7 Best Baby Blocks 2024 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Baby building blocks enable children to play and have fun while stimulating their imagination and thinking abilities. In addition to this, building blocks are a fantastic gift for birthday parties or even as correspondence blocks for a baby shower.

Toddlers adore the hands-on involvement toy blocks give them. Not only can they keep your child busy, but they are also able to have lots of developmental benefits. Toddlers tend to get bored with certain toys fast, but blocks appear to have endless possibilities for fun.

Here, we’ve assembled a handy guide that will assist you in choosing in addition to making an educated choice about the best baby blocks in 2024.

Best Baby Blocks Reviews

1. Guidecraft Jr. Rainbow Blocks

Best Baby Blocks

  • These aren’t just normal colored blocks. These blocks come in many different shapes and are translucent. I adore that kids can detect color mixing with those blocks. They may be played on a windowsill actually to make the colors pop!
  • Or take them out on a bright day and explore the vibrant shadows they will throw. Remember, you may even build together and find out about colors! I like that the Guidecraft Junior Rainbow Block Sets. It is available in a 20 or 40 piece set.

2. Infantino Squeeze and Stack Block Set

7 Best Baby Blocks 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 1

  • Produced by Infantino, these baby building blocks are soft, squeezable, and BPA-free. This leaves them a secure pick for toddlers and younger kids that have a habit of putting everything in their mouths.
  • In addition to this, they are available in many different attractive colors to help keep even the most restless toddler inhabited. But since numerals and characters are left unpainted, they might be a bit drab for many kids.

3. Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set

7 Best Baby Blocks 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 2

  • There’s something about wooden blocks which never go out of fashion. These blocks are still around because they have a great deal to offer. Wooden blocks are mild enough for the little one to maneuver but durable enough to be pumped down when built in the maximum tower for demolition.
  • The durability of baby wooden blocks is a fantastic advantage because that means that your toddler can throw or chew these items and they will not be any worse for the wear.
  • Wooden blocks do not rely upon prongs to snap into position or be attached, which means that your toddler gets more control over how he or she would like to build. This advantage helps improve creativity.

4. Guidecraft Mirror Blocks Set

7 Best Baby Blocks 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 3

  • Kids are naturally attracted to mirrors. They enjoy watching their reflection. As your child gets older, she is able to make use of such blocks to experiment with mild reflection too. And they may also be stacked and used in a similar way to ordinary blocks.
  • Guidecraft includes an excellent mirror block place, but there are just ten blocks from the place, so you may need more than 1 set. As an alternative, you can integrate these along with other baby wooden blocks you may have around the home.

5. Bright Starts Grab and Stack Block Toy

7 Best Baby Blocks 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 4

  • The dimensions of those king-sized building blocks grabbed our attention immediately. Covered with soft fabric and featuring adorable characters, numerals, and alphabets, these blocks are adorable, fun, and educational.
  • Because of this, they create a fantastic option for any parent. Regrettably, each pair only contains four blocks, which might be a turn-off to get a few.

6. Melissa & Doug Nesting and Stacking Blocks: Numbers, Shapes, and Colors

7 Best Baby Blocks 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 5

  • These blocks ought to be a parent, and a toddler should possess. I can say firsthand that my son has spent hours playing with this collection. He enjoys them so much that I bought a backup in case the day comes that you place breaks.
  • The best baby blocks may be used in two distinct ways, stacking or nesting. Toddlers will love the freedom to interchange between both. If one way will get boring, there’s a whole other solution for entertainment.
  • These blocks have an excellent educational benefit for them too. The sides are full of numbers, colors, shapes, and animals. Your child will really pick up on those, and it’ll help them learn the exact sequence in which to set the baby blocks.
  • Repetition is key using toys such as these, and small ones can find a thrill from piling up these and tearing down them.

7. MindWare KEVA Maple Plank Set

7 Best Baby Blocks 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 6

  • Plank blocks are similar to Jenga baby blocks. They’re all equal. Consequently, your little one can produce a few rather complex and complex structures and layouts. You might even incorporate blocks from some other sets.
  • Or you may try building a domino run to knock down! A fantastic plank set to begin with is your KEVA Structures 200. If you believe that your child may like to build his own marble run, be certain to have a peek at the KEVA Contraptions Plank Set.

Buying Guide for the Best Baby Blocks


Some cubes are only for fun and there are a few which have a more enlightening intent. If you’re hoping to get more of an educational toy, then start looking for the best baby blocks that have various colors, letters, or numbers on them.


There are several distinct kinds of materials, therefore try to get a predetermined kind in mind. You might want plastic or anything in between.


Toddlers nevertheless love to stick things in their mouths, so be certain that the cubes are not modest enough to present a choking danger.


If it may wind up on your child’s mouth, make sure it can defy some gum and some slobber. Some cubes are made from cardboard that can wear down and become smaller pieces, making a potential choking hazard.

You also should be certain that the cubes can defy the small human anger that awaits. Toddlers love to put their toys to the test. Durability is important so that you do not wind up back in the shop in just a few days.

Bang for Your Buck

Some baby block places could get a higher cost and include significantly less. Ensure that you are getting enough cubes if you opt to pay more. Many reasonable options in the marketplace are worth the additional cash.


These best baby blocks were designed with toddlers in mind, and each facet of the item demonstrates that. The blocks aren’t just bright and vibrant, but they’re also easy to pile and reverse because of their large size.

The large size ensures that your child will be protected from choking risks because the bits aren’t small enough to go into the mouth. Let us know what your favorite baby building blocks are in the remarks section below.

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