

The truck can match 1 mini-figure indoors and also includes a Walkie-talkie and buzz-saw on either side in addition to a tipping dumper on the car’s rear.

3. LEGO Mars Mission ETX Alien Infiltrator

Top 9 Best LEGO Mars Mission Sets Reviews in 2109 3

The set includes a craft known as the ETX Alien Infiltrator that could convert from an assault boat to a battle walker. It’s piloted by the Alien Commander. A normal alien can be included that seems to be acting as a gunner and a mining robot having an astronaut onboard. Additionally, another astronaut using a drill into his hands is comprised.

4. LEGO Mars Mission EXT Alien Mothership Assault

Top 9 Best LEGO Mars Mission Sets Reviews in 2109 4

The ETX is the Aliens’ primary and most effective ship. The mothership itself may divide and split itself into four unique crafts. It might fire a missile once you pulled the trigger found on the handle beneath the boat.

The set also has an Astronaut defense channel using a drill and a pump system that could fire 4 soft foam’ missiles’. The group includes 2 Astronauts and 5 Aliens.

5. Lego Mars Mission Set MT-101 Armored Drilling Unit

Top 9 Best LEGO Mars Mission Sets Reviews in 2109 5

The MT-101 Armoured Drilling Unit or ADU is a Mars Mission collection featuring a heavily armed and armored Astronaut drilling automobile and an undercover speeder.

The MT-101 Armoured Drilling Unit is a mining car unlike any other. It features a catch pod in which a sled capable of carrying out an alien mini-figure or 3 crystals is maintained.

Another quality of this Armoured Drilling Unit is that the dorsal world launcher close to the drill. It”shoots” a blue ball using a lever. The ADU comprises 635 bricks, which will be just 60 greater than its sister group, the Crystal Reaper.

6. LEGO Mars Mission MX-81 Hypersonic Spacecraft

Top 9 Best LEGO Mars Mission Sets Reviews in 2109 6

The MX-81 is among the most significant aircraft vehicles employed by the Astronauts. Inside is a thorough lab that has an x-ray machine. In the laboratory, you might also view two crystals that are used as “fuel” for your boat. Also included is an Alien automobile and a little Astronaut mining automobile.

The drill on the mining car rotates when the brakes are moved. You can soil and then liquefy it by releasing the stage on the rear of the boat by pressing on a button that’s in the front of the grip of this Hypersonic Operations Aircraft (HOA).

2 patrol distance crafts, a little one and one having additional lasers, may be separated from the major motor vehicle. The HOA may also establish a missile and has a handle so that one can perform it effortlessly.

There’s also a translucent orange pill to store the recorded Alien (Mars Mission) plus a translucent yellow-green box using a”radioactive” decal on it to keep the power crystals(you also receive a total of four in the group ).

Eventually, a little satellite could be dispersed Three Astronauts, a glow-in-the-dark Alien (Mars Mission), and Alien Commander minifigures are comprised.

7. LEGO Mars Mission MX-71 Recon Dropship

Top 9 Best LEGO Mars Mission Sets Reviews in 2109 7

Whenever the going gets rough, the Mars Mission team calls at the MX-71 Recon Dropship! Cruising around the Martian surface, the dropship can carry caught aliens back to the foundation and send its mining automobile cargo everywhere it requires to go.

8. Lego Mars Mission ETX Alien Strike

Top 9 Best LEGO Mars Mission Sets Reviews in 2109 8

7693 ETX Alien Attack boat and also an Astronaut mining automobile equipped with a drill and alien transportation sled. The Alien Attack boat is attempting to steal crystals in the automobile by flying close while in stealth mode, then opening into attack mode and unleashing its entire firepower.

Transforming between assault and stealth manner, the Alien strike-craft sneaks up to steal the Energy Crystals in the individual ground mining automobile.

9. LEGO MX-41 Switch Fighter

Top 9 Best LEGO Mars Mission Sets Reviews in 2109 9

The automobile is an astronaut-aligned automobile that could transform from a six-wheeled automobile to a jet. Included also is a green alien fighter. Astronaut plus a glow-in-the-dark Alien minifigures arrive with the set also.

It is an alien assault! Quick – change the MX-41 Switch Fighter out of 6-wheeled rolling floor vehicle to high-speed jet! Characteristics multi-mode marine and conversion assault vehicle.


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