Top 6 Best Baby Breathing Monitors Reviews in 2024

Baby breathing monitors operate by recognizing some modifications in the baby’s breathing motions, especially from the abdomen and torso. The apparatus may have a light which flashes or an alert which will ring if the baby stops breathing for more than a particular pre-set moment. There are monitors which also assess the heartbeat and temperature of the baby during sleep.

One kind of those baby monitors are referred to as a breathing screen and is ideal for decreasing a parent’s anxiety in regards to irregular baby breathing throughout the day and during the nighttime.

With numerous breathing monitors to pick from, I found it somewhat overwhelming looking for the one which was appropriate for me. To assist you in limiting your search, I have selected 9 of my favorites.

List of 6 Best Baby Breathing Monitor Reviews

1. New Babysense 7 – Under-The-Mattress Baby Movement Monitor

Top 6 Best Baby Breathing Monitors Reviews in 2024 1

Keeping up with detector pads we’ve got the Babysense 7, which you put directly beneath the mattress of your child’s bed. This is quite straightforward to get the hang of, and with only a tiny bit of time is prepared to go. There’s a really user-friendly control device you’ll want to place in the front of your baby’s crib, and this also gets the information from the pads positioned beneath your crib. This may sound off any alarm with flashing red lights when the baby is not making any motions after a certain quantity of time.

With an extremely modest number of false alarms in contrast to other screens that monitor motion, this can be powered by AA batteries to remove any possible cord problems. Additionally, it keeps functioning fairly well once your child is able to run around (promoted up to a year), which can be different compared to devices which are worn and will begin to get more false alerts as your child is moving increasingly.

Comparable to other systems that are put under the mattress, the Babysense 7 wants a surface that’s hard beneath the mattress in order for it to function correctly. Furthermore, if you despise alarms which may go off near your baby, this is not the device for you. Remember, however, it is a lot easier to use than others, and functions more than others, also.

2. Sense-U Baby Breathing & Rollover Baby Movement Monitor

Top 6 Best Baby Breathing Monitors Reviews in 2024 2

My all-time favorite breathing monitor needs to be this one from Sense-U. This is easily among the most advanced and modern-day monitors I have ever seen.

What is surprising is how small and lightweight that this screen is. You just clip it on your baby’s diaper while they are asleep. Afterward, the ultra-sensitive detectors within the device will track your baby’s breathing by monitoring their body motions. This usually means you’re going to be able to accurately monitor your baby’s sleeping position and their general well-being, without needing to even be in the area.

Each of the information from the screen is sent to your smartphone also can be readable via the free Sense-U program, which will be available for both Android and Apple apparatus. Wireless apparatus strapped to a baby? I understand it will not seem safe in any way. On the other hand, the system employs an extremely low-energy Bluetooth transmitter that has virtually zero radiation.

3. Angelcare Baby Monitor with Video and Breathing Sensor Pad

Top 6 Best Baby Breathing Monitors Reviews in 2024 3

The apparatus has a sensor pad which you can put under your child’s mattress and let it do all of the work. The device’s design is optimized to detect even the smallest moves which other monitors may overlook. It’s video, audio, and motion tracking for your baby all in 1 package.

The motion sensor pad to be put beneath your child’s mattress will feel if your baby doesn’t go for 20 sound and second alert for you. It’s a movie transmission (in color) attribute that offers you a live feed of your baby in their nursery to a room.

The Infrared camera also has night vision and day vision choices significance; it could flow video feed in the dark. You are able to alter the settings through the LCD touchscreen, and the two-way conversation back alternative between the movement sensor pad along with the screen on your room permits you to hear what’s happening with the baby in another area.

This Baby breathing monitor provides reduced interference as a result of its 2.4 GHz digital transmission for optimal privacy. Added features that can interest parents comprise a nightlight, battery backup in case of a power failure, and a temperature display.

4. Snuza Go! Wireless Baby Monitor

Top 6 Best Baby Breathing Monitors Reviews in 2024 4

That is arguably the best apparatus for tracking your baby annually and beyond. We bought the Snuza Proceed to compare into the Pico, also were quite impressed by this small, lightweight device. It weighs 1 ounce. And is trimmed at the front part of the baby’s diaper.

The detector may be set to pick your child up moving every 15-20 minutes. The small one won’t have any problem using the gadget trimmed into the diaper; they might not even know whether the unit is connected. Thus, you won’t need to be concerned about the baby taking away the monitoring apparatus, and your head can rest easy.

The Snuza Go is a high option as it may be utilized anywhere, unlike another kind which goes beneath the mattress. The gadget is perfect for those who have your baby sleeping in a rock’ n playwith. Some parents don’t believe rock’ n performs safely for children to sleep, but these really are fine for newborns as they’re immobile at the stage of the development. Putting the Snuza to the kid while he or she’s at the rock’ n play will reduce your worries as it is going to alert you if it fails to feel that the baby is moving in any way.

5. MonBaby Smart Baby Monitor and Smartphone App: Breathing and Rollover Sensor

Top 6 Best Baby Breathing Monitors Reviews in 2024 5

As you can see from some of the additional screens, they are rather big, and you might be thinking you need something a bit smaller. Together with the newly upgraded MonBaby Monitor, all of the tracking power we need has been condensed to a small little button. This button can be easily clipped on your baby’s clothing and some other age, meaning that your kids can not outgrow it.

The button is sensitive enough to pick up all of the very small moves, relaying all of the data back to the committed program in your smartphone. The program is compatible with a complete assortment of Android and Apple apparatus, but your apparatus will require working Bluetooth for this to link to the screen.

Each of the information shows up on the easy-to-use program display and will notify you of any changes in breathing or warnings arise. As a consequence, you can sleep peacefully and just should wake up if desired.

6. Angelcare AC701 Touchscreen Movement and Sound Monitor

Top 6 Best Baby Breathing Monitors Reviews in 2024 6

This is another sort of device which you put under the baby’s mattress; it’s many bells and whistles, such as attributes the Snuza doesn’t have. But, in addition, it has some defects, of course.

It just works if put under the mattress at the baby’s crib, which means it won’t proceed with the child if he or she changes position. Thus, it won’t be a fantastic alternative if you have your baby sleeping in a rock’ n play. The Snuza can remain on the baby the whole day when traveling with your little bundle of joy in the vehicle seat, which is something that you can’t do with AngelCare’s apparatus.

Another flaw is that it is dependent on a different unit you need to keep at hand and constantly turned; the Snuza doesn’t require all that because it emits a tiny little noise to alert one of the baby’s state.


Keep an eye out for the track’s extensive features like the battery lifetime, area protection, and audibility. Additionally, there are some commercially offered baby monitors which may not comply with the acceptance criteria, which will be something to look out for before buying one.

Verify the baby breathing monitor you buy is portable, simple to use, and dependable for the advantage too. It ought not to wake up you for no reason as a result of false alerts.

Deciding on a baby monitor that is ideal for you do not need to be a challenging job. Take your time and think about exactly what you would like out of the baby monitor and it’ll be so much simpler to make the ideal choice.