Top 10 Best Metal Detectors For Kids Reviews in 2024

Are you looking to acquire a young one into metal detecting? Great! There are just a couple of metal detectors for kids that will not fall apart after a few applications or can be unnecessarily complicated. The fantastic news is no matter what metal detector you select from those below, they’re affordable and simple to use. Furthermore, they are from manufacturers that have a long list of product versions from the newcomer metal detectorist into the experienced expert.

List of 10 Best Metal Detectors For Kids

1. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector


This professional metal detector is simple to use and completely flexible. It is mild enough for the children to work but constructed with the innovative engineering and powerful searching features needed from the professionals. Take it to the beach, park, or even on a hike and find treasure anywhere you go! This telescoping layout makes this detector so portable you will never need to leave it in your home.

2. Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector

Metal detector mainly for kids which finds coin-sized objects up to 5 inches deep and larger objects up to 3 ft deep. Target indicator meter measures signal power and the sign increases in volume as targets get nearer

Discrimination control removes iron and most unwanted items. 6 1/2 Closed Weather Resistant Coil; Rustproof
Lightweight, ergonomic design for easy, comfortable handling

Child-sized metal detector detects coin-sized things up to 5 inches deep and larger objects up to 3 ft deep. Target index meter measures signal power; sign increases in quantity as targets get nearer

3. RM RICOMAX Metal Detector for Kids

RM RICOMAX Metal Detector for Kids

IDEAL FOR EVERY AGE – To get a metal detector for children, juniors and beginners that could utilize, the RM RICOMAX is ideal. It is intended to be simple for anybody to use, regardless of their size or age. The LCD screen is quite simple to comprehend, which makes it clearly read its functionality. There is an LED light that’s emitted on the display which users may use in a darkened area. Whether you are a beginner or a more innovative metal detectorist, this metal detector is acceptable for you.

FREE OF ASSEMBLY – The telescoping design means that you don’t have to build any complex components. Just unfold the detector and fold it back up again once you are done, which makes it particularly great for kids and beginners. Accessories That Are contained in the bundle: 1x Shovel, 1x Rake, 1x Carrying Bag

VARIOUS & DEEP DETECTION – The 20% bigger coil permits you to rapidly cover earth on the shore. Simply wave this lightweight and high quality detector over the floor to find objects buried up to 4 inches under the surface. It is a superb option if you would like something portable that still has lots of power. If you’re searching for something on your own, do not write it off as merely an alternative for kids.

4. Viewee Metal Detector for Kids

Viewee Metal Detector for Kids

High Performance – Viewee fundamental metal detectors are great for kids who wish to go on a treasure hunt and parents that can not manage to spend a fortune on a metal detector. The unit features buzzers and LED lighting alert. After the metal is detected and when a coin has been buried 8″ from the outside, your little one will discover it. The search coil is 100% watertight, so that metal detector may be utilized in all weathers and in moist terrain. The stem is flexible.

Supply of Happiness – The hunt for treasure will amuse the kids for hours. Having a child’s metal detector, your child can research in the garden, on the beach, at the neighborhood park and all kinds of healthful outdoor places. If they’re lucky, they might even find uncover old coins or valuable artifacts. And no matter how effective their prospecting is, a place of treasure hunting ought to be sufficient to spark a passionate interest in history and the environment.

Height Adjustable & Simple to Use – With its length extends from 27.5″ to 35.4″, fix the detector stem according to unique conditions. Roll over the change forward to start till light turns red, then roll back a tiny bit to maximum sensitivity.

5. Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter Junior target I.D. Metal DETECTOR provides you a high amount of metal-detecting performance in a Super fun streamlined, lightweight package. Detecting coin-sized items to 5″ deep & bigger objects much deeper. The 3 group target id tells you what is in the ground before you dig, it’s also completely programmable to dismiss unwanted metals. The depth indicator even lets you know how deep buried treasure is. The Junior goal I.D. Is simple pleasure an exciting to use & is backed by Bounty Hunter 1 year guarantee.

6. EXPLORE ONE ExploreOne Metal Detector for Kids

EXPLORE ONE ExploreOne Metal Detector for Kids

Children metal detector: just wave this high quality and lightweight detector over the floor to detect objects buried up to 6 inches beneath the surface.

Water resistant: The water resistant base permits children to search puddles along with other wet areas on the ground.

Find valuable metals: distinct tones onto the galvanized metal detector help distinguish between different metals from the floor.

Constructed LED lights: boost visibility in low-light situations to determine your buried treasure.
Adjustable length: just extend inventory to adjust the height to match children of all dimensions.

7. Metal Detector MD-1008A Advanced Kid’s Gold Finder Treasure Hunter Pro Detector

Metal Detector MD-1008A Advanced Kid's Gold Finder Treasure Hunter Pro Detector

This MD-1008A metal detector might be the beginning of a thrilling new hobby, for children 6 and up. It’s widely applied to detect underground metallic objects. It’s among the handiest metal detector. Your children deserve to own one.

Application: For”Straightforward Metal Detecting”(Detecting distance is roughly 1-3cm, based on object size touching using search coil ); Major for Parents-Kids Activity and Science Education.

Features: 1. LCD display 2. Light weight and easy operation 3. Sensitive Control

Great use: It may be used to just find lost or missing coins and other metal items. You could also discover a great deal of bottle caps, metal pull tabs and foil wrapping. This metal detector is largely for science education, therefore it cannot compare to specialist metallic detector. Customers you will watch our Youtube video about how to use and fix this metal detector propably.

8. INTEY Metal Detector Waterproof for Adults & Kids

INTEY Metal Detector Waterproof for Adults & Kids

Funny Treasure hunt – this really is a detector for the enthusiast with a flexible stem extending out of 33. 5″ to 45″, so not only metal detectors for adults, but also for children. Providing families with exceptional leisure, begin Treasure hunting trip.

High-Accuracy – Kinds of metals contains coins, relics, jewelry, silver, gold, ring and essential could be detected through the 8-inch coil. The coil is flexible by 180° without dead angle detection.

Two Modes – Waterproof metal detector has 2 modes. Disc mode can remove the target you do not want, for example, Iron, Zinc, as well as coins. You can turn to metal – mode, all metals could be detected.

IP67 Waterproof – The stem and the coil in the end are watertight, therefore can safely use it from the water, particularly suitable for use outside, on the shore or at the stream. However it ought to be mentioned that the screen panel should be cautiously off from water since powered with a 9-volt alkaline battery(not included).

9. Kidzlane Kid’s Metal Detector Wand

Kidzlane Kid’s Metal Detector Wand

Authentic Metal Detector: Children will love searching on the beach, park, or yard for hidden treasures having a JR metal detector that locates jewelry, metals, coins and much more.

Smart 2-in-1 Design: All these junior metal detectors include adjustable sensitivity and may be utilized as a brief handheld method or as a full size wand according to your children’s age and period.

Optimal Search Depth: The KidzLane metal detector for children is significantly more than only a toy. In reality, it could detect objects up to 6″ deep into solid ground, soil, sand, and stones.

Audible And Visual Alerts: This metal detector wand will light up and beep when metal is detected to allow kids know they have found something!

Battery-powered Wand: Our kid-friendly metal detector is secure for ages 3 and up and needs 2 AA batteries (not included), offering hours of outdoor experiences.

10. AMYSPORTS Kids Metal Detector Lightweight Adjustable Stem Best Metal Detectors for Kids

AMYSPORTS Kids Metal Detector Lightweight Adjustable Stem Best Metal Detectors for Kids

Detect Metals – The children metal detector is likely to create a sound like”Beee…” if there’s something composed of metals beneath the search coil, like coins, jewelry, rings, metal, lock, nails and so forth. The search coil of the children metal detector is watertight designed. Bring it to the shore and receive surprise back.

Simple to Use – Each setting has been flawlessly done before you receive the kids metal detector from the retail box. Use it right away. It’s straightforward and accurate. The components are more sturdy than your own expectations. Appreciate treasure hunting and take your children away from electronic equipment. You’ll be amazed at this cost for those functions.

Best Metal Detectors for Kids & Adults – invest some time working with this kid’s metal detector in the playground or backyard and revel in the moments alone or with family. You might even use it in the beach, camping, desert or grassland. It’s also a fantastic helper that will assist you to find out missing keys and jewelry inside the room. This children metal detector is fun and educational too.


There are absolutely hundreds of metal detectors for kids that can be found on the market to select from, making sure it’s a challenging job to get the best metal detectors for kids. Listed above metal detectors are fantastic for children, youth and beginners, especially intended to be light-weight, all normal features of a professional detector and very affordable cost.

These sensors would be best for your children that are beginning their career/hobby in metal detecting. We choose the best one as of writing this article, which are most popular from many available options. We hope this article can help you buy the best kids metal detector in accordance with particular requirements.