Top 12+ best toys for imaginative play

For children – toys for imaginative play is an indispensable item to help children develop intellectually, excite curiosity, imagination and nurture creative capacity. Therefore, parents shouldn’t disregard the purchase of toys for babies, need to pay attention to the standards after choosing toys. Cooking, selling, colouring, modelling clay… are games that help stimulate children’s creativity. They also help children develop the ability to convey ideas, emotions visually.

List of 12+ best toys for imaginative play

1. Learning Resources Pretend & Play Cooking Set, Play Food, Imaginative Play, 10 Pieces

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Cooking Set, Play Food, Imaginative Play, 10 Pieces,


Toys for imaginative play comfortable, brightly coloured cookware helps kids develop imaginative play abilities. Develop storylines and create an expressive play by providing kids with a motif to play with too.

10-piece vinyl cookware set includes tea kettle, frying pan with lid, two-handled kettle with lid, and five utensils. Frying pan measures 5″ in diameter. The utensils encourage children to use eye-hand coordination to reverse pretend sausage, scoop up imaginary ice cream, and then mash make-believe potatoes.

The bowl, pot, and the rest of the bits are perfectly scaled to be easy for little ones to work together. Frying pan measures 4.5″ in diameter. The adorable toy teakettle is an unexpected part which provides many play possibilities! Pretend to boil water for hot cocoa, coffee, tea, or a cup of noodles.

2. FUNERICA Pretend-Play, Cutting Food, Toy Pizza, Ice Cream, Fries, & Toy Birthday Cake

FUNERICA Pretend-Play, Cutting Food, Toy Pizza, Ice Cream, Fries, & Toy Birthday Cake | Includes Beautiful Plastic Storage Box | Complete Kids Toy Desserts Set


3-in-1 toys for imaginative play food collection for toddlers girls & boys, all saved in a beautiful plastic container. Contains a beautiful carrying box using double orange closures to maintain all of the kitchen toys neatly, closes two sides to stop clogs.

Each of the pretend play food is created from the maximum quality plastic material that is durable, safe, washable and crush-resistant. Adorable and realistic at bright shining colours to enchant even the very young toddlers.

Every day is a celebration with all the joyous birthday party cake! With this bright child play food collection, kids can create believe they’re running a pizza parlour, doing everything from preparing ice cream, baking and putting on a pizza to serving it with their own guests together with all the plate and play with utensils.

The ideal playset for just about every tiny kid, or as a beautiful addition for their own toy kitchen. It produces a fantastic bonus or bonus to children and is amazing for a holiday present, birthdays or any event!

3. Small World Toys Imaginative Play – My Doctor Kit

Small World Toys Imaginative Play - My Doctor Kit


If the dolls are ill, your little one can make home calls with My Doctor Kit in the Small World Toys Ryan’s Room Role Play assortment. The 11-piece kit contains everything a tiny physician needs for role-playing pleasure.

Toys for imaginative play plastic carrying case contains make-believe accessories: stethoscope, thermometer, scissors, clamp, reflex hammer, mild range and much more. Stethoscope measures 20″L and case measure 10.5″W x 3.5″ D x 10″H; for age 3 and above. For 50 years, Small World Toys has given enjoyable, secure, advanced and endearing merchandise for kids of all ages.

4. Pretend Play Toy Products Half Dozen Eggs

Pretend Play Toy Products Half Dozen Eggs


These tiny wooden eggs really are a superb addition to your kid’s play kitchen. Your kids can enjoy using these eggs for shopping, cooking, and packaging to select feign trips. Children love taking them out of their recycled carton made from recycled stuff. A six-pack of wooden egg whites. 3 could be started and also have a removable yolk.

5. Learning Resources Pretend & Play Kitchen Set, Toy Dishes and Utensils, 73 Piece Set, Ages 3+

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Kitchen Set, Toy Dishes and Utensils, 73 Piece Set, Ages 3+


Just add creativity to cook something unique with this giant kitchen collection. Toys for imaginative play promotes hand-eye coordination, wrist rotation, accuracy, and fine motor abilities. Extensive 73-piece collection consists of colourful pots, cups, pans, bowls, utensils, dishes, teapot, strainer, pitcher, cookie cutters, roller, juicer, dishpan, and much more.

Section of the Pretend & Play lineup which promotes healthy early childhood development by assisting children to replicate and interpret the world around them.

Cook a culinary cuisine of pleasure when indulging in rich speech chances. This super-sized set provides all of the kitchen essentials to assist kids to fill the function of the master while creating confidence and a solid sense of self. You will find sufficient accessories to invite a friend around to serve as sous chef to include social interaction, discussion, and sharing to play. The recognizable cooking motif helps kids develop pretend play skills and serves well to introduce new vocabulary. Cookware is just the ideal size for kids to handle and the grips on the utensils provide a fantastic base for grasping, stirring, as well as serving.

By employing the various utensils such as the masher, ice cream scoop, or ladle, kids strengthen various moves and muscles in their arms and hands necessary for independence and daily living. Service for four allows kids fit, sort, and count when setting up the table for actual or imaginary pals. This bright, primary-coloured collection is constructed from vinyl and may be washed with water and soap extending the play into cleanup up while learning actual responsibilities from the kitchen. It includes a dishpan strainer for drip drying your meals. For ages 3+.

6. Toy Chef Pretend Tool Set Screwdrivers, Hammer, Wrench, Screws & More Tools for Boys & Girls | Portable Play Kit for Preschoolers

Toy Chef Pretend Tool Set Screwdrivers, Hammer, Wrench, Screws & More Tools for Boys & Girls | Portable Play Kit for Preschoolers


Great for small boys and girls who love exploring the planet and participating in creative role play, this kitchen playset will keep your children busy, enthusiastic and happy, giving you time to do your own thing. Additionally, the play apparel itself will educate your child everything about meals, kitchen utensils, cooking and healthy eating!

Toys for creative play our kids’ kitchen collection includes everything you want to turn your child’s room to a little kitchen! In the vibrant, thoughtful food toys which have fruits, vegetables and legumes, all of the way to all those dining table and teacups, this can be an extensive kitchen playset which may get your little one extremely excited to get a very long time to come!

Though our pretend-play food collection is definitely intriguing and entertaining, it is also extremely educative since it will help your children develop different skills at a young age. By way of example, they may learn all about different sorts of meals, practice their hand-eye coordination and build fine motor skills in addition to communication skills by playing with their siblings or friends!

Break out the meals toy to let your kid play for hours and then when it is time to tidy up, simply arrange everything neatly to the storage box! Besides, you can choose the box with you once you’re away from home, great for the park, even a friend’s home or even the weekend away! And of course, your kids are going to discover how to keep things organized and stop your home from turning into a disorderly mess!

Taking under account the striking array of colours, the huge variety of meals toys and toys along with the instructional value of the pretend to play kitchen accessories collection, this really is the greatest gift for every little boy or girl! Ideal for birthdays, name days and Christmas gift-giving, it will surely place an ear-to-ear grin on your child’s face!

7. KOMOREBI Play & Cut Food Wooden Preschool Toys Pretend Play Kitchen Set Early Educational Development Toys 

KOMOREBI Play & Cut Food Wooden Preschool Toys Pretend Play Kitchen Set Early Educational Development Toys for 2,3,4,5,6 Year Old Kids Learning Color Fruit and Vegetable Toy Gift for Toddlers


Learning reddish-purple yellow-green white colours from 24 coloured bits. Assessing fruits vegetables and meals with cutting on them. Organic play food options and feign treats maintain modest kids engaged in educational and creative play.

A creative pretend food trimming party! We made all bits by timber with self-stick tabs maintain bits company together what create more fun for your baby.

Toys for creative play is suitable for kids playing with their own parents. Children gain good motor abilities, boost hand-eye coordination and also numeracy skills by cutting the bits. Parents may enjoy and instruct their baby with comprehension fraction to market emotion.

8. CARLORBO Wooden Toys for 2-Year-Old – Pretend Play Food Set for Kids Play Kitchen

CARLORBO Wooden Toys for 2 Year Old - Pretend Play Food Set for Kids Play Kitchen,9 Cuttable Toy Fruit and Veg with Wooden Knif and Tray,Gift Idea for Boy Girl Birthday


Introduce children to healthy foods that the creative and fun way for this pretend food playset. Come with a tray with handles for easy transporting and also to keep everything organized. This pretends food collection comprises an Apple, a Strawberry, a Kiwi, a Pomegranate, a Lemon, an Orange, a Pear, a Papaya, a Banana and a knife.

Toys for imaginative play made from high-quality timber substance with smooth surface and curves,100% non-toxic, non-odour and durable. Eco-friendly paint ensures secure to play your child’s mouth toys while playing.

Fruits of the pretend food collection has a visible peel or seed textures to get a more realistic feel and look. This wooden toys place invites early imaginative play, builds vocabulary and strengthens healthy eating habits. It’s an excellent way to allow your child to present food collections & explore how things could be taken apart and put back together to make a whole lot. With high magnet carrying the toy pieces together, then”piece” aside, ideal for pretend play again and again.

9. ALEX Pretend Picnic Basket

ALEX Pretend Picnic Basket


A magical little basket is full of everything you will need for a day picnic. Enjoy your friends or family or maybe your favourite teddy bears for lunch at the backyard, park, or living area. The woven basket holds this whole place together and makes transport easy as your child brings their picnic from 1 place to another. All provide fit neatly to the basket, such as adorable blue dishes along with a tablecloth to place the scene.

This toys for the imaginative play was created for pretend play, encouraging little ones to utilize their creativity and consume invisible food in their own picnic. Pretend play is excellent for creating creativity, improving creativity, and encouraging social abilities in young kids.

10. Play Food Set for Kids & Toy Food for Pretend Play

Play Food Set for Kids & Toy Food for Pretend Play


Five more parts of FUN than these tiny food collections with only 120 bits! To get a creative to pretend food cutting edge pizza party! Fun toy for toddlers girls and boys. Little pieces are suitable for 3-year older kids and over.

Toys for imaginative play GUARANTEED your 3-year-olds and elderly will stay busy whilst pretending to shop for groceries, play kitchen, and producing yummy pretend meals for your family to munch, or your money back! (Do not actually munch it or you may break a tooth).

Together with BPA FREE plastic Milk Cartons and other boxed products. No more cardboard bits, rather than heavier duty plastic cartons. Rest assured our collection includes fun food reality labels and natural types, making these fantastic early learning tools. Contains all 4 food groups. Organic play food options and feign treats maintain modest kids engaged in educational and creative play.

11. Pretend Play Electronic Cash Register Toy Realistic Actions and Sounds

Pretend Play Electronic Cash Register Toy Realistic Actions and Sounds


Toys for the innovative play includes a variety of features like a functioning calculator, voice mic, credit card swipe and moving conveyor belt · calculator may add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Light & seems: money drawer creates a’ding’ sound when opened enrol makes beep’ noise each time a button/Scanner is pressed or if a charge card gets swiped.

Encourages children to participate in creative play while they understand dimensions, basic mathematics and early money abilities.

12. The Field Kids Toy – Creative Play Learning Resource

The Field Kids Toy - Creative Play Learning Resource


The Field is a creative & toys for imaginative play – ages 3+. Our first version toy area, The area, opens the gate for your kid’s creativity. The Field Is the Best addition to every Family Play Area. Comes complete with hedging, meadow and conventional wooden farm gate. Creative play is known to possess intellectual, psychological and social benefits. Produce your personal outdoors and allow the fun to begin!

The Field Toys allow kids to produce their own farm arenas inviting creativity, problem-solving and the evolution of abstract thinking! Playing open-ended toys like our Field Toys sustains a youngster’s focus, helping develop concentration skills. The Field Toys additionally promote the growth of social abilities enabling children to play imaginatively with each other. Our Field Toys are very tactile toy merchandise, the diverse textures of bud and hedging, create a wonderful sensory toy!


Parents should not force children to play anything that they do not like or want. Playing games is for children to be mentally comfortable as well as to develop thinking, personality, but does not mean that girls can only play cooking toys, dolls, makeup and boys can only play cars , trucks, house building … Parents should not be too worried when boys like to play goods and girls like to play cars. No problem, because children from 4-5 years old clearly show their sex and interests are different. And toys for imaginative play such assets of cooking toys, doctors, sales, … both boys and girls can play.